for dentistry yr 2 conducted by jonathan pradubsook medical resource librarian

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For Dentistry Yr 2 Conducted by Jonathan Pradubsook Medical Resource Librarian. Outline. What is EndNote ? EndNote Library Useful Features References Cite While You Write (CWYW) Useful Resources & Contact Info . Outline. What is EndNote ? EndNote Library Useful Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



For Dentistry Yr 2

Conducted by Jonathan PradubsookMedical Resource Librarian

11Outline2 What is EndNote? EndNote Library Useful Features References Cite While You Write (CWYW) Useful Resources & Contact Info Outline2What is EndNote? Introduction to EndNote Software & Hardware Requirements Steps to Install EndNote on Your PC/Laptop Comparison Between EndNote & EndNote WebWhat is EndNote?EndNote LibraryUseful Features ReferencesCite While You WriteUseful Resources & Contact Info 33Introduction to EndNoteA bibliographic management tool that:Stores and organizes citations found from many sources eg PubMed and databases subscribed the LibraryCite while you write in a Word document eg Microsoft Word, and Format your references according to a predefined citation style for your research papers e.g. British Medical Journal (Brit Med J)

4What is EndNote?4 Search and save References (eg PubMed, Web of Science)

5ImportExportCite While You Write(using eg Microsoft Word, Writer etc)

5Word Processor CompatibilityEndNote for Windows is compatible with:Microsoft Office Word 2003 or 2007 for Windows Open Document Format (ODT) documents created with Writer RTF files created with most word processors, including: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Writer, StarOffice, and WordPad

Comparison Between EN & ENW667EndNote X5 vs EndNote WebEndNote X5EndNote WebAdvantagesWork on references and cite independent of Web less processing timeWeb-based : longer processing & connection time Full install on computer. No expiry.Account expires if you leave NUSStores unlimited no. of referencesMax. 10,000 references onlyStore full-text (eg. PDF, sound files)Unable to store full-textDisadvantagesReferences stored on local computer. Needs to save and move references to another computer.Can work on references anywhere with Internet (renew account every 12 months via NUSNET)77EndNote WorkshopSoftware Requirements:Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows VistaMicrosoft Word 2003 or 2007 or 2010 [EndNote X4 compatible with updates available via ]NUS Software Catalogue

Hardware Requirements:Pentium 450 MHz or faster processor At least 180MB hard disk free spaceMinimum of 256 MB RAM

Software & Hardware Requirements

88Steps to Install EndNote X5 on PC/LaptopLogin to NUSNET on NUS campusIf you have not installed any software licensed to NUS before, click on to install the Software Catalogue Client 1.2In your PC, go to Start > All Programs > Software Catalogue > Click on Software Catalogue Client 1.2 A window opens, entitled Software Catalogue.On the left, under Software Category, click on Specialised ApplicationsClick on EndNote X5 to installSelect Typical installation

99Troubleshooting Hint:In case you encounter problem with installation, make sure no applications are running, including virus protection

EndNote WorkshopSteps to Install EndNote X5 on MacFollow the installation instructions in:

NUS Libraries EndNote Guide:

1010Troubleshooting Hint:In case you encounter problem with installation, make sure no applications are running, including virus protection

EndNote WorkshopEndNote LibraryWhat is EndNote? EndNote LibraryUseful Features References Cite While You Write Useful Resources & Contact Info Navigate around EndNote X5 Library Window Reference Window Groups Create an EndNote Library

1111 Launch EndNoteStart > Programs > EndNote > EndNote Program

To retrieve a sample libraryC:\Users\Public\Public Documents\EndNote\ExamplesNavigation around EndNote X5

1212A collection of references, each containing the information required to create a bibliographyNo limit to the number of references .ENL file EndNote library.DATA folder contains figures, groups and other significant files

Library Window

1313Sorting References Ascending and descending ordersPreview ReferencesTo see more detail about a reference, highlight the reference and view it in the Preview pane at the bottom of the Library window. (Hide Tab pane to disable preview pane)Only 1 reference is displayed in the preview pane at a time (if multiple references are selected, only the last reference is displayed)Navigation in Library Window 1414Reference WindowStores the information required to cite it in a bibliography, and other information (e.g. keywords, notes, abstract)Automatically assigned a unique record number pertaining to the library that cannot be changed48 different reference typesUp to 52 fields per referenceUp to 45 different files attach to a single referenceOnly 1 graphic or file in the Figure field

1515GroupsAllow up to 500 custom & smart groups to a libraryTypes of Groups:Automatic Groups Permanent(All References & Unfiled)Custom GroupsSmart GroupsCreate From Groups


16The first three groups are permanent; All References,displays all of the references in the library, Unfiled containsreferences that are not part of a custom group, and Trash containsreferences that have been deleted from the library but not yetpermanently eliminated.

Below the permanent groups, you can create group sets to organize up to 500 custom and smart groups in the library.

A custom group is built by specifically adding individual references to the group. A smart group is compiled automatically, and is based on a search strategyUseful FeaturesWhat is EndNote? EndNote LibraryUseful Features References Cite While You WriteUseful Resources & Contact Info Remove Duplicates Attach Files to References Transfer References from EndNote Web Backup Library171718Other Features

Remove Duplicates References > Find Duplicates Delete Unwanted References Select references, then, References > Move References to Trash Note: To delete References permanently, References > Empty Trash Attach Files (PDF, images, etc) to a referenceSelect a reference References > File Attachments > Attach File ...

Useful Features

181810 minsEndNote Workshop

Useful Features (continue)

19 Find Full-Text Highlight references you want to locate full-text Click References > select Find Full Text

1920Other Features

Backup Library Save the complete Library to a single compressed file (.enlx), including .DATA folder. To backup : File > Compressed Library >To decompress: File > Open > Open Library.

Useful Features (continue)

202010 minsEndNote Workshop21Other Features

Import References from PDFOn the menu bar, click on File > Import > File or Folder... A dialogue box Import File appears. Import File: Browse for the saved PDF file or folder, and Choose... Import Option: Select Other Filters. Look for PDF. Click Choose. Click Import. The references are now saved into the EndNote library, under the group Imported References.

Useful Features (continue)

212110 minsEndNote Workshop22

Create an EndNote Library

Click on File > New... to create a new EndNote library Enter a filename (.enl) Select location to save the library (eg Desktop) Click Save

222210 minsEndNote WorkshopReferencesWhat is EndNote? EndNote LibraryUseful FeaturesReferences Cite While You WriteUseful Resources & Contact Info EndNote Flowchart Direct Export Import Text File Online Search Manual Data Entry 2323EndNoteLibraryDirectExportManualData EntryOnlineSearchImportText FileCite While You WriteWord ProcessorINPORTEXPORT

EndNote Flowchart

2424Method 1: Direct Export - Search in databases and export citations Method 2: Import Text File Method 3: Online Search - Search LINC directly in EndNoteMethod 4: Manual Data Entry - Manually enter a ReferenceDifferent Methods to Import (Collect) References (Citations)25252510 minsEndNote WorkshopDifferent Methods to Import (Collect) References (Citations)26MethodDatabaseDirect Export [M1]SCOPUS, WOS, ERIC, *PubMedImport Text File [M2]LINC, PubMedOnline Search [M3]PubMedManual Data Entry [M4]Sources not in Databases262610 minsEndNote WorkshopDifferent Methods to Import (Collect) References (Citations)27Not sure which category your database falls into?EndNote LibGuide

272710 minsEndNote WorkshopMethod 1: Direct Export - Exercise28Method 1: Direct Export using PubMed FireFox At this point in time, Direct Export for PubMed can be done only using the browser FireFox

28Method 1: Direct Export - Exercise29Method 1: Direct Export 1. Select records, select Citation manager, then Create File

29Method 1: Direct Export - Exercise30Method 1: Direct Export 2. Select open with, browse and choose EndNote3. Click OK

30Method 1: Direct Export - Exercise31Method 1: Direct Export

4. When prompted to choose an import filter, type pub, then choose PubMed 3132Method 1: Direct Export

323210 minsEndNote Workshop33Method 1: Direct Export using SCOPUS

333310 minsEndNote Workshop34Method 1: Direct Export

343410 minsEndNote Workshop35Method 1: Direct Export

353510 minsEndNote Workshop36Method 1: Direct Export

363610 minsEndNote Workshop37Method 1: Direct Export

373710 minsEndNote WorkshopMethod 1: Direct Export - Exercise

38Method 1: Direct Export using Web of Science 38Method 1: Direct Export - Exercise39Method 1: Direct Export

39Method 1: Direct Export - Exercise40Method 1: Direct Export

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