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  • G-1Syed Wajahat Ali ShahMalik Ihsan MunsifMuhammad Bilal ParachaMian Atiq ur RehmanMuhammad Azim

  • Management of Technical Organizations and PracticesWarning: Low Flying Fish

  • Pike Place Fish is a fish market located in Seattle, Washington at the corner Pike street and Pike Place.Visitors / Tourists with diverse origin come to the market tobuy high quality sea foodShipped it homewatch fishmongers handling the fish in their unique style Pike Place Fish attracts more than 10,000 visitors daily.

  • Products

  • Current owner (John Yokoyama) use to work at Pike Place Fish in 1965Before the owner offers to sell a drowning business to Mr. Yokoyama who reluctantly bought it with absolutely no vision for the success of business.Stereotype attitude of Mr. Yokoyama brought the business even more closer to the failure. It was not far that business might see closure before

  • Jim Bergguist who by profession was a consultant and his wife use to work at Pike Place Fish entered the scene with a proposition.Jim made the proposition to Mr. Yokoyama that he will make the business profitable in three months or else he will Quit.

  • While Jim was devising the strategy for the Pike Place Fish, he came across this apparently the vague idea of lets become world famous by a young worker.Jim and Yoko initially took it as a far cry before they devoted solely to the purpose.The wild idea of the young worker ultimately became the Vision Statement for the Pike Place Fish.

  • Owner of Largest Fish selling Company Washington

    Owner of bizfutures Consulting Firm

  • Meaning to be World Famous at Pike Place FishYokoyama, Bergguist and their crew believe that it means making a difference in the lives of customers and others with whom they come into contact. it means going beyond just providing outstanding service to people and making their experience memorable

  • Team Roles in becoming World FamousThose who work at Pike Place do not consider themselves as mere employees rather each one is team player.There is only one way to work at Pike Place and that is being a team playerEmployees have to devote themselves to the common purpose of Being World Famous. New Employees often take time to understand the subtle difference of being World Famous as slogan with really performing as world famous.

  • Maximizing Worker Potential At Pike Place Fish unique style of Management by Inspiration is adopted, which promotes uniqueness and innovation within each employee.After initial failure of business Mr. Yokoyama realized that workers potential is best utilized by bringing feeling of Empowerness and Trust to them and making them master of their own game.

  • Creating a Nurturing Environment At Pike Place Fish participation is highly encouraged, even newcomer can coach an older fellow to bring any improvement in the daily operations.Everyone feels responsible for the purpose and keep it visible for others by his actions.


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