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Gill Sensors range of military specifiaction liquid level and position sensors.


  • With headquarters in the UK, Gill Sensors is a business unit of Gill Research and Development Ltd, which was established in 1986.

    With established development and supply relationships with globally recognised military and defence contractors, we supply innovative sensing solutions for wide ranging applications.

    We are committed to customer satisfaction, with a clear focus on providing innovative development solutions to ensure we remain at the forefront of modern military and defence technology.

    Our capacitive liquid level sensors and inductive non-contact position sensors are used extensively throughout the industry for control and feedback of land, sea and air vehicles.

    Gill Research & Development Ltd is recognised as a leading defence electronic, software and product design service provider, designing and developing innovative electronic solutions for use in defence applications

    We are relied upon by defence agencies around the world for the development of technological solutions for test and use in theatre, with particular focus on rapid design and development turnaround for urgent operational requirements.

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  • Precision Liquid Level Measurement With No Moving Parts

    Capacitive Level Sensors for Fuel, Oil & Coolant Robust, Custom ConstructionsProven in Land, Sea & Air Applications Configurable Analogue OutputFully Integrated Electronics Lightweight, Miniature Variants Available

    Gill Sensors is globally recognised as a leader in capacitive liquid level measurement technology. Our equipment is used extensively in high-technology applications that require precision liquid level data for critical feedback and control of vehicle systems.

    Our sensors are currently used by globally recognised manned and unmanned land and air vehicle contractors, providing accurate feedback of vehicle fuel, oil and coolant levels.

    Typical applications include; fuel and oil feedback on air vehicles; engine, transmission and final-drive oil level, fuel level and coolant level feedback on tracked and wheeled land vehicles.

    All Gill liquid level sensors have no moving parts and can be rapidly customised to suit the specific application, whether as a retro-fit or as part of a new development.

    Each sensor is designed with fully-integrated electronics and provides a fully configurable analogue output accurate to 0.5% of the tank level.Sensors can be designed for angled installations and irregular tank shapes, often requiring little or no modification to the existing tank structure. We can design for external mounting or for full submersion in the fuel, oil or coolant.

    Miniature sensors are available for handheld UAVs, which make use of carbon-fibre and titanium components to ensure the sensor weight is kept to a minimum.

  • Linear & Angular Inductive Position Measurement with No Moving Sensor Parts

    No Contact Between Sensor and Moving PartPatented Induction Technology Fully Sealed and SubmersibleLinear & Rotary MeasurementDesigned for Use in Harsh Environments (Dust, Oil, Grime)Custom Designs Available

    Our range of non-contact position sensors use patented induction technology to accurately sense the position of a metallic target or 'activator', which is mounted to the moving part of the application. There is no physical contact between the sensor and the moving part so the sensor performance will not deteriorate through use.

    All sensors are fully sealed and are available with heavy duty cabling. The sensors can be fully submerged in liquid and, with no moving parts, are ideal for use in harsh environments where moisture, dust, oil and grime are experienced.

    We can provide sensors for linear or rotary measurement, commonly for applications including steering feedback for centre-steer vehicles, turret position, transmission shift-fork position, precision brake-wear monitoring and boom & bucket position monitoring on heavy-duty tractors.

    Where our standard sensor designs are unsuitable in their current configuration, we can provide a complete bespoke sensor design service. Designs can be swiftly taken through prototype and proving principle stages and into full production.

  • Aerospace



    Gill capacitive liquid level sensors are used extensively on unmanned aerial vehicles, in addition to modern manned trainer aircraft for the feedback of fuel and oil level. Flight engineers are provided with reliable data from which they can make informed decisions about flight time, helping to optimise the mission.

    - Manned Aircraft Fuel & Oil Level- UAV Fuel & Oil Level- Miniature Sensors for Compact, Handheld UAVs

    Gill products are particularly suited to maritime applications, where salt water corrosion often affects the performance of other types of sensor. Fuel, oil and bilge water levels can be monitored with our capacitive liquid level sensors, and our position sensors are suitable for the determining of the correct operation and sealing of hatches and doors.

    - Fuel & Oil Level Sensors- Stainless-steel Salt Water Level Sensors- Position Feedback of Doors and Hatches

    Our range of capacitive liquid level and inductive position sensors are widely used in the defence industry for wheeled and tracked land vehicles. With a full-custom design capability, we can provide sensors for vehicle upgrades often with little or no modification to existing vehicle components.

    - Engine Oil Level Sensors- Final-drive & Transmission Oil Level Sensors- Coolant Level Sensors- Brake Fluid Level Sensors- Turret Position Sensors- Steering Position Sensors- Brake Wear Sensors

  • Gill Technology is the development arm of Gill Research &

    Development Ltd, offering electronic, software and product design

    expertise for defence projects.

    All of our research and development engineers are experts in their

    field, allowing us to provide innovative design solutions that are

    at the forefront of modern defence technology. We specialise in

    rapid design and development turnaround for urgent operational

    requirements and can take projects from initial brief through to full

    production in very short timeframes.

    Gill Research & Development Ltd is an MOD security

    cleared company with staff, premises and systems vetted

    to the appropriate level.

    For more information about the design and development

    capabilities that Gill Technology can offer please visit: