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  • 1. Getting Emails Deliveredin the World of the Intelligent Inbox

2. About Silverpop
1,400+ customers
Across 38 countries
24 billion emails sent per annum across our customer base
97% avg. deliverability rate
3. Why spend 45 minutes today talking about deliverability?
4. Because it isnt a technical issue
5. Its a business issue
6. Just how big of an issue is it?
It could be a 400,000 problem for your business
8. Lets do the maths
25,000,000 emails per annum
X 0.10 revenue per email sent
2,500,000revenue per annum
Average industry delivery rate 85%
375,000left on the table (undelivered)
9. Not convinced?
10. Lets do the different maths
You spend 50,000 per annum on email marketing
X 47 per 1 spent in return
2,350,000revenue per annum
Average industry delivery rate 85%
352,500left on the table (undelivered)
11. What makes for good deliverability?
12. Art
13. 14. Its all about Engagement
15. Each ISP has their own rules for using reputation to determine inbox placement.
16. Unknown User
Spam Trap
17. How Can I Improve Engagement?
18. Welcome Series
19. 20. Promote Update in Welcome Email
21. Optimising Delivery Time
22. Little TikesIncreased metrics across the board with Send Time Optimization
Regular weekly promotional email
Established open and click rate trends
Results on first send
Open rates increased 20%
Click rates increased 30%
Total revenue generated increased 75%
Average value per order grew 35%
Using Silverpops Send Time Optimization feature has allowed Little Tikes to take a more sophisticated approach to our email marketing with no extra effort on our end.--JulieGibson Email Coordinator, Little Tikes
23. EncyclopaediaBrittanicaEncyclopaediaBrittanicasolves decade-old marketing dilemma of when to send an email by using Silverpops Send Time Optimization feature
Business Challenges
Finding an innovative way to boost sales for its online store
Targeting emails to their customers specific window for purchasing
Overview of Solution/Benefits
The company first tested the feature in an email alerting its 120,000 subscribers to the companys Spring Sale.The results included:
20-46% increase in open rates
30-50% increase in click rates
30% increase in total number of orders per campaign
EB has now made STO a standard in their campaigns
If I can get to our email subscribers when they want to hear from me, that made a lot of sense to me. It gave me a competitive advantage.

  • -Kassie Stephenson Adams

Director of Consumer Marketing and Campaign Management, EncyclopaediaBrittanica
24. Preference Centres
25. Master the art of Email Marketing Ju-Jitsu
26. Take a break. Hit Snooze.
3-5 per cent decrease in unsubscribes.
27. Worry (a lot) about your Reputation
28. Infrastructure
List Hygiene
IP Permanence
Message Quality
Reputation is a set of metrics based on your sending behaviour
29. But how do I knowwhat my sender reputation is?
30. 31. Authentication
32. Types of Authentication
SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
Sender ID
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)
33. Why we need authentication

  • Spoofing

34. Phishing 35. Spam