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2. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYGo Green Galloway worked with Cross County Connection tobegin the process of reducing vehicle trips within Gallowayand increasing awareness for mass transit alternatives andcreating a bicycle friendly community.We applied for and received a fully-funded NJ DOT Bicycle/Pedestriancomprehensive planning grant to facilitate the study of bikeways throughoutGalloway. A Bicycle Master Plan for Galloway has been prepared; tosummarize the findings and recommendations of the study. The plan is infinal review and should be brought to Council in early January.The purpose of this study is to determine the bicycle compatibility ofroadways identified in the Townships bicycle circulation map, perform bicyclecrash analysis, develop recommendations for roadways that are not bicyclecompatible, and provide a plan for implementation with prioritization. 3. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY Galloways goal is to provide bicycle connections between employment, commercial and population centers, as well as schools and recreation areas in the Township and to surrounding municipalities.Our Go Green Galloway group is set to work on grant opportunities tofund this plan and to further community outreach activities. 4. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY2009: Galloway became certified asone of the inaugural SustainableJersey communities.Only 34 other towns Statewideachieved this prestigiouscertification and Galloway was theonly town in Atlantic Countyto accomplish this. 2010: Galloway receives newsthat we achieved SILVERCertification! 5. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY GGG is pursuing the Eat Local and Slow Food movements. Galloway applied for Greenhouse Gas Reduction grants through the NJ DEP. Galloway continues the No Net Loss Reforestation project, which has plantedover 1400 trees in public areas of the Township. The Community Forestry Management Plan called for a tree assessment to bestarted in 2009. A Stockton College student interned in Spring, 2009 andcompleted this project in June. An outside consultant completed a Township facilitiesEnergy Audit paid for through a BPU Energy Efficiencyand Conservation Grant. Galloway is expecting to break ground on the GallowayRoad Landfill Solar Project. The Township is a partner and endorser of EPAs WasteWise Program. 6. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYThe Community Garden was made possible through a SustainableCommunities Grant from the Municipal Land Use Center of the College of NewJersey and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.All construction on this garden, with the exception of the fencing and the pavers,was done by volunteers. Included in this group were Go Green Gallowaymembers, Boy Scouts, Richard Stockton College students, 4th grade studentsand local businesses. 7. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYThe Community Garden opened in May of 2009 and has been a tremendoussuccess. All the garden beds were rentedboth years and the agricultureproduction has been amazing.Several workshops were held throughoutthe summer and fall, thanks to our MasterGardener partners. Most of the gardenersreturned this year and are hoping to gardenagain in 2011This garden project was done as a pilotproject in hopes that other organizations in Galloway would start their own.There has been much interest from homeowners associations within theTownship and organizations from other municipalities. 8. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYThe Township was a recipient of a $10,000 grant from the SustainableJersey Small Grants Program funded by Walmart. Work has begun on theEnvironmental Resource Inventory that this grant will make possible.New for 2011: We will partner with a localbusiness group, Historic Smithville, to bring aJersey Fresh Farmers Market to Galloway.This Market will take place on Saturdaymornings and will feature farm products fromour region. We are planning lectures andmusic; and Go Green Galloway exhibits willenhance the Market. 9. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY2009 EVENT HIGHLIGHTSApril 2009: The Forsythe Refuge Earth DayCleanup. Tree seedlings were given out as anArbor Day contribution and reusable shoppingbags were the 2009 giveaway. May 2009: GGG Shredding Event. Tabled and collected 84 Energy Star Pledges, 96 residents dropped off electronics for recycling, 100 reusable shopping bags were given out and we partnered with Project Porchlight to distribute CFLs (with a pledge). 10. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYAugust 2009: GGG resource table atNational Night Out. We collected 155pledges to use reusable shopping bagsand/ or reusable water bottles. We gaveout 100 of each. We had 114 residentssign Energy Star Pledges. ProjectPorchlight partnered and distributed CFLs.October 2009: Make a Difference Daycommunity cleanup at the Edwin B.Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. Our firstattempt at a mostly green event. 11. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY 2010 EVENTSApril 24: Earth Day Clean Up of Wildlife Drive at the Forsythe National WildlifeRefuge. GGG handed out tree seedlings and Energy Efficiency information.April 24: Spring Awakening at the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. GoGreen Galloway tabled.April 25: GGG team inside ShopRiteSupermarket forreusable bagdistribution andinformation. 12. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYMay 15: GGG Annual Shredding &Environmental Event GGG tabled withinformation, the EQ CHALLENGEgame, pledge forms and giveaways.There were mini-compostingworkshops, a rain barrel on display,and rain garden information available.Project Porchlight gaveaway CFLs and NewJersey Clean Energy soldvery reasonably pricedlamps, CFLs and LEDbulbs. 13. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAY 2010 EVENTSMay 19: The Galloway Environmental Commission and Go Green Gallowayhosted a Pinelands Preservation Alliance program.August 3: National Night Out. GGG tabled with displays of energy efficientlighting, energy auditing equipment, a composter and a rain barrel. Residentswho played the TAKE THE EQ CHALLENGE game could register to win a freehome energy audit. A local Boy Scout manned the Project Porchlight table ashis Eagle Scout Project. September 9: Our first Home Energy Audit Workshop. Residents in attendance listened to guest speakers from the NJ Clean Energy Program, a case study from a local residents perspective and several contractors who perform energy audits. 14. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYHOW DID WE GET HERE? Partnerships! Through the years we have found it beneficial to partner with many organizations to accomplish our goals. Among them: RICHARD STOCKTON COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY: We have an ongoing working relationship with Stockton professors and students through internships and service projects. Together we completed a Municipal Carbon Footprint, a Community Carbon Footprint, our first Energy Audit of municipal properties, the Community Garden, the Patriot Lake habitat buffer, a Rain Garden, and, most recently, a Tree Assessment for our Community Forestry Management Plan. 15. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYPATRIOT LAKE: This former drainagebasin has been transformed intoGalloways premier park. With the help ofa Green Acres Grant, volunteers andsponsors, this basin now has all theamenities a community could hope for. 16. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYSCOUTS: Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have contributed to varioussustainable projects within our Township. They have helped to create gardens,built a Home Composting Demonstration Site, and participated in many publiclands cleanups. 17. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYTHE GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP BUSINESS ASSOCIATION: This group is anew partner. We are working together to make sustainable business practicesthe rule, not the exception, in Galloway.THE EDWIN B. FORSYTHE NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE: We havepartnered with the Refuge for many years for two public lands cleanups: onefor Earth Day and one for Make a Difference Day. We are working together tomake these GREEN EVENTS.THE GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT: We meet regularly withthe Human Resources Director (a member of Go Green) to make sure that allbuildings are recycling properly and practicing energy efficiency. We are alsodiscussing joint purchases of recycled paper. A new program, KIDS GOGREEN IN GALLOWAY, is set for launch in 2011. 18. TASK FORCE FOR A SUSTAINABLE GALLOWAYABSEGAMI HIGH SCHOOL: One of the mostcreative endeavors of GGG was accomplishedthis past Spring, when the local high schoolmedia group made the promotion of reusableshopping bags their media challenge for the year.Sixteen teams competed; and the result wascampaigns that included radio ads, print ads andPSAs to promote the use of these bags. Thewinning PSA will run on G-TV, our government access cable station and, hopefully, on thecheckout monitors at ShopRite Supermarket.This effort has reinforced one of our mostconcentrated efforts: to have all residents inGalloway think before taking yet another one-use bag at the store.