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ALA Annual 2013 presentation with Brandi Hodges on library marketing.


  • 1. Ben Bizzle Go Home Library ben@benbizzle.com @benbizzle Youre Drun Brandi Hodges bhodges@libraryinjonesboro.org @brandimhodges

2. Didnt have to market 3. Shift in medium 4. In the beginning 5. Todays website Fully Responsive Clean Elegant Simple Information and entertainment portal 6. New approach Joe Box Valerie Carroll Brandi Hodges Melloney Dunlap Ben Bizzle Creative Team 7. Overarching Theme eCards WORDS 8. Billboards 9. Posters In-House Around Town 10. Postcards Front & Back 11. Push Limits Respect their sense of humor 12. The Line Dont go too far! 13. Informative Creative delivery 14. Memorable R.S.V.P 15. Branding Logo goes on everything 16. Newspaper Stories, not ads 17. Radio Drive-time, Morning Shows, Talk Radio 18. Television News Stories & Interviews 19. Facebook Images & Text 20. Facebook tips 21. Engage Post compelling content 22. Images, Images, Images 23. Entertain Be the George Takei of your community 24. Dropbox ben@benbizzle.com Dropbox 25. Advertise Meet $10 26. Follow Learn from others www.facebook.com/ccjpl 27. Conclusion 28. Change Were trying to transform an image, not reinforce one. 29. Quality Programming Sell the sizzle, not the steak. But deliver a damn good steak! 30. Contact Ben Bizzle @benbizzle ben@benbizzle.com www.benbizzle.com Brandi Hodges @brandimhodges bhodges@libraryinjonesboro.org