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Finnish Museums Association | Suomen museoliitto | Finlands museifrbund |


  • 1.The Finnish Museums Association

2. The Finnish Museums Association Founded in 1923 (90th anniversary 2013) Association for organisational members only Associated Members comprise every professional museum in Finland (approx. 165 museums) Support member: organizations who wants to support the development of Finnish museums and the Finnish Museums Association Private organisation, but works closely with the state Chairman of the board (2013->) is the vice chairman of the Finnish parliament Pekka Ravi 3. FINNISH MUSEUMS ASSOCIATIONS SERVICES LOBBYING SERVICES S U P P O R T S E R V I C E STRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES TRAINING AND EDUCATIONNATIONALCOMMUNICATION SERVICES INTERNAL (members)DEVELOPMENT PROJECTSMANAGEMENTECONOMYADMINISTRATION OFFICEINTERNATIONALSALES MARKETINGSTAFFeTRAINING CONSLUTANCY/ MENTORINGEXTERNAL (public, politicians, museum customers 4. Key figures of FMA Annual budget 1.5 million euros project revenue (EU projects, national projects): 800 000 euros training participation fees and other sales: 300 000 euros annual grant from the state: 250 000 euros membership fees:150 000 euros 5. Key figures of FMA 15 employees 2.5 people work in support services (Secretary General, Co-operation Coordinator, Finance Assistant) 1 in lobbying services (Secretary General, Communications Manager) 1.5 in communications services (Communications Manager, Information Officer) 10 in training and development services (Education Manager, Education Officer, Project Manager, Project Coordinators, IT specialists, Assistant) 6. Mission and vision Mission: To help museums succeed. Vision 2023: By the time the Finnish Museum Association turns 100 years in 2023, it will be the forerunner in the field of lobbying and development in the European museum sector. 7. Lobbying services Through its lobbying services, the Finnish Museums Association influences the environment in such a way that museums flourish and develop their own work proactively. The Finnish Museums Association represents its members and takes care of their interests: In the field of national and international laws and regulations In relation to national and international financial questions In the preparation of all kinds of systems and practices for the whole museum field In international organisations 8. Education and training services Through its education and training services, the Finnish Museums Association maintains the professional skills of museum staff and expands their knowledge of new opportunities.The Finnish Museums Associations education and training services include: training sessions, online training and education programmes * maintenance of skills (Advanced) * the extension of knowledge (Education) individual training or consultation for a museum or group of museums arranging training facilities (training partner is responsible for the content) research and publications development projects advisory services 9. Communication services Through its communication services, the Finnish Museums Association builds the museum image and brand, enhances museum awareness, disseminates the latest information for museum use, and draws attention to important museum issues in the public debate. Tools: Print: The Museum Journal, brochures, museum listings Websites: and portals: and Julius newsletter Mailing list and Exhibition mailing list Mobile devices and social media: Exhibition and events calendar Blog, Facebook, Twitter Media co-operation: articles, press releases, public debate Promotions: Museum week, International Museum Day, Museum week for schools, fairs (travel fairs, book fairs) Campaigns: Propaganda project; Museum wonders; Museum card 10. Support services Through its support services, the Finnish Museums Association takes care of the administration, economy and daily work of the office: Management and leadership IT and other systems Marketing and sales Library 11. Strategy 2013-2017 By 2017 our Lobbying services will carry the most weight with public opinion our Communications services will be the mouthpiece for those who are interested in museum affairs our Training and education services will be the source of the latest knowhow our Support services will see to it that our Association provides a highly efficient and smooth-running workplace 12. Current development projects Museum 2015: unify the processes related to the museum's collection management The Learning Museum Network Project (LEM): networking between museums interested in museum pedagogy Creative blended mentoring for cultural managers (CREA.M): mentoring Art to internet interfaces: copyrights of art in museums collections The impact of museums on the economy Museum and cultural tourism Museum without walls: mobile routes


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