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  • 1.Environmental Educational Adventure Courtney Goudes

2. 6 Things ILearned SOYOUR TELLING MEPAPER COMES FROM TREES. 3. Ecological Foot PrintWhat the heck is an ecologicalFootprint?If everyone lived like me I wouldneed 6.13 Earths?!I wasted 40% of the water I use 4. Invasive Species When KUDZU Attacks!!! Invasive Species are responsible for 40% of species in the US listed as endangered and 2/3 of the fish extinctions since 1900 BEST way to Stop it is to Prevent it from occurring 5. There is a Shortage in Water? Water is limited?! Dont waste, it saveit!!In the US, 2/3 of the water we use comes from surface water and theremaining 1/3 is from groundwater. Average water used: Global -70% AgricultureUS - 41% Cooling Power Plants 6. WIND POWER! 2nd Source of EnergyBy setting up Wind Power Supply inND, SD, KS,TX could supply all weneed for the US instead of buildingNuclear Power Plants.$.05 /kwh.No Serious health /environmentalimpactsEmployes 540 workers. 7. OIL! Avg. of Only 50yrs of Oil left 2002- 9million barrels (380million gallons) of oil entered theocean.Cars use 2/3 of the oil in the USWhere does the oil go? 8. Energy Wasters! 60% of energy used globally iswasted!!!41% wasted due to 2nd Law ofThermodynamics That light bulb puts out howmuch? 5%?! 9. EYE CAN SEE6 WAYS TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD 10. 6 Ways you can Help it~ ~~~I CAN CHANGE~~Change the Bulbs!Be conservative! If you1 4save the more you haveSave some money! for the future!No one wants to cleanStop burning Gas2you up your trash! 5 for the Heck of it~RECYCLE!Toxic Chemicals hurts!Get Involved & Help EDUCATE the3Stop mountain top6IGNORANT, theyremoval!dont know unless you tell them about it! 11. EYE CAN SEE6 WAYS TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD 12. Thank you for your Time!!!EYE CAN SEE6 WAYS TO HELP SAVE THE WORLD