Future Economy Council Leadership Catawba 2010 Terry Bledsoe, Catawba County January 14, 2010.

Download Future Economy Council Leadership Catawba 2010 Terry Bledsoe, Catawba County January 14, 2010.

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  • FutureEconomyCouncil Leadership Catawba 2010 Terry Bledsoe, Catawba County January 14, 2010

  • 8010There is a force for change thats basically invisible using old ways of seeing. Its a force we have to let collide with and even destroy our old ideas about how the world should be before we can hope to make any sense at all

    Age of the Unthinkable, Ramo

  • EventsCause us to?9/11Job Losses 15.7%recessionOilTerroristChinatechnologygreed

  • AreWhatPeople Saying

  • Good area to raise a family schools are some of the best.

    I have served on a number of committees lately and they are all trying to fight the same fight.

    We are not growing.

    We are not letting the world know we exist.

    We have a horrible Brain DrainWhen someone finishes school they are looking for a high paying job.

  • I dont know what those people are doing but they are showing up at the post office with buckets of mail.

    We are gearing things around what we did 20 years ago.

    We want educated people with money.We want startups here, better bandwidth, infrastructure, incubator and incentives for startups.Fractured marketing we have separate websites.What did we do wrong?.

  • EveryRethinkingthing

  • SharingPartnershipsConnectionsOpportunities

    How?Do You move an Entire Region to a Higher Level?

  • YesBUTWhat is the Future Economy Council?

  • The Future Economy Council is. a group that is working to develop transformational leaders in Catawba County, able to understand and utilize the skills of building capacities to create a more resilient economy.

    a very Diverse Group

    working with Rick Smyre, Communities of the Future

    developing Master Capacity Builders

  • Master Capacity BuildersObjectives:To develop new ways of thinking about the futureTo be able to identify trends and weak signalsTo be able to ask appropriate questionsTo be able to listen for value and find new connectionsTo be able to connect diverse ideas and people for continuous innovationTo understand how to create "innovation networks"To design and evolve parallel processesTo be able to identify and utilize new and emerging patternsTo be able to think systemically at a higher level of complexityTo be able take appropriate individual and team risks to develop new ideas and methods

  • are seeds of change that exist today and they can tell about big trends in the future.

    are something odd or strange today. Weaksignals

  • signalsTrends and Weak For the first time in human history, children are authorities on a central innovation the new digital media. This generation gap has its implicationsUniversal connectivity. What does that mean?Jobs that do not require proximity.Universal competition?Ubiquitous, unprecedented access to information. Universal collaboration?

  • What was it like when we couldnt get an answer in 5 minutes or less?Could you manage your staff in 140 characters or less?Could a Tweet overthrow a dictator?How did Social Media affect the elections?What is Apple really up to?


  • What?Williams and SonomaApple ComputersRestoration HardwarePirates of the CaribbeanPhil Specter Murder Trial

    Do the following have in common?

  • What?Our manufacturing attitudeCulture of a hardworking workforceQuality of lifeLarge track of land devoted to data centers, power, water, fiber.Could hire people from the areaDid Apple Like About US ?

  • 90s1999Diversification

  • Heat, Beat and Treat tradition based. Are we looking at nanotechnology?Manufacturing using natural principles?Energy opportunities? Creative processes?Are we looking at opportunities that make us more resilient in the future?


  • AgeWhat are the talent and creative resources that are here now?What are we doing to support and encourage those people?Only a few jobs???Think about the past and all the businesses that started here in the Hickory area.

    Creative Molecular

  • ClosingThoughtsThere is a huge disparity between the persons sitting in this room and the average worker in Catawba County. Scott MillarAugust 2009 Future Economy Council Meeting

  • FuturePlanning for Extraordinary Change for BusinessCatawba County Chamber of CommerceOctober 2, 2009 EconomyCouncil Leadership Catawba 2010 Terry Bledsoe, Catawba County January 14, 2010

    Diversification is a key to moving forward It should be noted that in 1999, Catawba County was thought to be a model for diversity. Could our success in the 1990s been the real cause of our decline? We were diversified and at full employment in the 90s and could not attract new business here because we did not have the resource of a workforce to offer. Did that limit our ability to grow and transition to modern industry from old school manufacturing (furniture and textiles).



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