florence nightingale the lady with the lamp. childhood she was born in florence, italy in 1820 she...

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Florence Nighting ale The Lady with the Lamp

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Florence Nightingale The Lady with the Lamp Slide 2 Childhood She was born in Florence, Italy in 1820 She loved her dolls Slide 3 Family Her family was very rich Slide 4 Caring She first helped a dog with a broken leg. She began to help at hospitals Slide 5 Hospitals in 1830s Often, people who went into hospital died They were dirty Badly run Nurses were not trained. Slide 6 Florence Nightingale Her parents were very rich and therefore.. They did not want her to become a nurse. Slide 7 Hard Work She studied medicine books herself for many years. She was 30 when her parents let her go to Germany and Paris to study nursing Slide 8 Crimean War 1853-1856 War between Russia v Turkey (Britain and France) The hospitals had terrible conditions. Most soldiers died from disease Slide 9 She started to work Used the correct medicine Washed the bedclothes Made the men comfortable Slide 10 At night she carried a lamp, so she was called The Lady with the Lamp The soldiers kissed her shadow. Slide 11 They began to get better. Sitting up, getting cheerful and happier! Slide 12 Letter from Queen Victoria Thanking Miss Nightingale and her ladies for all their hard work Slide 13 Florence Nightingale was the founder of a nursing school in London. Nurses all over the world now follow this example. Slide 14 Florence Nightingale She died in 1910, aged 90 Slide 15 Her picture was on our British 10 note Slide 16 She was famous all over the world She changed hospitals all over the world There is a museum in London which celebrates her life and work Slide 17