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  • 1.ART HISTORY REVIEW 3By Meghan Gallagher

2. PILGRIMAGE TO CYTHERA Name: Watteau Rococo Art 3. GRANDE ODALISQUE Name: Ingres Romanticism 4. THE GLEANERS Name: Millet 19th Century Realism 5. PAULINE BORGHESE AND VENUSVICTRIX Name: Canova Neoclassicism 6. GOD CREATING THE UNIVERSE Name: Blake Romantisism 7. THIRD-CLASS CARRIAGE Name: Daumier 19th Century Realism 8. MARRIAGE A LA MODE II Name: William Hogarth Rococo Art 9. NOCTURNE IN BLACK AND GOLD Name: Whistler Aestheticism 10. BEDROOM AT ARLES Name: Van Gogh Romanticizing Postimperssionists 11. MOUNT SAINTE VICTOIRE Name: Cezanne Classicizing Postimpressionists 12. PAIRS OPERA Name: Paxton 19th Century European Architecture 13. ZOLA Name: Manet Impressionism 14. THE SCREAM Name: Munch The Symbolist Movment 15. MOULIN DE LA GALETTE Name: Renoir Impressionism 16. THE KISS Name: Klimt The Symbolist Movment 17. THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA Name: Gericault Romanticism 18. THE HORSE FAIR Name: Bonheur 19th Century Realism 19. TWO MEN CONTEMPLATING THE MOON Name: Friedrich Romanticism 20. STONE BREAKERS Name: Courbet 19th Century Realism 21. SUNDAY AFTERNOON ON THE ISLAND OF LA GRANDE JATTE Name: Seurat Classizising 22. THE BOATING PARTY Name: Cassatt Impressionism 23. THE GROSS CLINIC Name: Eakins 19th Century Realism 24. MONTICELLO Name: Jefferson Neoclassicism 25. AN EXPERIMENT ON A BIRD WITH AN AIR PUMP Name: Wright Rococo Art 26. THE SWING Name: Fragonard Rococo Art 27. THE OATH OF THE HORATII Name: David Neoclassicism 28. WOMEN OF ALGIERS Name: Delacroix Romanticism 29. SALISBURY CATHEDRAL FROMTHE BISHOPS GARDEN Name: Constable Romanticism 30. NADAR ELEVATING PHOTOGRAPHY TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT Name: Daumier 19th Century realism 31. ABSINTHE Name: Degas Impressionism 32. DEATH OF SARDANAPALUS Name: Delacroix Romanticism 33. TWICKENHAM Name: Walpole Rococo Art 34. AT THE RACES Name: Degas Impressionism 35. THE THINKER Name: Rodin Impressionism 36. ARRANGMENT IN BLACK AND GREY Name: Mcneill Aestheticism 37. SELF-PORTRAIT WITH HALO Name: Gauguin Romanticizing Postimpressionists 38. MARIE ANTOINETTE AND HER CHILDREN Name: Vigee-Lebrun Rococo Art 39. THE DEATH OF MARAT Name: David Neoclassicism 40. EUROPE A PROPHECY Name: Blake Romanticism 41. THE ARTISTS STUDIO: A REAL ALLEGORY Name: Courbet 19th Century Realism 42. STRWBERRY HILL Name: Walpole Rococo 43. THE PIGHTING TEMERAIRE Name: Turner Romanticism 44. EXECUTIONS OF MAY THIRD Name: Goya Romanticism 45. VIEW FROM WINDOW AT GRAS Name: Niepce 19th Century Realism 46. OLYMPIA Name: Manet 19th Century Realism 47. SALOME WITH THE HEAD OFJOHN THE BAPTIST Name: Beardsley Aestheticism 48. IMPRESSION SUNRISE Name: Monet Impressionism 49. GALLOPING HORSE Name: Muybridge 19th Century Realism 50. TERRACE AT SAINTE Name: Monet Impressionism 51. THE BURNING OF THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT Name: Turner Romanticism 52. JOHN RUSKIN Name: Millais 19th Century Realism 53. BAR AT THE POLIES-BERGERE Name: Manet impressionism 54. STARRY NIGHT Name: Gogh Romanticizing Postimpressionists 55. TERMS 56. describe an art movement founded by GeorgesSeurat. 57. NEOIMPRESSIONISM 58. is an international philosophy[2] and style of art,architecture and applied artespecially thedecorative artsthat were most popular during18901910. 59. ART NOUVEAU 60. is an element of a pattern, an image or part of one,or a theme. 61. MOTIF 62. is a Western art movement that borrows visual formsfrom non-Western or prehistoric peoples 63. PRIMITIVISM 64. Color that has no realistic or natural relation to theobject that is depicted, as in a blue horse, or a purplecow, but which may have emotional or expressivesignificance. 65. ACTIVATEDBRUSHWORK 66. where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing,mining, transportation, and technology had aprofound effect on the social, economic and culturalconditions of the times. 67. POSITIVISM 68. the practice of assembling components of a structure in a factory or other manufacturing site, 69. PRE FABRICATION 70. is the applied use of symbols. It is a representationthat carries a particular meaning 71. SYMBOLISM 72. typically refers to a post-traditional, post-medieval historical period 73. MONDERNITY 74. To have a fascination with the japanese culture 75. JAPONISME 76. was the leading English art critic of the Victorian era,also an art patron, draughtsman, water colorist, aprominent social thinker and philanthropist. 77. JOHN RUSKIN 78. was a group of English painters, poets, and critics 79. PRE-RAPHAELITE 80. a method for printing using a stone 81. LITHOGRAPH 82. a style of painting and sculpture produced under theinfluence of European academies of art. 83. ACADEMIC REALISM 84. is the discipline that deals with the nature of theUniverse as a whole 85. COSMOLOGY 86. a paranormal double of a living person, typicallyrepresenting evil or misfortune. 87. DOPPELGANGER 88. a trend in art and design, influenced by some ethnicgroups or civilizations since the late 19th-century 89. EXOTICISM 90. followed the standards of proper proportion andperspective, and realistic depictions with an air ofdignity and allure. 91. ODALISQUE 92. the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits. 93. BOHEMIANISM 94. was an artistic, literary and intellectual movement thatoriginated in the second half of the 18th century inEurope, and gained strength in reaction to theIndustrial Revolution. 95. ROMANTICISM 96. a genre in painting defined by subject matter ratherthan an artistic style 97. HISTORY PAINTING 98. draw inspiration from the "classical" art and cultureof Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. 99. NEOCLASSICISM 100. were a group of 18th-century writers in France who compiled and wrote the Encyclopdie, Empiricism 101. ENCYCLOPEDISTE 102. was an elite cultural movement of intellectuals in 18thcentury Europe that sought to mobilize the power ofreason in order to reform society and advance knowledge. 103. ENLIGHTENMENT 104. refers to buildings in a style inspired by Palladiosown work 105. PALLADIAN STYLE 106. the borrowing of a variety of styles from differentsources and combining them 107. ECLECTICISM 108. French term referring to some of the celebrated pursuits of the idle, rich aristocrats in the 18th century 109. FETES GALANTES 110. style which developed as Baroque artists gave uptheir symmetry and became increasingly ornate,florid, and playful. 111. ROCOCO 112. classify architecture in terms of, materials, timeperiod, region, etc 113. REVIVAL STYLES 114. a French philosopher, art critic, and writer. He was aprominent person during the Enlightenment and isbest known for serving as co-founder and chiefeditor of and contributor to the Encyclopdie. 115. DENIS DIDEROT 116. a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledgecomes only or primarily via sensory 117. EMPIRICISM 118. technique where the paint is laid very thick on thepainting surface 119. IMPASTOBRUSHWORK 120. Both were buried from mnt. Vernon 121. POMPEII ANDHERCULANEUM 122. italian architect and artist. His etchings of Rome andits ruins contributed to the revival of neoclassicism. 123. PIRANESI 124. POMPEII ANDHERCULANEUM 125. Both were buried from mnt. Vernon 126. POMPEII ANDHERCULANEUM 127. Both were buried from mnt. Vernon 128. POMPEII ANDHERCULANEUM