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  1. 1. We "Futuristic Climate Controls" are Authorized Channel for HoneywellControl products such as Controllers, Transmitters, UV Flame Sensors, HumiditySensors, Switches, Valves, Actuators etc.
  2. 2. - Profile -Futuristic Technologies is a knowledge based company in the field of processControls and Industrial Automation having a team of industry expertssuccessfully serving industrial Automation needs for last 20 years. FuturisticTechnologies is an Authorized Channel Partner for following HoneywellDivisions Honeywell Field solutions Honeywell Environment Controls Honeywell Combustion Controls
  3. 3. Honeywell PID Controller:We are a leading stockists, dealer and Distributor of Honeywell Controllers. HoneywellControllers are used for a variety of process control applications such as Temperature,Pressure, flow, Level controls. Honeywell low cost controller series DC1040, DC1020, DC1010are available exstock and at competitive prices.Flameproof Controller Honeywell Controller PressuretrolHoneywell UniversalDigital Controller
  4. 4. Honeywell Recorder: Honeywell eZtrend QXe Honeywell Strip Chart Paperless Recorder RecorderHoneywell ChartHoneywell Minitrend QX RecorderPaperless Recorder
  5. 5. Honeywell Pressure Transmitter:We are dealers and Distributors for Honeywell in India for a range of products such asHoneywell Smart Pressure Transmitters as well Low cost Pressure transmitter series MLH.Other field instruments such as Smart Temperature Transmitters & Head mountedtemperature transmitters also available at competitive prices.Honeywell Differential Honeywell PressurePressure TransmitterTransmitter Honeywell PressureTransmitter
  6. 6. Honeywell Control System:Offering you a wide range of products from Honeywell Control Systems such as HoneywellHybrid Controller HC900, Honeywell PLC series MasterLogic 200, Honeywell PLC series ML50.We also offer Control Panels and System Integration services.Honeywell Hybrid Master Logic PACs ControllerHoneywell ProgrammableEvent Recorder ModuleLogic Controller
  7. 7. Honeywell UV Flame Sensor:We are delaer distributor for Honeywell UV Flame Sensor such as Honeywell UV FlameSensor C7012, Honeywell UV Flame Detector C7027 and UV Flame Sensor Detector C7035. Wealso offer complete range of products for Gas Burner Controls. Which includes Gas valves,Air Gas Ratio Regulator, Modulating Motor, Temperature Profiler & Controller etc. Honeywell UV Flame Honeywell UV FlameSensor DetectorUV Flame Sensor Detector
  8. 8. Honeywell Burner Sequence Controller:Distributor and Dealer for Honeywell Burner Sequence Controllers. Satronic Burner SequenceController DLG976 for small burners and Burner Sequence Controller DBC2000, RM/EC7800 forlarge burners. Honeywell BurnerSatronic Burner Sequence Sequence ControllersController Burner SequenceController
  9. 9. Honeywell Gas Train:Offering you a complete range of Gas Train Components which includes Gas PressureRegulator, Slam Shut Off Valve, Relief Valve, Air Gas Ratio Regulator, MultiblockCombination Valve VR400, Solenoid Gas Valve VE400, and many more items. We also offerIntegrated Gas trains. Air Gas Ratio RegulatorGas Pressure Regulator Multiblock Combination Solenoid Gas ValveValve
  10. 10. Honeywell Humidity Sensor:Dealer and Distributor of Honeywell products in India which includes Honeywell HumiditySensor HT/D, Honeywell RH Sensor H7080B and Honeywell Trend Room T RH Sensor HT/S. Wealso offer T RH Controller & other sensors like Air Velocity Sensor AV/D, DP sensor DPTM, DPswitches DPS required for AHU Controls.Honeywell Duct Humidity Honeywell TemperatureAnd Temperature SensorsAnd Humidity SensorHoneywell Trend Room Humidity Sensor
  11. 11. Honeywell Three Way Valve:We are leading dealer & distributors for Honeywell Three Way Valve such as Honeywell 3Way Motorized Globe Valve V5050A, 3 Way Globe Valve V5329 and Honeywell 3W GlobeValve V5013. Linear actuators offered are quick connect & no separate linkage is required. Three Way Motorized Three Way Globe Valve Globe Valve3 Way Threaded Globe Valve
  12. 12. Other Products:Thyristor PowerHead MountedController Temperature Transmitter Honeywell Flame RelayFlame Detector Relays
  13. 13. Other Products:Ignition Transformer ET Serial Ignition TransformerHoneywell Pressure Modutrol Motor Switch
  14. 14. Other Products:Honeywell Servo ActuatorTrend Air Velocity Sensor Kimo Air Velocity Sensor Differential Pressure Sensor
  15. 15. Other Products:Differential Pressure Honeywell Water Flow Switch SwitchDamper Actuator Honeywell 2 Way Valve
  16. 16. Other Products: Honeywell 2 WayMotorized Butterfly Valve Motorized Valve Honeywell ManualManual Balancing ValveButterfly Valve
  17. 17. Other Products:Pressure Reducing Valves Automatic Air VentHoneywell FCU ValveRoom Thermostat
  18. 18. Other Products:Honeywell Universal Honeywell Universal Digital ControllerDigital Controller UDC2500 UDC3500 Honeywell Multitrend SXHoneywell Circular Chart Paperless RecorderRecorder DR4300 18
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2008Nature of BusinessDistributorTotal Number ofUpto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent
  20. 20. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Futuristic Climate ControlsMr. Rajesh GargNo. 124, Sunrise Mall, Near Swami Narayan Temple, Judges Bungalow Road,VastrapurAhmedabad - 380015, Gujarat, IndiaWebsite: www.futuristicclimatecontrols.com