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GCSE Exam Results 2012. Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls. The Results. 5 + A*-C including English & Mathematics 40.17 % 5 + A*- C 70.94 % 5 + A*-G 100% 1 + A*-C 97.44 % 1 + A*-G 100.00 %. Headline Figures. GCSE Results by subject. GCSE Results by subject 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>GCSE Exam Results 2012</p> <p>Mount Carmel Catholic College for GirlsGCSE Exam Results 2012Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012The ResultsMount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 20125+ A*-C including English &amp; Mathematics</p> <p>40.17%</p> <p>5+ A*-C </p> <p>70.94%</p> <p>5+ A*-G100%</p> <p>1+ A*-C97.44%</p> <p>1+ A*-G100.00%</p> <p>Headline FiguresMeasure descriptionStudentNo%Number of Candidates117100.00%Achieving English Baccalaureate54.27%Achieving 5+ A*-C including English &amp; Mathematics4740.17%Achieving 5+ A*-C8370.94%Achieving 5+ A*-G117100.00%Achieving 1+ A*-C11497.44%Achieving 1+ A*-G117100.00%Achieving an Entry Level Qualification117100.00%Achieving 2+ A*-C in Science6252.99%Achieving Level 2 in Functional English and Maths6858.12%Achieving Level 1 in Functional English and Maths11598.29%Achieving 1+ A*-C in a MFL3529.91%Achieving 0.5+ A*-G in a MFL69Candidates aged 15117Candidates aged under 150Average Capped Score303.26Average Score per Student473.13Total number of Entries1443.75Average Score per Entry38.34GCSE Results by subjectSubject% (A*- C) Number of Students%National Average 2012Art962577Drama68.81673.6Graphics72.73362.7Product Design442562.7Textiles312962.7English Lang5611663.9English Lit75.39376.3Geography64.71769.9History87.13169.9Health &amp; Social22.21854.1Maths48.711758.4Media93.31566.6MFL94.51871.7Music71.4778.3RE82.410873.7Science Add73.86166.4Science Core67.98460.7Biology1002192.6Chemistry1002193Physics95.22193.2Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012GCSE Results by subject 2Subject% (A*- A) Number of Students%National Average 2012Art42529.5Drama01626.5Graphics24.23327Product Design82527Textiles02927English Lang7.811619.5English Lit19.49328.3Geography01734.3History38.73134.3Health &amp; Social5.61810.3Maths10.311715.3Media26.71524French11.21829.4Music14.3735.8RE31.510838.8Science Add186126.7Science Core6846.4Biology33.32149.4Chemistry66.72151.1Physics28.62146.4Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012Vocational &amp; GCSE Short Courses Subject%EquivalentStudent No.L2BTEC Science1001 GCSEs1L2BTEC Sport1002 GCSEs9L2BTEC Business1004 GCSEs14L2 OCR National Award1001 GCSEs21L2 OCR National Certificate1002 GCSEs11L1BTEC Performing Arts1001 GCSEs1L1BTEC Creative Media Production1002 GCSEs5L1BTEC Business Admin1002 GCSEs5GCSEICT1000.5 GCSE7PFWL63 (L2) &amp; 38 (L1)0.5 GCSE8Analysis By Form Class &amp; DOBTotal NumberAchieved 5 A*- C% of cohort% of group achieving 5 A*- C11AF25197622.911EB221777.320.511EP191578.918.111MA261973.122.911RP25135215.7Total NumberAchieved 5 A*- C% of cohort% of group achieving 5 A*- CSep Dec50377444.6Jan Apr28217525.3May - Aug392564.130.12 Science (A*-C) 57%Additional Science 38.5% (45)Triple Science (A*-C) 17.9% (21)% Students taking a language 29.9%</p> <p>% 5 A*-C (FSM against non-FSM) FSM 23 students in total, 51.1% achieved 5 A*- C.Non-FSM 60 students in total, 83.3% achieved 5 A*- C</p> <p>Analysis Science, MFL &amp; FSMMount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012% students over 100 in CATs achieving 5 A* - C33 Students had a mean cat over 100 with 32 achieving 5 A*- C the one didnt was Sommer Brown% Students Persistent absence who achieve A* - C (less than 90% attendance) 16 students with persistent absence with 6 achieving 5 A*- C.</p> <p>EAL 56.4%72.7% 5 GCSE A*-C39.4% E&amp;MSEN (33)Non-SEN 84 students in total, 82.1% achieved 5 A*- C.SA 26 students in total, 50% achieved 5 A*- C.SA+ 4 students in total, 25% achieved 5 A*- C.S - 3 Students in total, none achieved 5 A*- C.</p> <p>Analysis CATs, Attendance, EAL &amp; SENMount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012English 76.3%Maths 71.9%Science 77.8%KS3 Level 5 +Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Exam Results 2012Art 92.6%Drama 52.3%DT 73.3%MFL 63%Geography 68.9%History 61.5%Music 71.9%PD 62.2%PE 85.2%RE 79.3%</p>