Geoffrey Chaucer “The Father of English Poetry”. Knighthood/Nobility: Knight, Squire Educated people: Physician, Lawyer Religious/Spiritual figures: Monk,

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Geoffrey Chaucer The Father of English Poetry Slide 2 Knighthood/Nobility: Knight, Squire Educated people: Physician, Lawyer Religious/Spiritual figures: Monk, Friar, Prioress, Summoner, Pardoner *Chaucer criticizes the corruption/ greed/materialism of religious figures *Chaucer praises the Parson Toiling Agricultural classes: Middle class, merchants (cook, miller, reeve, wife of Bath, etc.) Slide 3 In Middle Ages, people had to dress according to social class Wealthy men wore long tunics Wealthy women wore long, flowing gowns (not designed for manual labor) Knights (nobility) could wear fur and gold Merchants COULD NOT wear fur Poor- Clothes are old looking, stained, ragged, torn Clothing style = personality Slide 4 People wore layered outfits since homes were not warm and many spent time outdoors Anyone below the rank of Knight could not wear fur Women were forbidden from wearing silk head coverings Members of the Holy Orders (nuns, priests, monks) wore habits that showed which order they belonged to Slide 5 Activity: Working with a partner, describe THREE different social groups you notice around Lakeland. 1. Label the social group 1. Label the social group Ex: Athletes, Thug, Punk, Emo, Socialite, Scholar 2. Describe how they dress and explain what the clothing style says about the groups personality, attitude, beliefs, regard for rules/authority, etc. 3. Give example of how a person from each social group could break the stereotype in a surprising way Ex: A nerd who loves designer labels Remember, these are stereotypes, so not every person is expected to behave according to these social norms of how they dress! Slide 6 To protect the weak and defenseless To fear God and follow rules of the Church To serve his Lord with valor and strength To live by honor and for glory To help orphans and widows To fight for the welfare of all Never turn down a challenge from an equal Always respect the honor of women To always speak the truth Always protect a fellow knight To show disdain for unfairness, rudeness, and meanness Slide 7 The Knight is described as a character who is chivalrous, noble, and virtuous. What characteristics of chivalry do you think still exist in todays society? Describe some careers or groups of people who embody chivalry in our society. Slide 8 What characteristics does Chaucer seem to criticize most in the characters he describes in The Prologue? What characteristics does Chaucer seem to praise? Which character is your favorite so far and why? Slide 9 1. Who does your character remind you of in everyday society? (It can be a group of people or one individual) Explain how/why. 2. Which character do you think is the most similar to your character so far in The Canterbury Tales? 3. Is you character someone YOU would befriend? Would you get along with your character? Slide 10 If you had the opportunity to take a pilgrimage to a place that is sacred or special to you, where would it be and why? What would you expect to gain from journeying to this place? (Insight, knowledge, adventure, etc.) Explain. Slide 11 Which character do you like/enjoy the most? Explain why you relate to this character or enjoy Chaucers description of him/her. What social group would this character fit into in todays society if he/she went to Lakeland? Why? Slide 12 a. Have you ever been betrayed after telling someone a secret? Can you ever trust other people? Explain. Describe the impact of greed in The Pardoners Tale using examples from the text and your own analysis. Slide 13 Narratives that have both literal and deeper, symbolic meanings Allegories tell a moral lesson, much like a fairy tale would Can be found in poetry, novels, plays, and short stories Exemplum: Exemplum: Serves as an example about preventing vices such as greed, selfishness, deception, etc. Pardoners Tale Pardoners Tale is an allegory that acts as an exemplum about the sin of greed Slide 14 ALLEGORIES SHARE THE FOLLOWING TRAITS: threes 1. Characters, events, and other things that come in threes 2. A test of characters morality mysterious guide 3. A mysterious guide who helps point the right way for a character rewards good punishes evil 4. A just ending that rewards good or punishes evil Slide 15 Explain how the following traits were seen in The Pardoners Tale using examples from the reading. threes 1. Characters, events, and other things that come in threes 2. A test of characters morality mysterious guide 3. A mysterious guide who helps point the right way for a character rewards good punishes evil 4. A just ending that rewards good or punishes evil Slide 16 Slide 17 Appearance: Modestly dressed; wears a stained tunic with smudges from his armor Indirect Char: Noble, respectful, distinguished, wise, honorable Praise of Char: He is an honorable Knight Characters Actions: Served nobly in 15 battles protecting England Rode in Prussia, Lithuania, North Africa, Anatolia, etc. Always killed his enemy in battle Slide 18 Appearance: Young (20), Curly hair, average stature, strong, agile. Wears fresh flowers and colorful attire, short gown with long sleeves Actions/Deeds: Fiery, lover, valiantly served with cavalry in battle in Flanders, Artois & Picardy ; knows how to joust, dance, and write Indir. Char: He is passionate, valiant, educated, courteous Praise/Flaw: Praised for being a good Knight in training and his fathers helper Slide 19 Appearance: Wore a coat and hood of green; peacock-feathered arrow, gaudy attire; wears his bow, a medal of St. Christopher, a hunting- horn, etc. Actions/Deeds: Good at woodcraft Indir. Char: He is very ornate, gaudy, very prepared for an attack since he is armed at all times Praise/Flaw: He is a good forester and helper of the Knight Slide 20 Appearance: Elegant nose, gray eyes, small mouth, wide forehead, graceful attire with trinkets and beads, golden brooch Actions/Deeds: High ranking nun, smiles very coyly, sings sermons well, speaks daintily in French, good manners and very polite, friendly to others, charitable to animals Indir. Char: Polite, courtly, proper, sympathetic and sensitive, loving, dainty Praise/Flaw: Praises her kind heart and good nature, but she is also into social status. She likes material possessions. Slide 21 Appearance: Manly, rides his horse with jingling bridle, wears fine furs, gold pin, fat, bald Actions/Deeds: Loves to hunt, manly, doesnt follow religious rules, likes to relax, friendly and jolly, rides a beautiful horse, likes to eat Indir. Char: Modern, not strictly religious, sporty, rebellious, fun-loving, rich Praise/Flaw: Praises his happy, relaxed demeanor. Flaw: He is not serious enough for a Monk. He is too interested in sports and leisure rather than prayer Slide 22 Appearance: Keeps his hood filled with pins for curls, white neck, strong, twinkling eyes Actions/Deeds: He is jolly and festive as a beggar; deals with rich people to make deals; carries gifts to give to women; gets money from rich and poor people to earn profit Indir. Char: Sweet-talker, smooth, friendly to rich townsfolk; fixes marriages; he absolves people of sins for a gift; sneaky; wealthy Praise/Flaw: Flaw- he is an opportunist and is money-hungry, selfish, and ruthless. Praise- he is the best beggar in town and a good money-maker Slide 23 Appearance: Beard, dressed well, wears a beavers hat and daintily buckled boots Actions/Deeds: Acts like he is wealthy but is poor; brags of his deeds; negotiates well; loans, bargains, and exchanges currency Indir. Char: Cares about appearances; has an ego; not frugal Praise/Flaw: Flaw- he is not frugal and wastes his money for appearances Praise- he is a good merchant Slide 24 Appearance: Skinny, hollow looking, serious, dressed modestly Actions/Deeds: Studies diligently; reads Aristotle; doesnt talk much; uses money to buy books Indir. Char: Serious, frugal, anti-social; not given to worldly pleasures or fine things; respectful and quiet Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is dignified and quiet; devoted to learning and gladly teaches others Slide 25 Appearance: Dresses in a homely coat with a silken belt Actions/Deeds: Practices law; draws up deeds for property ownership; talks wisely; studies cases of crimes Indir. Char: Rich; good talker; smart and knowledgeable Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is smart and retains facts about law and crime Flaw- he can be long-winded and boring Slide 26 Appearance: White beard, happy-looking; Actions/Deeds: Loves to eat and drink; pleasure-seeker; opens his home to all; served as a Parliamentary representative and Sheriff Indir. Char: Lives life to the fullest, generous, friendly, rich, hard-working Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is a model citizen and hard worker and is generous as a host Slide 27 Appearance: Dress nicely and are trim and fresh; knives made of pure silver Actions/Deeds: Act wisely, good workers, social climbers, respect their wives wishes to run for office Indir. Char: Sophisticated, wise, opportunists Praise/Flaw: Praise- dignified and hard workers Slide 28 Appearance: Has an ulcer on his knee Actions/Deeds: Good cook- makes a good, thick soup and tasty pie Indir. Char: Has a good reputation as a cook; not in good health Praise/Flaw: Praise- good cook Flaw- his bad knee Slide 29 Appearance: Wears a woolen gown and a dagger on a lanyard; tan skin, beard Actions/Deeds: Rides a farmers horse poorly; shows no mercy on prisoners fighting overseas Indir. Char: Ruthless, uncompassionate Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is wise and never loses to an enemy; Flaw- he is heartless Slide 30 Appearance: Wears blood-red garments and fine silk taffeta Actions/Deeds: Knowledgeable in astronomy, surgery, medicine; uses stars/astronomy to cure illnesses; prescribes medicines to cure the humors; loves gold Indir. Char: Good doctor; knowledgeable; not religious; somewhat corrupt; wealthy, but stingy with money Praise/Flaw: He uses stars and voodoo to cure patients, but doesnt look at their condition; He is sinful and loves gold Slide 31 Appearance: Gap-toothed, large hips, and partially deaf wears nice fabric garments wears a kerchief on her head nice shoes bold and attractive looking; red face Actions/Deeds: Makes cloth skillfully; had 5 husbands; has travelled to Jerusalem, Rome, and other pilgrimages; dances; gives advice on love Indir. Char: Adventurer, bold, saucy, loves men, friendly, talkative Praise/Flaw: Praise- she is fun-loving and bold Flaw: Hot-tempered; married many times Slide 32 Appearance: Poor looking, Actions/Deeds: Preaches Gods gospel; kind- hearted; very giving to parishioners; doesnt like taking money from others; visits people in need; never judges people for their sins; a shepherd who watches over his flock Indir. Char: Religious; good person; not materialistic and cares little for money; honest; good role model of piety and devotion Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is the best parson/priest around. He is a perfect example of a virtuous, religious man Slide 33 Appearance: Wears a loose jacket, not dressed well; dirty from working the land Actions/Deeds: Helps his brother, the Parson and is a good worker; follows the Gospel; loves God and others; helps the poor Indir. Char: Honest and virtuous Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is a good man who follows his religious beliefs and serves as a good example for others Slide 34 Appearance: Heavy; stocky man; strong and brawny; red beard; nose has a wart; wide nostrils; wears a sword and buckler; big mouth Actions/Deeds: He steals grain; likes to show off his strength- breaking down door hinges; wrestles well; tells stories of his corruption; plays bagpipes often Indir. Char: He is a trouble-maker; prone to fighting; show-off; tough guy Praise/Flaw: Flaw- he is corrupt and mischievous Slide 35 Appearance: (hes not wealthy) Actions/Deeds: In charge of buying/storing books and provisions for Court of Law; cant read, but is not foolish; good decision-maker; frugal with money Indir. Char: Very meticulous; careful; frugal; wise; good decision-maker Praise/Flaw: Praise- he knows more than the educated people Slide 36 Appearance: Old, sickly, thin; short hair and beard; looks like a priest; thin legs Actions/Deeds: Runs his masters land; Stores grain neatly; judges crops/grain from rainfall; better bargainer than his lord; knowledgeable about farming Indir. Char: Good farmer; hard-worker; smart and cant be outwitted by others; serious/tough Praise/Flaw: Praise- good worker and smart Slide 37 Appearance: Red-faced; face has boils; narrow eyes; thin beard; scary looking; wears a medallion and head wreath Actions/Deeds: Lecherous, dirty man; loves to get drunk; talks in Latin when drunk; loud; likes garlic and wine; brings people to court for sins, but lets people pay him wine to absolve them of sleeping with concubines/girlfriends (sinful!) Indir. Char: Immoral; doesnt follow rules of order or law; indulgent/lavish; obnoxious Praise/Flaw: Flaw- he is corrupt and dishonest Praise- he is easy-going and nice to people Slide 38 Appearance: Long hair as yellow as wax; bulging eyes; doesnt wear a hood; wears a holy relic on his cap; no facial hair Actions/Deeds: Rides with Summoner; just visited Rome; absolves people of sins for a fee; carries around false versions of Our Ladys veil and a goblet of St. Peters and religious relics Indir. Char: He is a liar; sneaky; loves money Praise/Flaw: Flaw-he is corrupt and a liar Praise- he acts like a nobleman and tells good stories Slide 39 Appearance: Bright eyes; heavy set; Actions/Deeds: Serves fine food and wine; speaks boldly; talks of sport and funny things Indir. Char: Friendly; warm to others; bold and blunt; merry; likes to be entertained; good leader Praise/Flaw: Praise- he is a good host; likes to be amused and merry


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