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  • 1. FreeWeb Tools To Improve Your(Nonprofit)Life valerie veneziavp of membership & marketing @ ccsnys im: valerievenezia on yahoo!

2. So, I registered for this webinar. Butwhat exactlyare we talking about today?

  • If its free, its for me!
  • Website Building Tools
  • Blogging Tools
  • Fundraising Tools
  • Social Networking Sites

3. What is all this web 2.0hooplaabout?

  • You and Iare the experts in a Web 2.0 World!

We knew that all along right? 4. Its true. Youcan build your ownwebsite . Right now . 5. Thebestbet for yourmoney. 6. Hey, dont take my word for its letstry itout. Not so fastDo you know about.. 7. Now that I have a good website, what should I put on it? I hear the kids arebloggingthese days.Shouldwe? 8. Thebestbet for yourmoney. 9.


Soundscomplicated . How do I start? 10.

  • Yours can look like this in about 10 minutes

11. Thats all well and good, but I thought I couldraise moneyonline too? 12.

  • Actuallyboth, For different reasons!

Thebestbet for yourmoney. 13.


What do I do toget startedwith that? 14. In 10 minutes, you can have something like this to put on your webpage but more importantly you candistribute the link, or codeto your donors, friends, staff and board, etc 15. Whatsgoodabout 16. Andthenyou get 17. So,whereare all the people who are going to get involved anddonate? not just for your teenage daughter anymore. 18.

  • Thejury is still outon this one, but the combo of Facebook Causes and YouTube is pretty powerful!

Thebestbet for yourmoney. 19. Um, Im not sure how to sell this one to the board. Areother nonprofitsusing these things? 20. The power in this is theconnectionand the ongoing dialogue! 21. You said there arehundreds of free toolslike these. Is there one place I can find them all?


Yep.There is. You thought I was kidding, huh? 22. What are someother thingswe should think about for thefuture?

  • Social Bookmarking Google Alerts Bloglines RSS Feeds

23. Any otherresourcesyou can give us? googleapps 24. Hey, can we have theseslides emailedto us? Nope.We are beyond email now. 25. Well what about thelinks?Not to be critical, but, you were kind ofinconsistentabout putting them in here Can youguesswhat I am going to say? We arebeyond linksnow. 26. Thanksfor your time! AnyQuestions?