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Geometry on a Ball. Spherical Geometry a Non-Euclidean Geometry. Children love spherical geometry. Study Guide. 1. Read pp 188,9 plus handout 3-6 2. What Great Circle is midway between N and S poles? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Geometry on a BallSpherical Geometry a Non-Euclidean Geometry</p></li><li><p>Children love spherical geometry</p></li><li><p>Study Guide1. Read pp 188,9 plus handout 3-62. What Great Circle is midway between N and S poles?3. Match gives locations N &amp; latitude S of Equator longitude gives locations E &amp; W of Prime Meridian4. In Spherical Geo, lines = ??</p></li><li><p>Study Guide b5. Euclidean GeoSpherical GeoSystem of: pts, lines, planes System of: pts, ? , ? 6. What are Polar Points?7. Compare Euclids line to a Great Circle.8. Which of Euclids first five postulates are NOT in Spherical Geometry?9. How many lines go through a point parallel to another line in Spherical Geo?10. Great Circles have _____ collisions with other great circles? </p></li><li><p>Answers2. The Equator3. connect straight across do not crisscross!4. Lines = Great Circles5. Points, Great Circles, and Spheres6. polar points are points on opposite sides of the ballnorth and south poles7. =; except that grt circles wrap around and overlap, touchinglines do not!8. the 5th postulate of Euclid is denied in Elliptic (Spherical) Geo9. 0 are parallel10. 2 </p></li><li><p>Yes, were finished</p></li></ul>