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Garden Party Fundraising Pack

Thank you for taking part in Thrives Garden Party, this is a new idea for 2013. Sharing your garden and love of gardening with others is a wonderful thing to do and we hope you will be one of many people holding garden

parties this summer to help Thrive.

This may be the first time you have thought of holding a garden party let alone fundraising for charity, we hope this pack will provide all the inspiration you need and some practical help too. We are here to help you make your garden party a success. Let us know when you are holding it so that we can support you; email us with your plans on putting My Thrive Garden Party in the subject line or please feel free to call Sue or Tina in the fundraising team.

About Thrive

Thrive uses gardening to help disabled people. Thrive is the only charity of its kind and has been providing horticultural therapy since 1978 with more than thirty years experience we are the leading authority on horticultural therapy in the UK.

One in five people in the UK are living with a disability that they were born with, gained with age or are living with because of an illness or an accident. Becoming disabled can be a life changing event and often Thrive can help. Gardening with Thrive can bring profound change by improving physical and psychological health and wellbeing; it can build skills, abilities and self-confidence and can change attitudes and behaviours.

Thrive provides horticultural therapy through a range of gardening programs which take place at our garden projects at Trunkwell Garden in Berkshire and in Battersea Park in London, Thrive is also involved in gardens belonging to other people too. We work successfully in well-known gardens and national organisations in venues not belonging to Thrive; we also run short term projects in local communities all over the South of England. During 2013 Thrive is launching new gardening programmes in the Midlands and the North of England.

Thrive relies on public donations to support our work and the funds you raise for Thrive at your garden party will be used to help more disabled people use the power of gardening to improve their lives.


Rebecca is a lovely teenager with a sweet smile, she is the youngest of three sisters and she has Downs syndrome. Before coming to Thrive she was struggling with school and unsettled at home. Thanks to Thrives practical approach to learning in a garden, Rebecca has become a happy and enthusiastic member of her gardening group and she has built up her skills. She now loves being one of the girls and talking about school and what shes planning next for her garden.

I feel happy I am more involved and polite I have learnt lots of things I love it here so much, its amazing I have made new friends and like everybody here. are just some of the things Rebecca says about Thrive.

Thrive focuses on helping Rebecca to work well alongside her fellow gardeners, think for herself, learn new skills and complete tasks well. Rebeccas day is usually spent on the allotment; she enjoys digging and likes growing vegetables, particularly potatoes, even though she says it can be hard work! Rebeccas new found confidence means she is looking forward to going to agricultural college next term whilst still coming to Thrive once a week.

Mum Jocelyn says : Thrive has been a breath of fresh air for RebeccaMy husband is a GP; I am a nurse and one of my daughters is an occupational therapist, so we all find the whole ethos of Thrive amazing for helping such a diverse group of people.

It costs, 30,000 every year to run our youth programmes and 30 for a person to come to Thrive once a week from school.

Your garden party could make a tremendous difference to disabled people; please help and together we can help Thrive to help more people like Rebecca.


Dora wasnt expecting to have a stroke, then one evening after work her life changed in a matter of minutes. Dora was left with limited speech and some paralysis; a common effect for most people who experience a stroke. Doras stroke made her a silent shadow of her former self with no idea how to cope with this sudden onset of disability but once she was discharged from hospital Thrive stepped in to help.

Rehabilitation is crucial after a stroke to help people to recover physically and mentally. The everyday activity of gardening can have powerful benefits. We teach Thrive gardeners how to rebuild muscle strength and improve stamina; which foods have a positive benefit and how to grow them. The gentle exercise of gardening helps reduce blood pressure - a major factor in the recurrence of stroke - and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

In just 12 weeks Dora experienced significant changes in her speech and improvements in her sleep. Learning new ways to do things renewed her self-confidence, helped her gain control of her life and reduced the stress and frustration she was feeling. Gardening in a group with other stroke survivors also gave Dora the support of people who understood her and offered hope for the future. Dora could sense her old life was no longer beyond her reach which in itself helped her emotional recovery.

Every five minutes somebody has a stroke and whilst NHS acute care has significantly improved survival rates, rehabilitation for stroke survivors is still patchy across the UK. Thrive can help we have a number of twelve week gardening programmes already in place in the south and we want to be able to offer more across the UK so that people can find help locally. We have step by step guides which can be used at home allowing people to work at their own pace and we run a telephone information service from Thrive.

People often say they feel forgotten once they leave hospital after receiving acute care; Thrive can make sure they are not abandoned; we are there to help them change their lives for the better.

Your garden party could make a tremendous difference to disabled people; please

help and together we can help more people like Dora get their life back.

Planning your garden party


Please choose a date and a time that suits you, we are hoping that most people will organise a party in June and we are organizing ourselves around that, if June is not a good time for you please dont let that stop you, well support your garden party whenever you hold it this summer.

How big?

Big or small, its up to you - invite a few friends or you could throw open your garden

to your whole community; the important thing is that youve decided to help Thrive.

Fundraising ..

The simplest thing to do is to ask your guests to donate to Thrive when they attend. You could boost your funds by offering refreshments, running a raffle at the event, or tombola, or an auction, selling plants sale or offering extra activities like face painting. If you need advice we can help.

Invitations, posters and collection boxes

These are included in your pack; you can also download more invitations and posters

from our website If you dont have access to a computer and

printer, please call us on 0118 988 5688 and we can send you a supply; if you need

more collection boxes please call.

Thrive information and promotional items

We have included some Thrive pocket guides and a booklet about Thrive in this pack

- in case your guests ask about our work. We have a small supply Thrive pins and

car stickers - samples are enclosed. If you would like more please call us.

Have a safe garden party

We want your event to be fun and enjoyable for all your guests but please be careful

to make sure everyone who attends is safe and acting within the law.

People who cannot attend

If people cant come to your garden party, they may want to help you by making a

donation to Thrive instead, theres a form on the reverse of their invitation or they

can donate online at

Gift Aid - make donations worth even more

Thrive can ask the Inland Revenue for an extra 25p for every 1

donated by UK tax-payers, and it doesnt cost you a penny more.

Use the form enclosed, photocopy more blank forms if necessary and

encourage people to fill in their details at your event. We need each

persons home address details as well as yours, as the organiser, to be able to claim.

Tell everyone

If you are going big with your garden party you may like to think about publicity,

we have some advice for you below. Consider using or your local community

websites where. be able to register details of your event free of charge. Send details

to your local newspaper, local newsletters, and your local parish magazine. Do bear

in mind that parish magazines are produced weeks in advance so youll need to

contact them as soon as possible, whereas your local newspaper will not need much

notice to be able to help.

Use your company bulletin board or intranet if you have one (ask for permission

first). If you are fundraising for Thrive at work, does your company operate a

matched giving scheme, ask your HR department, or check your companys

corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

PR Guidelines for holding a public Garden Party

We are delighted that you are raising money for Thrive by holding a garden party. This is a great opportunity to get publicity for you/your company/your club and for Thrive too.

Positive publicity helps us raise Thrives profil