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<ol><li> 1. Stereotypes, Stereotype Threat and Job Selection Dr Sharon Coen Re-Engineering Gender University of Salford, June 22nd 2015 </li><li> 2. Stereotypes The deep root of our biased thinking: measuring implicit associations Consequences of stereotyping Stereotype threat Counteracting stereotype threat Outline </li><li> 3. What do you know about this person? Favourite food? Favourite transport? Favourite movie? What does X do in their free time? What is Xs dream vacation? </li><li> 4. X </li><li> 5. X </li><li> 6. Stereotypes - definition Widely shared generalisation about members of a social group (Hogg &amp;Vaughan, 2005, p. 54) </li><li> 7. typing intelligent in PowerPoint Clip Art Romantic Intelligent Caring Aggressive </li><li> 8. Intelligent People search on Google Images: 47 unique males, 3 females in the first screen </li><li> 9. An association which runs deep. The Gender-Career IAT The IAT (Implicit Association Test) measures the strength of association between concepts and attributes by looking at differences in how quickly one classifies relevant items into pre- established categories Take the Gender-Career IAT </li><li> 10. What are the consequences of stereotyping? Stereotyping others: stereotype-consistent expectations attribution biases self fulfilling prophecies prejudice, discrimination Stereotyping Self: stereotype threat </li><li> 11. Stereotype Threat being at risk of confirming, as self- characteristic, a negative stereotype about one's group (Steele &amp; Aronson, 1995). </li><li> 12. Spencer, Steel and Quinn, 1999 study 2 Participants: University students good at maths 2 tasks, equal difficulty: Half participants told the first task would lead to gender differences and the second wouldnt Half were told the second task would lead to gender differences and the first wouldnt Stereotype threat: Women and Maths </li><li> 13. Stereotype Threat: Women and Maths </li><li> 14. Reframing the task De-emphasizing threatened social identities Encouraging self affirmation Providing role models More on Reducing stereotype threat How can we reduce stereotype threat? </li><li> 15. Task: how can we apply this to a job interview? How can we reduce stereotype threat? </li><li> 16. Summary We defined stereotypes We looked at some potential sources of such stereotypes We looked at how deep rooted stereotypes are We provided examples of some effects that stereotyping has on individuals social interactions and performance We looked at the effects stereotypes have on individuals self-beliefs and performance We applied strategies to reduce thi risk to a job interview situation </li></ol>


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