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    Interview with Ralf Kattanek, Managing Director of CHT Switzerland AG

    (formerly BEZEMA AG) and Vice President Textile of CHT Group

    Specialty chemistry for a sustainable future

    Chemical companies have special responsibility for protecting our envi-ronment, and ensuring safe production and handling. In this respect, CHT Switzerland AG is a prime example of conscientiousness. Special-izing in textile dyes, the Swiss company is part of the German CHT Group which is dedicated to specialty chemistry for a sustainable fu-ture. With its innovative BEZAKTIV GO range of reactive dyes, the company has set the new standard for intense-colour, resource-saving dyes for textile production and other sophisticated applications.

    CHT Switzerland AG is a system

    supplier for specialty chemicals,

    and the CHT Groups competence

    center for textile dyes. The compa-

    ny offers a complete choice of dyes

    and special chemicals for textiles.

    The comprehensive product range

    is divided into basic, advanced,

    high-performance and special ap-

    plication products and includes re-

    active dyes, acid dyes, metal com-

    plex dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes,

    disperse dyes, cationic dyes, dyes

    and pigments for printing, as well

    as dyeing, printing and flocking

    products. Together with the textile

    auxiliaries supplied by the parent

    company CHT, BEZEMA Colour

    Solutions are used to create a val-

    ue of high-quality products ranging

    from fashionable garments, home

    textiles to stylish carpets and tech-

    nical textiles. The broad product

    portfolio is rounded off by labora-

    tory and analytics, consulting and

    training as well as logistics services

    on a just-in-time basis.

    The CHT Group headquarter is

    located in Tbingen, Germany,

    and was founded by Reinhold

    Beitlich in 1953 as Chemische

    Fabrik Tbingen. CHT Switzerland

    AG was established in 1971 as

    BEZEMA AG. Since the 1980s,

    the Group has been owned by the

    Reinhold Beitlich Foundation to

    secure the companys long-term

    existence and independence. The

    Foundation supports youth welfare

    services and medical research

    projects, science and research

    in the area of chemistry and re-

    search projects on renewable raw

    materials, explains Ralf Kattanek,

    Managing Director of CHT Swit-

    zerland AG and Group Vice Presi-

    dent Textile of CHT. It is a sign of

    our commitment to Europe as a

    manufacturing location and to the

    principles of sustainable develop-

    ment. We want to keep as many

    jobs in Europe as possible and are

    looking for new application areas

    instead of sacking people. And as

    a chemical enterprise, we put great

    emphasis on the environment and

    its protection.

    CHT Group has just completed a

    major rebranding initiative aimed

    at uniting all activities under one

    umbrella brand: CHT. As part of

    the initiative, a new brand claim

    was created smart chemistry

    with character which reflects the

    companys passion for innovative

    and sustainable chemicals. CHT

    now positions itself with three sub-

    brands: Textile Solutions, Industry

    Solutions and Science & Service

    Solutions. Textile Solutions com-

    prises textile auxiliaries, textile

    dyes and textile care products.

    Textile dyes will be promoted as

    BEZEMA Colour Solutions and sold

    globally directly by CHT Switzer-

    land AG in Switzerland. BEZEMA

    The laboratories also offer analytical services for customers in the textile industry

    (formerly BEZEMA AG) and Vice President Textile of CHT Group

    Specialty chemistry for a sustainable future

    Chemical companies have special responsibility for protecting our envi-

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    Colour Solutions points to two main

    development directions, says Mr.

    Kattanek. On the one hand, it

    stands for our continued supply of

    customized solutions in the field of

    innovative, premium-quality, sus-

    tainable dyes. On the other hand,

    it means that we are advancing our

    entry into other application and

    market segments beyond textile

    and garment production and dyes

    for new application fields. The

    second CHT sub-brand, Industry

    Solutions, covers the Groups non-

    textile solutions such as consumer

    care products, leather, paper and

    construction chemicals as well as

    silicone elastomers. Last but not

    least, Science & Service Solutions

    includes all CHT research and

    development, laboratory and ana-

    lytics, technical support as well as

    customer services and the Brand

    & Retail Management.

    CHT is a medium-sized global

    player with approximately 2,000

    employees at operations all over

    the world, including production

    sites in Germany, Switzerland,

    Turkey, the UK, Brazil, Colombia,

    Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, India,

    China and South Africa. The

    company produces approximately

    150,000 t of specialty chemical

    products annually and has more

    than 9,000 customers in over 120

    countries across the globe. We

    have a clear vision, states Mr. Kat-

    tanek. We aim to be the preferred

    partner and leading reference for

    sustainable chemical solutions in

    our markets worldwide. We are

    pursuing this vision by contribut-

    ing to sustainable development

    through smart chemistry as a

    reliable partner to customers in

    the textile, construction and other

    industries. As the sustainable ref-

    erence in the textile dyes market,

    CHT Switzerland AG has devel-

    oped a completely new, standard-

    setting line of reactive dyes which

    is marketed under the BEZAKTIV

    GO label. BEZAKTIV GO supports

    dyeing processes at temperatures

    of a mere 40C instead of 60C,

    and thus saves a lot of energy,

    explains Mr. Kattanek. It also

    reduces water and salt consump-

    tion. Nevertheless, BEZAKTIV GO

    delivers first-rate colour intensity,

    ensures a high level of process

    safety and enables short process-

    ing times which are unrivaled.

    CHT Switzerland AG has 200

    employees and turns over 100

    million CHF. The company ships

    approximately 90% of its dyes and

    specialty chemicals abroad. Our

    main export markets are Europe,

    Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and

    Latin America, says Mr. Kattanek.

    We are presently looking for op-

    portunities in China and India, in

    close cooperation with our cus-

    tomers. To acquire new custom-

    ers, CHT Group exhibits at ITMA

    and all other important textile

    fairs. ITMA is the worlds leading

    meeting place for the textile and

    garment industries, which is or-

    ganized every four years. While de-

    veloping new application fields, the

    company also sees great potential

    in the area of technical textiles.

    CHT Switzerland AG develops and produces high-quality textile dyes and specialty chemicals

    CHT Switzerland AG is set up with its own laboratories for research and development

    CHT Switzerland AGKriessernstrasse 209462 MontlingenSwitzerland

    +41 71 7638811 +41 71 7638888

    info.switzerland@cht.com www.cht.com

    CHT Switzerland AG textile dyes deliver intense col-ours while saving precious resources

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    Interview with Ralf Kattanek, Managing Director of CHT Switzerland AG (formerly BEZEMA AG)

    and Vice President Textile of CHT Group

    Technical textiles are textiles

    that are used, for instance, in the

    automotive industry, explains

    Mr. Kattanek. They are used as

    insulating material or for interior

    decoration. We can supply all re-

    quired dyes and additives for such


    As a foundation, CHT has a long-

    term orientation with a strong

    focus on sustainable development

    and constant technological innova-

    tion. Sustainability and innovation

    are our main strengths, states Mr.

    Kattanek. In addition, we have

    a very solid financial background

    and excellent processing exper-

    tise. And we are very close to our

    customers and a highly reliable

    partner. As part of CHT Group,

    CHT Switzerland AG has internal-

    ized the Groups vision, strategy

    and customer philosophy. We are

    one company, a globally operat-

    ing group which continues to grow

    through further improvement of

    textile refinement and by develop-

    ing related market segments,

    concludes Mr. Kattanek.

    CHT Switzerland AGs customers come mainly from the global textile and garment industry

    CHT Switzerland AG and its parent company are strongly committed to Europe as a manufacturing location

    In briefCore CompetenceProduction of textile dyes and textile auxiliaries

    Facts & Figures Founded: 1971 Structure: 100% subsidiary of the CHT Group, Tbingen,

    Germany Employees: 200 (Group: 2,000) Turnover: 100 million CHF Export: 90% (Europe, Asia, South America)

    Products & Services Textile auxiliaries, textile dyes, textile care products

    Target Groups Textile and garment production, brands and retailers

    Fairs & ExhibitionsITMA, FESPA, Interdye, Techtextil


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