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  • Fifty-First Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the Historyof Civilization (To End of July 1937--With Special Reference to Mechanics, Astronomy andPhysics)Author(s): George Sarton and Frances SiegelSource: Isis, Vol. 28, No. 1 (Feb., 1938), pp. 155-316Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of The History of Science SocietyStable URL: .Accessed: 16/06/2014 14:12

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  • Fifty-first Critical Bibliography of the

    History and Philosophy of Science and of the History

    of Civilization

    (to end of July 1937-with special reference to mechanics, astronomy and physics)

    This fifty-first Bibliography contains about 945 items of which 64 deal with mechanics, astronomy and physics. They have been kindly contributed by the fourteen following scholars belonging to six different countries: C. W. ADAMS (Hertford, England) L. LERoux (Paris) M. F. ASHLEY-MONTAGU (New York.) J. PELSENEER (Brussels) T. L. DAVIS (Cambridge, Mass.) A. PoGo (Washington, D.C.) M. GRAvEs (Washington, D.C.) H. RENAUD (Rabat, Morocco) L. GuiNrr (Brussels) G. SARTON (Cambr., Mass.) C. A. KoFoID (Berkeley, Cal.) P. SERGESCU (Cluj) C. D. LEAKE (San Francisco) E. WICKERSHEIMER (Strasbourg).

    This Bibliography includes as usual a series of addenda and errata to SARTON'S Introduction to the History of Science, vols. i and 2 (Baltimore and London, I927 and I93I). Its purpose and methods have been explained in the preface to the 38th Critical Bibliography (Isis 20, 506-o8).

    I have in my drawers a large number of notes which I will be glad to publish as soon as I have been able to check them upon the originals.

    I entreat the authors of relevant books and papers to send me copies of them as promptly as possible in order that their studies may be registered in this bibliography and eventually reviewed and discussed. By so doing they will not simply help me and every other historian of science but they will help themselves in the best manner, for they will obtain for their work the most valuable publicity and its certain incorporation into the literature of the subject.

    Many of the notes were checked and the final manuscript and proofs of this Critical Bibliography were kindly read by Dr. M. C. WELBORN.

    Harvard Library, i 85 GEORGE SARTON. Cambridge, Mass. August 13, 1937.

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  • 156 vth TO ivth CENT. B. C.

    PART I


    Vth Century B.C.

    Bidez, J. A propos des " Perses " d'ESCHYLE. Bulletin de l'Academie royale de Belgique (classe des lettres), seance publique du 5 mai 1937, P. 206-35. ISIS

    Democritos. Fragments and testimonials of antiquity. Edited, with commentaries, by G. K. BAMMEL. 382 P. Moscow, OGIZ, 1935 (in Russian). Isis

    Reviewed by A. P., Isis 26, 456-57, 1937.

    Nilsson, Martin P. Reflexe von dem Durchbruch des Individualismus in der griechischen Religion um die Wende des 5. und 4. Jhts. v. Chr. Melanges Franz Cumont, 365-72, 1936. ISIS

    Schlichting, Th. H. De hippocratische behandeling van inwendige ziekten. Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis der geneeskunde 17, 73-8I, 1937.


    IVth Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Places, Edouard des. PLATON et l'astronomie chaldeenne. Melanges Franz Cumont, p. 129-42, 1936. IsIs

    "Apres avoir rappe16 les predispositions de PLATON i une influence orientale, puis suivi les traces de cette influence dans son ceuvre et montre, de ce point de vue, l'unite de sa pensee, nous nous sommnes trouve en presence d'un document qui se donne pour le testament spirituel du chef de I'Academie et qui, en meme temps, est une. profession de foi en la religion astrale. Si l'Epinomis n'est pas de PLATON, la question posee dans cet article, celle des rapports de PLATON avec 1'astrolftrie chaldeenne, n'admet qu'une reponse hypothetique. Nous avons, au contraire, essays detablir que la theologie siderale de l'Epinomis prolonge 1'evolution attestee par les Lois, et que, si l'authenticite du dialogue apparait d'ailleurs soutenable, ce dialogue constitue le plus clair temoignage de l'influence que la religion des Chald6ens a pu exercer sur les dernieres annees de PLATON."

    Thieme, Paul. Panini and the Veda studies in the early history

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  • ivth (2) TO iiird CENT. B. C. 157

    of linguistic science in India. XV+132 p. Allahabad, Globe Press, 1935. IsIS

    Elaborate review by L. RENOU, Journal asiatique 2z8, 333-40, I936 (received May I937).

    IVth Century B.C. (second half)

    Einarson, Benedict. ARISTOTLE's Protrepticss and the structure of the Epinomis. Transactions of the American philological association 67, 26I-85, 1936. ISIS

    " The Epinomis is a discussion of the content of ao#&'a resembling the second part of the protreptic in PLATo's Euthydems and the plan laid down in the first book of ARIsToTLE's Metaphysics. With the help of the polemic aganst IsoCRATas contained in the Protrepticus of ARISTOTLE and Metaphysics A and its reflection in the Epinomis it is shown that the Protrepticus and probably the Hlep' OLAoao#'av of ARISTOTLE influenced the Epinomis in its formulation and treatment of the problem discussed. The result is an elucidation of heretofore obscure passages in the Epinomis and new evidence for its unauthenticity."

    Keyser, Cassius Jackson. The role of infinity in the cosmology of EPICURUS. Scripta mathematica 4, 221-40, 2 P1., 1937. Isis

    Senn, G. Die Entwicklung der biologischen Forschungsmethode in der Antike und ihre grundsatzliche F6rderung durch THEOPHRAST VON EREsos. 262 P., port. Aarau, SAUERLXNDER, 1933. ISIS

    Reviewed by C. A. KOFOID, ISiS 27, 68-9, 1937.

    Torrey, Harry Beal; Felin, Frances. Was ARISTOTLE an evolutionist? The quarterly review of biology 12, I-I8, 1937. ISIS

    Careful analysis in which the conclusion is reached that ARIsToiLE wasn't either a cosmic or a racial evolutionist. The scope of the sixty-five references to the article indicate the care with which the study was made. C. D. L.

    IIIrd Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Leroy, Maurice. La traduction armdnienne d'EUCLIDE. Mdlanges Franz Cumont, p. 785-86I, 1936. ISIS

    " L'id6e de la presente publication nous a &t6 sugg6r6e par M. le Professeur M.-A. KUGwNE qui, s'int6ressant a l'histoire du texte euclid6en et ayant appris par M. N. ADomNZ l'existence d'un fragment de version arm6nienne de ce texte, nous en demanda, voici deux ans, une traduction. C'est d'ailleurs A ce propos que, nous etant mis A l'etude de la lettre odi GR&GoiRE MAGIsTROs,

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  • 158 iiIrd (Z) TO ISt CENT. B. C.

    prince de 1'esprit autant que grand seigneur entretient son ami SARGIS de ses lectures et de ses travaux personnels - parmi lesquels prend place une traduction d'EucLIDE-- le commentaire de cette lettre nous fournit le sujet d'une autre etude. Depuis, lors d'un passage ^i Pavie, nous eGmes l'occasion de collationner ces pr6cieux restes de la version arm6nienne d'EucLIDE et c'est sur cette base nouvelle que nous rv4ditons aujourd'hui ce petit texte qui forme un chapitre int6ressant de l'histoire des sciences."? tdition du texte armtnien avec traduction latine et notes. Le texte arm6nien peut dater du temps de GRAGOIRE MAGISTROS (XI-I) ou lui etre ant6rieur. Le MS. de Pavie ne paralt gufre ant6rieur au XVe si6cle. G. S.

    IIlrd Century B.C. (second half)

    (Tannery, Paul). Sur l'histoire de la pression hydrostatique. Note inMdite de PAUL TANNERY. Archeion I9, 67-9, 1937. ISIS

    Ist Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Drabkin, Israel E. Notes on LucRETIus II. 479-82. Classical philology 32, 258-63, 1937. ISIS

    Edelstein, Ludwig. The philosophical system of POSIDONIUS. American journal of philology 57, 286-325, 1936. Isis

    " The interpretation of the Posidonian philosophy changed a good deal with the modification of the method of reconstruction. First, the system was visualized as a Stoic theory influenced more or less by PLATO and ARISTOTLE. POSIDONIUS was believed to be an eclectic thinker of not too great impor ance and individuality. But when the new method of tracing down the influences was introduce