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<p>FOLK MEDIA</p> <p>FOLK MEDIA MEDIA</p> <p>FOLK MEDIA</p> <p> PERSONAL FOLK MEDIAIMMEDIATE RAPPORTACCEPTED BY SOCIETY.LOCAL LANGUAGE, LOCAL TALENTSEASILY INTERPRETEDENTERTAINMENT ELEMNETPROMPT FEEDBACK TYPES OF FOLK MEDIADANDIYA</p> <p>(MIRRORS)(SHELLS)DANDIYA</p> <p>Swords of Goddess DurgaMock Fight between Durga and MahishaasurTribal AccessoriesDANDIYAStrength and the power of Goddess Durga.Only played by males for physical fitness and sword fighting.Women empowerment.Story spread like wildfire.</p> <p>BALE BALE!CHAK DE PHATTEY SHAVA SHAVA</p> <p>BHANGRA</p> <p>KEERTANA</p> <p>Praise of Lord Vishnu.Monoact.Spirtual teachings of Mythology.Theme songs and bhajans with dance.</p> <p>DEMOCRATIC VALUESEDUCATE PEOPLE</p> <p>Theatrical performance on Lord Krishna.Narad muni brainwashes Satyabhama against Krishna.Was at the end between Lord Krishna and Indra .Krishna won.Centuries ago, but still can connect to it.Destructive Consequences, negative emotions take over.Trust should be inherited. </p> <p>RAM, RAM JAI RAJA RAMRAM RAM JAI SITA RAM..</p> <p>RAMLILA</p> <p>Limited reach.Local language .Less investment.Some require extensive training.</p> <p>Rural development.Empowerment.Personal touch.Instant feedback.</p> <p>PROSCONS</p> <p>FOLK MEDIA</p> <p>THANKYOU</p>