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<p> 1. 26 weeks to make a difference 2. To make NI the UKs most digitally skilled nation Our aim 3. 63 BILLION uplift in UK GDP if global digital leadership achieved 18.8 BILLION uplift in annual turnover if SMEs marketed and sold online 9.8 million dont have Basic Online Skills 1.6 million SMEs need to improve their capability Government programmes and investment 15m from Big Lottery Fund The Opportunity 4. The Divide is Widening Access to public services that are increasingly moving online Increased social exclusion as relationships go online Young people without home internet may struggle with educational attainment Pay higher prices for goods &amp; services that are offline Harder to find and get jobs 5. Case study: Go ON North East Partnerships Promotion 500+ local partners supported the campaign 1,300 digital champions recruited and supported Embedding digital skills into everything they do 26 weeks to make a difference plan Menu of Support developed to support key messages Political leadership All 12 local authorities signed up to Digital Skills Charter 6. 23% of NI adults dont have Basic Online Skills 7. COMMUNICATE FIND THINGS SHARE 1 2 3 Send and receive emails Use a search engine and browse Fill out an application form KEEP SAFE ONLINE4 These Basic Online Skills have been developed by Go ON UK with the help of key academics from LSE, LBS, Ofcom and OII. They are being used as a basic standard of literacy for Go ON UK Partners. Basic Online Skills people 8. Thousands of organisations also miss out 9. Basic Online Skills organisations These Basic Online Skills have been developed by Go ON UK with the help of key academics from LSE, LBS, Ofcom and OII. They are being used as a basic standard of literacy for Go ON UK Partners. COMMUNICATE FIND THINGS SHARE 1 2 3 Send &amp; receive email Create &amp; maintain social media accounts Use customer relationship management tools Use a search engine &amp; browse Build, maintain &amp; promote a website Comply with accessibility guidelines Optimise site for different devices KEEP SAFE ONLINE5 4 Make &amp; take payments &amp; donations online FIND THINGSTRANSACT 10. Our aim? A 25% Basic Online Skills boost in 12 months 11. How? 12. COLLEAGUES CUSTOMERS COMMUNITY 1 2 3 Everyone in the UK should have the Basic Online Skills to enjoy the full benefits of the web Everyone deserves world- class digital services that meet their needs and are useable by all Communities that don't have the skills to fully enjoy the benefits of the internet should not be left behind Go ON UK Digital Skills Charter 13. Joining digitalskills.com 14. Shared language knowing what to say 15. Hundreds of partners so far including 16. National partners Local partners 17. Theyre supercharging existing activity and embedding Basic Online Skills into everything they do 18. A taste of activity so far 19. Future champions will identify, develop and train digital champions throughout Northern Ireland with an emphasis on: Supporting rural communities Promoting ease of access for disabled members of the community Preparing the community for Welfare Reform changes and challenges Reaching out to past participants Trained 496 digital champions across NI 20. Lower Castledawson CA Coleraine DHCN 21. Disability Equality Group NI 22. "People with sight loss need to acquire IT skills that offer them new ways of accessing information and interacting with the world around them after they lose access to print. Doris RNIB training has enabled Doris to increase her involvement in her local community 23. Halifax Northern Ireland, part of Lloyds Banking Group, has a huge responsibility to encourage and support people and organisations to gain the Basic Online Skills and confidence to take advantage of the many opportunities the internet can bring. Thats why we are committing our own colleagues and joining forces with our community partners in Northern Ireland to support those with low or no digital skills. Namely: Creating an army of at least 500 digital champions to promote the benefits of a digital world Focusing our Halifax branch colleagues on supporting our customers to carry out their banking online Putting plans in place to support five different charity groups through our membership of Northern Irelands business in the community Jim McCooe, Regional Ambassador for Northern Ireland, Lloyds Banking Group 24. What can you do now? Digital champions become one or recruit and support others Basic Online Skills embed into everything you do Partnerships make contact with local partners or on digitalskills.com and work together to find creative ways to help boost Basic Online Skills in your area Digital Skills Charter encourage your organisation and partners to engage and commit 25. Together we can help every person, small business and charity get connected 26. Thank you </p>