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Lo res sneek peek at the film selections for the 2012 Gig Harbor Film Festival


<ul><li><p>tacoma plumbing and heating is a</p><p>proudsupporter</p><p>of the Fifth Annual</p><p>Gig Harbor Film Festival</p><p>1817 112TH STREET EAST SUITE G TACOMA, WA 98445PH. 253-531-3444 FAX: 253-537-0382Email:</p><p>YEARS OF SERVICETHE TIRES YOU NEED &amp; THE SERVICE YOU TRUST25</p><p>Tacoma(253) 627-7788</p><p>102 Puyallup Ave.</p><p>Gig Harbor(253) 857-5558Olympic Village</p><p>Federal Way(253) 838-2424</p><p>1515So. 334th St</p><p>www.eagletire.comFamily owned and operated since 1987</p><p>TIRES I MAINTENANCE I REPAIRS</p><p>2 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL SITE UTILITIES</p><p>A full scope mechanical contractor for industrial,commercial and residential installation providing full service for design-build and plan-speci cation construction.</p><p>LIC. TA-CO-MP-H271PR</p><p>TACOMA PLUMBING&amp; HEATING</p></li><li><p>Warmth surrounds you, from every store, from </p><p>every restaurant. 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This annual event is one of my favorites because it provides a unique opportunity to learn and be entertained at the same time. The Gig Harbor Film Festivals board of directors has worked particularly hard on providing a wide range of events to entertain children, students and adults all while keeping the event affordable for all. I hope you will </p><p>enjoy this years crop of lms, and also have time to enjoy the commu-nity of Gig Harbor. We welcome you here! Learn more about Gig Harbor by visiting our tourism website at </p><p> CHUCK HUNTER, GIG HARBOR MAYOR</p><p>Welcome to Gig Harbors 5th annual Film Festival! This wonderful festival has grown so quickly from its humble rst year, and now includes so many wonderful events and activities for lm lovers of all ages. Thanks to the hard work of the Gig Harbor Film Festival team, Gig Harbor is host to celebrities, lm makers, lm competitors and lm lovers young and old. We hope you will take time to enjoy our beautiful community of Gig Harbor. Take your time </p><p>to explore the arts, the water, the recreation and the scenery during this fall weekend. Our local hotels have special lm festival deals- so stay the weekend and enjoy the festival and Gig Harbor - Washingtons Maritime City. Learn more at </p><p> LAUREEN LUND, MARKETING DIRECTOR, CITY OF GIG HARBOR</p><p>Lights, Camera, Harbor....The Harbor Magic!! Thanks to you and your continued support, the Gig Harbor Film Festival magic is growing.</p><p>Many thanks and deep appreciation to the members of the GHFF Board of Directors and Advisory Board who work hard to bring thousands of details together to ensure this continued growth. </p><p>As Co-founder of GHFF, its been a pleasure and wonderful oppor-tunity to show the love, care and beauty of our community. Not only for those of us fortunate to live here but for the tourist and our neighbors of Puget Sound. Gig Harbor is an enclave within a harbor to offer friendly smiles, cultural arts, boating, and all that makes our beautiful community hum with love. Ive enjoyed the opportunity to meet and speak with many lmmakers. They learn quickly the care, appreciation and positive support their lms are given. How exciting for them to learn their treasured work will be screened in a high tech, award winning, 10 screen Galaxy Theatre and appreciated by an articulate, intelligent, sophisticated com-munity of lm-enthusiasts. Each will have a chance, rst hand, to view our beautiful town, enjoy those friendly smiles and warm handshakes. Now, lets sit back, enjoy the popcorn, the lms and learn rsthand from lmmakers all that goes into shooting and making independent lms we all love!!</p><p>The Gig Harbor Film Festival.....we bring the Magic of lm to you!!</p><p> MARTY THACKER GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR </p><p>October in Gig Harbor brings us another season to enjoy with the beauty of fall colors all around us. It also brings one of my favorite annual events, the Gig Harbor Film Festival. Now in its fth season, the festival brings a variety of great lms and interesting subjects from aspiring lmmakers to our commu-nity. We share the beauty of our community with them for inspiration; they share their picture of the world through lm with us. If you havent attended </p><p>one of the many entertaining events offered during the weekend of the Film Festival, make this the year to get out and support REEL Magic. Meet and greet these talented visitors and give them a warm welcome to the Maritime City.</p><p> WARREN ZIMMERMAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, GIG HARBOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE</p><p>4 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVALOCTOBER 19 20 21 </p><p>I am delighted to be entering my 5th year with the Gig Harbor Film Festival. As a founding board member, I have had the privilege to be involved in the excitement generated from a start-up project, to a fully successful , annual signature event. The festival has evolved dur-ing the past few years, with the addition of a 72-hr. competition, KidsFest Sunday, lmaker workshops, annual achievement awards, and a </p><p>growing population of enthusiastic viewers. I am looking forward to the continued growth of the festival and the exciting new events to come!</p><p> BETTY FELKER, GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL PRESIDENT</p></li><li><p>GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>WELCOMEGIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>WELCOMEGIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>WELCOME55 5555 5555</p><p> 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL 5</p><p>SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS</p><p>COVER DESIGN BYCARROT STICK MARKETINGCARROT-STICK.COM</p><p>OFFICIAL PROGRAM DESIGN BYJIM APPELGATE,THE PENINSULA GATEWAY</p><p>TACOMA PLUMBING&amp; HEATING</p></li><li><p>JOSH LUCAS</p><p>SPECIAL GUEST</p><p>6 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>TICKET PACKAGESON SALE NOW!</p><p>www.gighaborfilmfestival.orgor visit the Gig Harbor Film Festival office,</p><p>just right of the main entrance to Galaxy Theatre in UPTOWN. </p><p>Open Monday through Saturday 10 - 5:00pm.EXTENDED HOURS THROUGH THE FESTIVAL...9:00 AM TO 6:00PM</p><p>Adult: $8 per ticketSeniors (65+) and Students: $6 per ticketSpecial Pass Package of 8 Adult Tickets: $45Academy Awards/72 Hr Film Awards: $20 per ticketShort stack kids Fest: $6 per ticket. An adult family member can accompany kids at no charge.</p><p>BOARD OF DIRECTORS</p><p>Betty Felker ....................................Board PresidentBrian McLean ................................Vice PresidentLisa Marie Spencer .....................TreasurerMarty Thacker ..............................Executive DirectorPatty Jackson ................................Board MemberPat Schmidt ...................................Board MemberBrett Draper ...................................Board MemberJane Koler .......................................Board MemberDyann Lyon .....................................Board MemberMarilyn Owell ................................Board Emeritus</p><p>FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERS</p><p>Gig Harbor Film Festival Co-FoundersMarilyn Owel and Marty Thacker</p><p>555555555555555555555555SPECIAL GUEST</p><p>AnnouncementComing Soon</p></li><li><p>JOSH LUCAS</p><p>REELMAGI</p><p>C </p><p>THURSDAY OCT. 18 5:30 PM$75 PER PERSONIncludes film and appetizers and beverage at Canterwood Golf and Country Club following the screening. Meet Josh Lucas and join us for a special evening.</p><p>TICKETS VISIT www.gigharborfilmfestival.orgOR CALL 253-851-3456</p><p>Josh Lucas, well known actor and lm star is this years special honored guest. Come meet Josh and enjoy his new lm,RED DOG, Thursday, October 18th from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Galaxy Theatre.</p><p>Red Dog, a family friendly lm, is the talk of the lm industry. Josh will offer Q&amp;A after the screening, and continue the evening fun at Canterwood Golf &amp; Country Club for appetizers and beverage.</p><p>Josh Lucas will receive The Reel Magic Award given to those who give back to their community. </p><p>$75.00 per person for a night of lm, fun and appetizers.</p><p>AWARD</p><p>PLEASE JOIN US FOR AN EVENING WITH</p><p>Red Dog is a 2011 Aus-tralian family lm di-rected by Kriv Stenders and produced by Nelson Woss and Julie Ryan. The lm is based on a true story from the novel Red Dog. At the 2011 Inside Film Awards Red Dog was nominated in nine cat-egories and won seven, including Best Feature Film. </p><p>SPECIALPRESENTATION</p><p>REDDOGTHURSDAY 5:30 PM </p><p>STARRINGJOSH LUCAS92 MIN. (PG) FULL-LENGTH FEATURE</p><p>AWARDS: Red Dog won Best Film and the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Members Choice Award at the 2011 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards.</p><p>Red Dog dominated the 2011 Inside Film Awards. Nominated in nine categories, it won seven. It received the Best Feature Film award, as well as:Best Actor Josh LucasBest Direction Kriv StendersBest ScriptBest CinematographyBest MusicBest Box Of ce Achievement </p><p>SPECIAL GUEST</p><p>AnnouncementComing Soon</p></li><li><p>8 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>AWARDS CEREMONYOCT. 21 3:00 PM</p><p>$20.00gigharbor</p><p>INCLUDES POPCORN AND POP.</p><p>72-HOUR FILM COMPETITION AWARDS WILL FOLLOW.</p></li><li><p>Horse Soldier</p><p>Narrated by award-winning actor GARY SINISE, come along for the ride with the HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9/11. It was the news the world breathlessly waited for immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks: a report of the rst American troops on the ground in Afghanistan. All at once, the worlds attention focused on an iconic photo of small teams of U.S. Special Operations Forces doing something no American military had done in nearly a century: ride horses into combat. That photo would go on to inspire an artist to sculpt an 18ft tall monument at Ground Zero, ten years later. The courage of the rst into battle is what guarantees the courage of those that follow: HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9/11... a lm by war reporter Alex Quade.</p><p> 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL 9</p><p> DIRECTOR ALEX QUADE19 MIN. (PG-13) </p><p>Come along for the ride with the HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9/11. </p><p>It was the news the world breathlessly waited for immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks: a report of the rst American troops on the ground in Afghanistan. All at once, the worlds attention focused on an iconic photo of small teams of U.S. Special Operations Forces doing something no American military had done in nearly a century: ride horses into combat.</p><p>That photo would go on to inspire an artist to sculpt an 18ft tall monument at Ground Zero, ten years later. The courage of the rst into battle is what guarantees the courage of those that follow: HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9/11... a lm by war reporter Alex Quade.</p><p>SPECIAL FEATURE PRESENTATION </p><p>The Gig Harbor Film Festival salutes the</p><p>WOUNDED WARRIORS FOUNDATION.Please join us and members of our military for a Panel discussion after the Question &amp; Answer session.</p><p>LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS.... LETS HONOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM. </p><p>NARRATED BY </p><p>GARY SINESE</p><p>HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9 /11SATURDAY OCT. 20 12:45 PM THEATRE 7</p></li><li><p>2012 FILMS</p><p>10 2012 GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>RACHEL RIVERSATURDAY 5:55 PM THEATRE 7Q&amp;A FILMMAKER ATTENDING</p><p>DIRECTOR SANDY SMOLAN</p><p>85 MIN. FAMILY</p><p>AWARDS: Sundance Film Festival, Nominated for The Grand Jury PrizeSundance Film Festival, Jury Prize Outstanding CinematographySundance Film Festival, Special Jury Prize For Outstanding Performance, Viveca LindfordsFeatured Selection: Toronto, Seattle, Sundance, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and many international festivals</p><p>This 1987 drama is set in a small Scandinavian town in northern Minnesota. The death of an eccentric old woman stirs this small towns curiosity of a pos-sible hidden fortune. But as Mary Graving, played by Pamela Reed as a small town reporter, digs deeper for the truth, she uncovers a better understanding of her own place in the community and of the powerful bonds connecting her to those around her. The Hollywood Reporter described it as a spar-kling glimpse into the resilience of the human spirit. The screen-play was written by Judith Guest (Ordinary People) and features outstanding performances by Tacoma native Reed (Kindergarten Cop, The Right Stuff, and currently in Parks and Recreation) Vivica Lindfors, Zelkjo Ivanek (24) and Craig T. Nelson (Parenthood).</p><p>SUSPICIONFRIDAY 4:30 PM THEATRE 10Q&amp;A FILMMAKER ATTENDING </p><p>DIRECTOR DAVID DILLEY</p><p>88 MIN. MATUREAWARDS: Jury Award Best Feature Film 2011 Big </p><p>Bear Lake International Film Festival. Gold Award Best Feature Film 2012 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival</p><p>Darrell Jacobs, a retired member of the ma- a dying of lung cancer, unknowingly puts a college student, Alicia Forets life in jeopardy when they begin meeting in public.</p><p>GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>FEATURED FILMSGIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>FEATURED FILMSGIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL</p><p>FEATURED FILMS</p><p>FULL-LENGTHFEATURES</p><p>A PLACE IN THE WORLDFRIDAY 4 PM THEATRE 7Q&amp;A FILMMAKER ATTENDING</p><p>A FILM BY ADAM MAURER ANDWILLIAM SILVA REDDINGTON</p><p>89 MIN. FAMILY FULL-LENGTH FEATURE</p><p>Right outside Atlanta, Georgia is a small charter school that brings together refugee children from war-torn countries all over the world and teaches them alongside local American children. A Place in the World follows three families with ties to the school, a rst year teacher, and the principal of the school over the course of two years as they adapt to and learn from this diverse and complex social environment. The lm asks the question of how we can learn to live together in this rapidly changing world.</p></li><li><p>THREE OF A KINDSATURDAY 8:30 PM THEATRE 10Q&amp;A FILMMAKER ATTENDING</p><p>DIRECTOR GREGORY GREEN</p><p>105 MIN. MATURE</p><p>THREE OF A KIND, lmed almost entirely in Idaho, portrays a woman who tries to break free from her abusive marriage to a powerful, dangerous man. Victor (Tom Adams) is the man of Annas (Jodi Rus...</p></li></ul>