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<ul><li> 1. Fonts UsedJaspreet Hanspal</li></ul> <p> 2. Font used for Title For the title sequence of our film, we opted for aclear, bold and readable font. We didnt want touse a classic font that is available on softwaresuch as Word, which is why we used a moreunique one to enhance the originality of our filmand pay close attention to detail in every aspect. We kept in mind that the font must be consistentthroughout the video. 3. Title 4. TitleWhilst editing our film, the font we used for the title was from a selection of fonts on Final Cut Pro. We got our font from here because we felt that there was a good and diverse range, and some fonts were very individual and original which is why we decided to choose BlairMdITC TT.This font was size 36, to enable easy and quick reading, and was aligned in the centre of the screen for a central focus.The screen the text would be on would be a solid black screen. 5. Credits We decided to also use the same font we used forthe title for the credits. We wanted to keep the font consistentthroughout the production with the exception ofthe very first frame which must be keptstandard. The size would be lower than 36, so that moretext is able to fit on the screen as credits areusually more lengthy. 6. 1st Frame: Details of Assignment 7. This frame will appear in the very beginning ofthe video. This frame is to inform the viewer of the peoplebehind the production. This is the only frame in which the font willappear standard. We used the font lucida grande which is a basicand classic font. We wanted to use this in thebeginning for a more professional feel and tomake it as clear and as readable as possible. Thefont is aligned to the left, as it is set out in listform and is kept in a very standard format. We also used size 24 font to make the font fit onthe screen and allow for maximum clarity. 8. Production Company 9. Production company For this frame we also used the same font we didfor the title, to keep the consistency of fonts for amore professional feel.</p>