galloway, new jersey

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GALLOWAY, NEW JERSEY Matt Dickson Comm. 115 Due: 11/22/11

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Galloway, New Jersey. Matt Dickson Comm. 115 Due: 11/22/11. History. Date Founded: April 4, 1774 by a Royal Patent of King George III of England Officially declared into New Jersey Legislature in 1798. The Jersey Devil. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Galloway, New Jersey

Galloway,New JerseyMatt DicksonComm. 115Due: 11/22/11HistoryDate Founded: April 4, 1774 by a Royal Patent of King George III of EnglandOfficially declared into New Jersey Legislature in 1798

2The Jersey DevilThe story of The Jersey Devil is said to be believed that it existed in the Pine Barrens, some parts being in Galloway Township itself. The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature that is believed to be alive in the early 1900s where there was told to be sightings of the creature. This creature is even depicted by the hockey team the New Jersey Devils.

Places To VisitThe Smithville Village is a part of Galloway Township that offers an old fashioned way of shopping, dining and is a great way to spend the afternoon walking throughout the village and shops alike.

GolfSeaview Marriot Hotel and Golf CourseThe Seaview Marriot offers 36 holes of beautifully groomed and maintained golf courses in all of south jersey. Galloway NationalGalloway National Country Club is a pristine country club rated one of the best in the country and offers one of the best golfing experiences.

Picture of Seaview golf course Forsythe Wildlife Refuge is a great place to go for a walk to experience the element of marine and coastal life at its finest. This wildlife refuge is home to many different animals that shape the coast of New Jerseys animal life. This refuge is located in Oceanville, part of Galloway Township and hosts up to 250,000 people each year CollegeStockton College established in 1971 is celebrating its 40th year as a college institution. The institution is made up of 8100 active students and is continuing to grow. Stockton hopes to soon be a university and has a big impact on the town of Galloway giving it is located in the town.

Galloway parksOn a nice day in Galloway it is great to spend some of the day at the park whether is it the skate park or patriot lake, you can have a great time soaking up the sun and enjoying the comfortable weather Galloway has to offer.

Galloway PALGalloways Police Athletic League is a great way to play sports for kids growing up. There is Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, and Football too. These sports are played on fields that the township has throughout the whole town as well so you wont have to drive far to play a game.

Thanks for reading a little bit of what Galloway Township has to offer