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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>BHM </p><p>BHM 2015 ADMISSIONS SEMESTER V ONWARDS /BHM 2016 SEMESTER III ONWARDS/BHM 2017/BHM 2017 </p><p>SEMESTER I ONWARDS. PASSED IN ACADEMIC COUNCIL MEETING OF 2017 </p><p> Course Course Name </p><p> Code </p><p> FIRST SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UHM101 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4 4 </p><p>2 UCA101 Fundamentals of Computers and Information </p><p>3 </p><p>3 Technology </p><p>3 UEN004 Practical Communicative English - I 2 1 </p><p>4 UHM104 Fundamentals of Management 4 4 </p><p>5 UHM105 Basics of Housekeeping 3 3 </p><p>6 UHM106 Basics of Front office 3 3 </p><p>7 UHM105L Basics of Housekeeping Lab. 2 1 </p><p>8 UHM106L Basics of Front office Lab. 2 1 </p><p>9 Seminar &amp; Presentation-I 3 </p><p> Total 19 4 23 </p><p> SECOND SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UEN005 Practical Communicative English - II 2 1 </p><p>2 UHM202 Basics of Food &amp; Beverage (Service) 2 2 </p><p>3 UHM203 Basics of Food &amp; Beverage (Production) 3 3 </p><p>4 UHM204 Housekeeping -1 3 3 </p><p>5 UHM205 Front office -1 2 2 </p><p>6 UHM206 Financial &amp; Hotel Accounting 3 3 </p><p>7 UHM202L Basics of Food &amp; Beverage (Service) Lab 4 2 </p><p>8 UHM203L Basics of Food &amp; Beverage (Production) Lab 4 2 </p><p>9 UHM204L Housekeeping -1(Lab) 2 1 </p><p>10 UHM205L Front office -1 (Lab) 2 1 </p><p>11 Seminar &amp; Presentation-II 3 </p><p> Total 15 12 23 </p><p> THIRD SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UBA309 Research Methodology 2 2 </p><p>2 UHM302 Food Science &amp; Nutrition 2 2 </p><p>3 UHM303 Food &amp; Beverage Production -1 2 2 </p><p>4 UHM304 Food &amp; Beverage Service -1 2 2 </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>5 UHM305 Advanced Front office Management 3 3 </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p> 6 UHM306 Advanced Housekeeping Management 2 2 </p><p> 7 UHM303L Food &amp; Beverage Production -1 Lab. 4 2 </p><p> 8 UHM304L Food &amp; Beverage Service -1 Lab. 4 2 </p><p> 9 UHM305L Advanced Front office Management Lab. 2 1 </p><p> 10 UHM306L Advanced Housekeeping Management Lab. 2 1 </p><p> 11 UEN006 Practical Communicative English - III 2 1 </p><p> Seminar and Presentation-III </p><p> 3 </p><p> Total 15 12 23 </p><p> FOURTH SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p> Industrial Training in Food and Beverage Service </p><p>1 UHM401 (Banqueting Services) Food Production Techniques </p><p>(Multi Cuisines) , Housekeeping, Front office, H.R, </p><p> Sales&amp; Marketing </p><p> Report 16 </p><p> Viva-Voce 4 </p><p> Seminar Presentation-IV 3 </p><p> Total 23 </p><p> FIFTH SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UHM501 Hotel laws 3 3 </p><p>2 UHM502 Hotel Safety &amp; Security 3 3 </p><p>3 UHM503 Tourism Business &amp; Hotel Industry 3 3 </p><p>4 UHM504 Advance Food &amp; Beverage Production </p><p>3 </p><p>3 Management </p><p>5 UHM505 Advance Food &amp; Beverage Service Management 3 3 </p><p>6 UEN007 Practical Communicative English - IV 2 1 </p><p>7 UHM505L Advance Food &amp; Beverage Production </p><p>4 2 Management Lab. </p><p>8 UHM506L Advance Food &amp; Beverage Service Management </p><p>4 2 Lab. </p><p> Seminar &amp; Presentation-V 3 </p><p> Total 20 8 23 </p><p> SIXTH SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UHM601 Hotel Engineering 3 3 </p><p>2 UHM602 Hospitality Sales &amp; Marketing 3 3 </p></li><li><p>4 </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>3 UHM603 Human Resource Management in Hotels 3 3 </p><p>4 UHM604 Economics For Hospitality and Tourism 3 3 </p><p>5 UHM605 Rooms Division Management 4 4 </p><p>6 UEN008 Practical Communicative English - V 2 1 </p><p>7 UCH005 Environmental Studies 3 3 </p><p>8 Seminar &amp; Presentation 03 </p><p> 21 23 </p><p> SEVENTH SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 On The Job Internship/Training 23 </p><p> Total 23 </p><p> EIGHT SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 On The Job Internship/Training 23 </p><p> Total 23 </p><p> Total = 184 </p><p> Credits </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p> Course Course Name </p><p>Code </p><p> FIRST SEMESTER L P Credits </p><p>1 UHM101 Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4 4 </p><p>2 UCA101 Fundamentals of Computers and Information </p><p>3 </p><p>3 Technology </p><p>3 UEN004 Practical Communicative English - I 2 1 </p><p>4 UHM104 Fundamentals of Management 4 4 </p><p>5 UHM105 Basics of Housekeeping 3 3 </p><p>6 UHM106 Basics of Front office 3 3 </p><p>7 UHM105L Basics of Housekeeping Lab. 2 1 </p><p>8 UHM106L Basics of Front office Lab. 2 1 </p><p>9 Seminar &amp; Presentation-I 3 </p><p> Total 19 4 23 </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>1 UHM101Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4 4 UNIT-I Hospitality Industry- An introduction Concept, origin and growth overtime, scope, current and future trends and developments in Industry, Hospitality industry &amp; linkages with other industries, role in global and Indian economy. External environment and hospitality industry, Major hotel chains of India. UNIT-II Hospitality Sectors Accommodation: concept and types; Food &amp; Beverage; Tourism- concept, types; Transportation: air, water &amp; land; Attraction, Recreation, Events and others. UNIT-III Hospitality Distribution Channels: Meaning &amp; definition, Functions &amp; levels of distribution channels, Major hospitality distribution channels - Travel agents, Tour operators, Consortia and reservation system, Global Distribution System (GDS), Internet. UNIT-IV Ownership structure and Hotel Organization </p><p>A) Organization structure &amp; Departments in hotels, Front office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage (service &amp; production), Engineering &amp; Maintenance, Security, Human Resource dept., </p><p> John R.Walker- University of South Florida - Introduction to Hospitality-</p><p>Publisher: Prentice Hall.</p><p> Yogender K. Sharma -Hotel Management-Educational &amp; Environmental Aspects- Publisher: (Tata McGraw Hill).</p><p> Kasavana &amp; Brooks- Managing Front Office Operations Sudhir Andrews- Housekeeping Training Manual-Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Sudhir Andrews- Food &amp; Beverage Training Manual -Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Sudhir Andrews- Introduction to Tourism &amp; Hospitality Industry-Publisher: Tata </p><p>McGraw Hill</p><p> Joan C Branson &amp; Margaret Lennox- Hotel, Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping Harold E. Lane, Denise Dupr- Hospitality World!: An Introduction-Publisher: Wiley </p><p>International</p><p> Mohinder Chand- Managing Hospitality Operations-Publisher: Anmol Publications New Delhi.</p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>UCA101 Fundamentals of Computers and Information Technology 3 3 </p><p>Unit-I Introduction to Computer:-Definition, Characteristics.. Generation of Computers, Capabilities and Limitations. Introduction to Operating System. Concept of Bios, Booting </p><p>Files. Basic Components of a Computer System-Control Unit, ALU, Input/output </p><p>functions and characteristics. Memory Introduction, Classifications- Volatile Memory and </p><p>Non- Volatile , Flash Memory, ROM, RAM, EPROM, PROM, EEPROM other types of </p><p>memory. Unit-II </p><p>Input, Output and storage Units:-Computer Keyboard, Pointing Devices: Mouse, </p><p>Trackball, Touch Panel, and Joystick, Light Pen, Scanners, Various types of Monitors, </p><p>Touch-sensitive screens, Optical Recognition System, Pen based systems, Digitizers, MICR, OCR, OMR, Bar-code Reader, digital camera. </p><p>Hard Copy Devices:- Impact and Non- Impact Printers- Daisy Wheel, Dot Matrix, Line </p><p>Printer, Chain Printer, Comb Printers, Non Impact Printers- DeskJet, Laser Printer, </p><p>Thermal Transfer Printer, Barcode Printers, Electro static printers and plotters. </p><p>Unit-III </p><p>High Level Language and Low Level Language, Software and its different types-System </p><p>Software, Application software. Hardware , Firmware, , Compiler, Interpreter and </p><p>Assembler. File Allocation Table ( FAT , FAT 32 &amp; NTFS). Introduction to algorithm and </p><p>Flow chart: - Representation of an algorithm, flowchart symbols and levels of flow chart, </p><p>rules, advantage and limitations of flowchart and pseudo code. Unit-IV </p><p>Testing and Debugging:-Definition of testing and debugging , types of program errors, </p><p>testing of programs, debugging a program for syntax and logical errors, difference </p><p>between testing and debugging. Booting process details of Dos and Windows:- DOS </p><p>system files , Internal and External Commands , Difference between External and </p><p>Internal Commands. Internal Commands:- MD, CD, RD, COPY CON, TYPE, DATE &amp; </p><p>TIME, VOLUME VERSION, REN, PROMPT, CLS, DIR/P/W, COPY , DEL Etc. External </p><p>commands:-FORMAT , DISKCOPY, DISKCOMP, XCOPY, CHKDISK, SCANDISK, HELP, DEBUG, PRINT etc. Suggested Readings/ Books: </p><p>1. P.K. Sinha (2006). Computer Fundamentals. </p><p>Naveen Prakash (2009). Introduction to Database Management </p></li><li><p>9 </p><p>UEN004 Practical Communicative English - I 2 1 </p><p>Following will be the mode in which the subject Practical English Communication will be </p><p>implemented from Aug 2015 onwards for all our semesters of all courses at IIU except </p><p>M.Phil &amp; PhD as a subject. Each class will have 30-35 students only (sometime made by </p><p>combining classes of lower strength) </p><p>Name: </p><p>Practical English Communication </p><p>SUbject Code:----- </p><p> Periods: 2 </p><p>Rationale: The full two semesters will be spent on the following practice: loud Reading, Paying attention, correcting own mistakes and others mistakes, Tongue rolling, mindset change. The rationale for doing above is based on the importance of removing the initial hesitation and this can be done by </p><p>making them read aloud through Home preparation (newspaper Reading, Magazine reading etc..). The </p><p>faculty will maintain strict discipline and marks will be awarded for the students for the same. Good use </p><p>of ICT be made so that audio and video recording can be shown for better pick-up. </p><p>There will be a video taken of each individual student in first few classes when he reads. </p><p>Evaluation: Evaluation will be done in the following manner: </p><p>50% marks on Attendance </p><p>(a) 50% marks on video and performance level The class teacher is solely responsible for the improvement of the students and their evaluation. Each </p><p>Dean will monitor the same. A proper feedback of each class be made a practice so that necessary </p><p>corrections or modifications can be made as we go along. This practice session may become our USP </p><p>because English is a concern area for all students of IIU. </p><p>1. Reading: 1st</p><p> &amp; 2nd</p><p> Sem </p><p>(a) Pronunciation (b) Pause (c) Diction </p></li><li><p>10 </p><p>(d) Voice modulation etc. </p></li><li><p>11 </p><p>UHM104 Fundamentals of Management 4 4 </p><p>Unit I </p><p>Definition of Management Science or Art Management and </p><p>Administration Development of Management Thought Contribution of </p><p>Taylor and Fayol Functions of Management Types of Business </p><p>Organisation. </p><p>PLANNING -Nature &amp; Purpose Steps involved in Planning Objectives </p><p>Setting Objectives Process of Managing by Objectives Strategies, </p><p>Policies &amp; Planning Premises- Forecasting Decision-making </p><p>Unit II </p><p>ORGANISING -Nature and Purpose Formal and informal organization </p><p>Organization Chart Structure and Process Departmentation by difference </p><p>strategies Line and Staff authority Benefits and Limitations De-</p><p>Centralization and Delegation of Authority Staffing Selection Process - </p><p>Techniques HRD Managerial Effectiveness </p><p>Unit III </p><p>DIRECTING -Scope Human Factors Creativity and Innovation </p><p>Harmonizing Objectives Leadership Types of Leadership Motivation </p><p>Hierarchy of needs Motivation theories Motivational Techniques Job </p><p>Enrichment Communication Process of Communication Barriers and </p><p>Breakdown Effective Communication Electronic media in </p><p>Communication. </p><p>Unit IV </p><p>CONTROLLING -System and process of Controlling Requirements for </p><p>effective control The Budget as Control Technique Information </p><p>Technology in Controlling .. Suggested Readings/ Books: </p><p>1. Harold Kooritz &amp; Heinz Weihrich (1998). Essentials of Management, Tata </p><p>McGraw Hill. 2. Joseph L Massie (2003). Essentials of Management, Prentice Hall of India </p></li><li><p>12 </p></li><li><p>13 </p><p>UHM105 Basics of Housekeeping 3 3 UNIT 1- Introduction- Housekeeping Department Meaning, definition and importance of Housekeeping department Layout of Housekeeping Department Organisational structure of Housekeeping department (Large/medium/small Hotel) Functions/ responsibilities of Housekeeping department Coordination of Housekeeping Department with others Department in Hotel. UNIT-II -Staffing Attributes and qualities of Housekeeping staff Job description and job specification of Housekeeping staff Staffing of housekeeping staff Contract housekeeping Importance of housekeeping department in hospitals, hostels and other industries. UNIT-III Guest Room &amp; Amenities Types of guest rooms Features of typical guest room Public areas- meaning and introduction of all public areas of hotel Guest amenities/ supplies of guest room and bathroom. </p><p>UNIT-1V Introduction of cleaning and cleaning equipments Types of cleaning equipments, selection, and storage Common cleaning agents, selection, general principles Polishes, use, care, storage, distribution and control Principles of cleaning, hygiene, safety factors in cleaning Types of cleaning- daily, weekly, spring and deep cleaning REFRENCES: </p><p> Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping by Joan C Branson &amp; Margaret Lennox, ELBS with Hodder &amp; Stoughten Ltd.</p><p> Hotel House Keeping A Training Mannual by Sudhir Andrews, Tata McGraw Hill publishing company limited New Delhi.</p><p> Hotel Housekeeping Operations &amp; Management by Raghubalan, Oxford University Press. House Keeping Management by Matt A. Casado; Wiley Publications Management of Hotel &amp; Motel Security (Occupational Safety and Health) by H. Burstein, CRC Publisher. Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (II Edn.) by Robert J. Martin &amp; Thomas J.A. Jones, </p><p>Wiley Publications</p><p> Safety and Security for Woman Who Travel By Sheila Swan &amp; Peter Laufer Publisher: TravelersTales</p><p> Security Operations By Robert Mc Crie, Publisher: Butterworth- Heinemann The Professional Housekeeper by Tucker Schneider, Wiley Publications Professional management of Housekeeping by Manoj Madhukar, Rajat Publications</p></li><li><p>14 </p><p>UHM106 Basics of Front office 3 3 UNIT-I Front Office- Introduction </p><p>Front office, introduction its importance in hotels Layout of the front office Different section of the Front Office and their importance - Reservation, Reception, Concierge, Bell desk, Lobby, Telephones, Cashier UNIT-II Classification of Hotels Hotels and their classifications Star classification; Classification based on size, clientele, Location, Ownership, </p><p>Independent, Management Contracted Hotels, Major Chains in India&amp; Time Share </p><p>&amp; Condominium </p><p>UNIT-III Front Office Staff&amp; Types of Rooms Front Office Department Hierarchy chart: Small, Medium and Large Hotels Job Description, Job Specification &amp; Duties and Responsibilities of different front office personnel including Attributes of front office employee. Types of Rooms: - Single ,Double, Twin, Suites UNIT- IV Guest Cycle The Guest cycle - Pre-Arrival, Arrival, Occupancy, Departure Guest History Maintenances &amp;Importance, Coordination of Front Office with others </p><p>departments of Hotels. </p><p>REFRENCES: Front Office Training manual Sudhir Andrews. Publisher: Tata Mac Graw Hill Managing Front Office Operations Kasavana &amp; Brooks Educational Institution AHMA Front Office operations and management Ahmed Ismail (Thomson Delmar). Managing Computers in Hospitality Industry Michael Kasavana &amp; Cahell. Front Office Operations Colin Dix &amp; Chris Baird. Front office Operation Management- S.K Bhatnagar, Publisher: Frank Brothers Managing Front Office Operations By Kasavana &amp; Brooks Principles of Hotel Front Office Operations, Sue Baker &amp; Jermy Huyton, Continum Ch...</p></li></ul>