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Getting Rid of Paper. Who are we? Decision to Upgrade Why DocuShare CPX? Work Flows Demo. Who are we?. 42 Sites (includes two Offices) 1050 Staff 9500 Students Geographical area under DSBONE 37,943.38 km 2. What is 38,000 km 2 ?. What is 38,000 km 2 ?. Decision to Upgrade. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Getting Rid of Paper

Who are we?Decision to UpgradeWhy DocuShare CPX?Work FlowsDemo

Who are we?42 Sites (includes two Offices)1050 Staff9500 StudentsGeographical area under DSBONE37,943.38 km2

What is 38,000 km2 ?

What is 38,000 km2 ?

Decision to UpgradePrevious version of DocuShare 3.14!!!! Did we need to upgrade?What were our future plans?New DocuShare version Demo for AdminOur Director was soldCreated a PLAN of attackBaby steps

Why DocuShare CPX?Improve efficiencies in all DepartmentsLook at all of our paper processesDocuShare CPX offers an easy way to collaborate on content while securedTransactional documents captured electronically can automatically be routed through the approval processReduce carbon footprint

DocuShare Licensing

21 CPX Licenses130 Full DocuShare1000 Read-Only

Workflows and RoutingEmployment Opportunities at DSBONEThe old way of doing things.

Employment Opportunities at DSBONENOW

Job Application ProcessCreate the new Collection

Job Application Process2. Name the new Collection

Job Application Process3. Identify the new collection # in the Browsers URL field.

Job Application Process4. New Job Collection has been added to Applications Folder

Job Application Process5. Adding the new Job Posting to our Website. Login:

Job Application Process6. Adding the New Posting information *** Container #

Job Application Process7. Job uploaded to our

Job Application Process8. Applicants can either view details of the position or apply directly to the posting.

Job Application Process9. Applying for a position

Job Application Process10. Restrictions on attachments and agreement Final Step..

Job Application ProcessOooops, an error in the application (see pink area)

Job Application Process11. Confirmation of application submission

Viewing Applications in DocuShareAdmin Staff login to DocuShare as themselves and go to the Applications container to view the posting they are interested in.

Viewing Applications in DocuShare2. The automated routing application process

Leave Form RoutingCreate Containers with necessary Content Rules and Routing Slips

Leave Form RoutingEmployee completes Leave Form electronicallyEmployee adds document to proper container depending on the leave requestRouting process starts with emailSupervisor approves or deniesEmail is sent to employee requesting the leave to acknowledge the process is complete

Where do we go from here?HR will begin the process to convert all personnel records to an electronic format Looking at high volume image capturing capabilities and an RFP on copiersLooking at enterprise server base MFP management solution (eCopy, ScanflowStore, etc)Start to look at ALL Board forms to automate their process through DocuShare routing