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FOOD & DRINK Created by : Yusuf Al Ayubi (1171028) Dinda Rinegar (1171044) Kumala Sari (117953) Mohammad Romadhoni (1271152) Fatimatur Rizzah (117949)

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  • 1. FOOD & DRINK Created by : Yusuf Al Ayubi (1171028) Dinda Rinegar (1171044) Kumala Sari (117953) Mohammad Romadhoni (1271152) Fatimatur Rizzah (117949)

2. F O O D 3. Great moments in British food 1586 : Francis Drake brings the humble potato back from the Americans 1762 : John Montagu invents the sandwich 1847 : Joseph Fry mixes cocoa butter and cocoa powder and comes up with the chocolate bar 1861 : Mrs. Beetons Book of Household Management is published Boil your cabbage for 45 minutes she urged 4. 1890 : Frenchman Auguste Escoffier arriver to cook at the Savoy Hotel and introduces the bridge de cuisine system, a structure still used in all the top restaurants today 1950 : Elizabeth David writes A Book of Mediterranean Food, introducing olive oil, garlic and other treats to the British diet 1967 : The Roux broters open Le Gavroche; it became Britains first Michelin three-starred restaurant in 1982 2007 : Clare Smyth becomes the first (and only) female chef in Britain to run a restaurant with three Michelin stars (Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road) 5. FOODSTUFF SANDWICH VICTORIA SANDWICH 6. FIVE GREAT BRITISH CHEESES CAERPHILLY STILTON CROWDIE 7. THREE GREAT NORTHEN FOODS CUMBERLAND CUM BUTTER ECCLES CAKE 8. THREE GREAT EASTERN FOODS CROMER CRAB HASLET MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIE 9. Three Great South-western Foods CLOTTED CREAM COLSTON BUN 10. Three Great London Dishes of Yore Boodles orange fool London Particular 11. The Great Welsh Food Braised Faggot 12. Three Great Scottish Foods Mealie Pudding SCOTCH BROTH 13. THREE GREAT FOODS FROM NORTHEN IRELAND C H A M P D U L S E YELLOWMAN 14. FEAST FOODS Shrove Tuesday (40 days before Easter) Get out your frying pan and tuck into pancakes sprinkled with caster sugar and lemon. Mothering Sunday (4th Sunday in Lent) A day to indulge in simnel cake, a rich fruitcake with a layer of marzipan in the middle. In medieval times they ate a light biscuit-like bread that was boiled and then baked. Easter (March/April) Warm, delicately spiced hot cross buns at the breakfast table on Good Friday, and then lamb as the featured meat on Easter Sunday. Chocolate eggs and bunnies are given to children. Christmas Day (25th December) Serves up roast goose or turkey accompanied by bread sauce, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, gravy and vegetables (at least one should be Brussels sprouts, although they were recently voted the most hated vegetable in Britain). 15. BRITISH MEALTIMES Breakfast: taken between 7am and 9am during the working week Elevenses: 11am, a mid morning pick-me-up with coffee or tea and a biscuit Lunch (also called dinner in the north): snatched (more often than lingered over) sometime between noon and 1.30pm. On Sundays the traditional roast will replace the more common weekday snack Afternoon tea: not many people do it these days, but the 4pm tray of tea, dainty sandwiches, scones and cake was all the rage in high society up to the later 20th century Dinner (more likely to be called tea in the north): the main meal of the day usually happens between 6pm and 8pm. 16. MARKET FORCES: four London legends BILLINGSGATE BOROUGH 17. COVENT GARDEN SMITHFIELD MARKET 18. I N K R D 19. British And Their Drinks British drinking culture has always been led by beer. Ale has been plentiful (on tap you might say) for centuries, and the traditions of the pub have fostered its enduring popularity. 20. Bittersweet : A love affair with beer French Bred : Brits and their wine Still waters : Whisky Mellow fruitfulness : Cider and perry Stimulating stuff : Tea and coffee 21. QUEENS LANE COFFEE HOUSE MALT BARLEY 22. KIND OF ALES BITTER MILD 23. PORTER STOUT