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How Cytolin Was Discovered


CytoDyns management makes forward-looking statements concerning the Company's expected future operations, performance and other developments. These forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts. The Company's management makes forward-looking statements concerning the Company's expected future operations, performance and other developments. These forward-looking statements are necessarily estimates based upon current information and projections and involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to, the failure of preliminary results from scientific studies to reflect the results from more comprehensive studies. There can be no assurance that such risks and uncertainties, or other factors, will not affect the accuracy of such forward-looking statements. It is impossible to identify all factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those estimated by the Company. They include, but are not limited to, government regulation, managing and maintaining growth, victimization by white-collar offenders, and the effects of adverse publicity, litigation, competition,and other factors that may be identified from time to time in the Company's announcements.


Prepared byNader Pourhassan, PhDChief Operating Officer5099 Galen StreetLake Oswego , OR 97035(503)

2Cytolin is the registered trademark name of our drug that our company, CytoDyn, Inc. is developing.

CytoDyn, Inc. is the registered trademark name for our company which is a Colorado corporation with its home office in Santa Fe, NM.31) What is Cytolin?a) How it worksb) Why we need it now?c) Our strategy to get Cytolin approved by FDA

2 ) Who is CytoDyn?a) What is the stock worth now?b) Future value (independent study)?C) Financials4

1) Cytolin

a) How it works

b) Why we need it now?

51) Cytolin

c) Our strategy to get Cytolin approved by FDA

i) Proof of principle in MGHii) Then partner with a big Pharmaiii) Then clinical trail for FDA approval at MGH61) Cytolin

c) Our strategy to get Cytolin approved by FDA

i) Proof of principle in MGHby Dr. Eric Rosenberg7Quick overview ofMGH Massachusetts General Hospital, founded in 1811, is the third oldest general hospital in the United States.

With an annual research budget of nearly $550 million, MGH conducts the largest hospital-based research program in the United States - a program that spans more than 20 clinical departments and centers across the hospital. This funding drives discoveries and breakthroughs in basic and clinical research.

Each year, MGH is recognized for achieving the highest standards in education and research, ranking the hospital among the most prestigious medical institutions.8The study is done in MGH by Dr. Eric Rosenberg Dr. Rosenberg is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and staff Physician at MGH since 1995.

He also serves in the capacities of Associate Director of the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory.

He is the Director of the Education Unit of the Clinical Research Program at MGH.

Dr. Rosenberg has been co-chair, co-principal investigator, and principal investigator of clinical trials focused on HIV treatment, and has been the beneficiary of several NIH awards.

He is Chair of the Treatment Working Group of the NIH Acute Infection Early Disease Research Program, and a member of the MGH Clinical Research Council.9In relate to our Drug, Cytolin Dr. Rosenberg has an extensive background studying HIV. Dr. Rosenberg is best known for his research on early HIV infection, also known as primary HIV infection.Dr. Rosenberg important findings of immune control of HIV infection during structured treatment interruptions in primary infection were previously published and highly cited in journals, including journal of Science and journal of Nature. Dr. Rosenberg is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. His research and clinical practice is focused on the immunopathogenesis of HIV infection. Dr. Rosenberg is a member of several professional societies and associations, editorial board member of the Journal of Immune-Based Therapies and Vaccines, and Associate Editor of AIDS Clinical Care. He is a regular presenter in the field of HIV infection and has published numerous articles in the literature. 10Because of this amazing credentials of Dr. Rosenberg and MGH reputation, they are very selective of what drugs they will research.

Dr. Rosenberg was contacted by his very close friend Mr. David Scondars from search for a cure in regard to Cytolin.

After Dr. Rosenberg reviewed the data for 188 patients treated with Cytolin, he requested extensive data and opinions of other scientists familiar with Cytolin before he would make any recommendations.

Mr. Scondars did this research for Dr. Rosenberg and here is a brief summary of what was reported to Dr. Rosenberg11


The Company is pleased to report that the Principal Investigator is Eric S. Rosenberg, MD, an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Infectious Diseases Division of Massachusetts General Hospital and a prominent researcher specializing in HIV/AIDS. More than the Principal Investigator, Dr. Rosenberg designed the protocol for the study after an extensive review of the relevant literature and human experience related to Cytolin. His review was aided by a comprehensive due diligence report kindly prepared by David Scondras, a Boston-based AIDS activist.About The Study131) Cytolinc) Our strategy to get Cytolin approved by FDA

i) Proof of principle in MGHTo show why this drug worked on all 188 patients reported for as long as 2 years with very little or no side effects?

ii) Then partner with pharmaSurely after seeing the credentials of MGH and Dr. Rosenberg one can see why big pharmas will be inclined to partner with CytoDyn

iii) Then clinical trail for FDA approval at MGHWe have a new member to help us with this however big pharmas will partner with us before that

142 ) CytoDyn, Inc.

a) What is the stock worth now?b) Future value (independent study)? c) Financials

152 ) CytoDyn, Inc.a) What is the stock worth now?

What is CytoDyn doing to bring true value to its stocks? In order to bring visibility to our stocks we met with RATIONAL 360162 ) CytoDyn, Inc.a) What is the stock worth now?

Who is Rational 360?

17 Rational 360 partners are Russ Schriefer (former President Bill Clinton top campaign manager) and Patrick Dorton (former President George W. Bush top campaign manager) Rational 360 partners have served as senior advisors to political leaders and campaigns on both sides of the aisle; their diverse experience ranging from former President George W. Bush to Senator Tom Harkin [D-IA]. The combined firm is headquartered in Washington, DC and has offices in Boston and Atlanta.The Stevens and Schriefer Group is a leading communications strategy firm known for powerful, effective, memorable advertisements that change public perceptions and advance clients agendas, ideas, and philosophies.After our metting with Rational 360 they expressed their view about CytoDyn.*)They agree to lower their fee from 28000/month to 7000 and accept stocks of the company*) We were ready to have them go to work BUT..18

192 ) CytoDyn, Inc.b) Future value (independent study)?We had an independent investment analysis done on our company by HARBINGER RESEARCHby Brian R. Connell, CFASenior Research Analystbconnell@harbingerresearch.comAbout Mr. Connell:a) Has over 15 years experience in the securities industry ranging from CEO of StreetFusionb) Holds degrees in Economics and Psychology from Duke University and is CFA Charter holderc) He is associated with StreetCapital, an Atlanta-based broker-dealer20

212 ) CytoDyn, Inc.b) Future value (independent study)?

This is few of what Harbinger Research, reported about CytoDyn

a) Extreme upside potentialb) This drug was used in humans and their viral load had dropped 90% after initial usec) The manufacturing cost of Cytolin can be as low as $4.71 per dose- One year supply is maximum 24 doses

Harbinger concluded that stock should be around $20 right now (but it is not)22

Which will bring us to the last item, Financials 2 ) CytoDyn, Inc.c) Financials

In the last 12 months we have done 8 Qs and 2 10KsCurrently the auditors are working on last 2009 Qs and 2010s 10KAccording to the above timing of our Qs and 10Ks, we could be caught up in less than 5 to 6 weeks if we only progress with the same rate as the above.



Current offering at 1.00and why we are havingsuch offering?

Funding of next study?



26 After getting FDA approval to conduct a Phase I/IIa trial, Allen D. Allen then licensed this product to a company called Ammerimmune.

27CYTODYNs Scientific Advisory BoardDorothy H. Bray, Ph.D,, ChairRobert H. Keller, M.D.Parviz Lalezari, M.D.28

1) Dorothy H. Bray, Ph.D,, Chair

Dr. Bray has garnered extensive experience in the development of drugs for HIV/AIDS while serving in various senior positions at GlaxoSmithKline and its predecessors, a leading provider of antiretroviral drugs. She previously led an industry-driven international program of several hundred international studies of HIV/AIDS therapy, including over a hundred conducted in developing countries. Dr. Bray has been involved in multiple international research programs including the DART trial, the largest HIV therapy tria


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