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  • Day 1 Introduction 1

    Key Contacts 2

    Course Slides 3

    PS Print Driver Guide 4

    Command WorkStation Module & Guide 5

    Web Tools Module 6

    Hot Folders Module 7

    Virtual Printers Module 8

    Paper Catalog User Guide & Module 9

    Compose User Guide & Module 10

    Impose/Business Card Module 11

    Impose User Guide 12

    Quick Doc Merge Module 13

    Mixed Media Module 14

    Print Next/Reorder/Schedule Module 15

    Day 2 Calibrate & Shading Module 16

    Canon Validation Module 17

    Monitor Profile Module 18

    ColorWise Settings 19

    Profile Manager User Guide 20

    Paper Profiling Module 21

    Spot On Colour Module 22

    Spot On Colour User Guide 23

    Palette Function Module 24

    Day 3 ImageViewer Module 25

    Preflight Module 26

    Postflight Module 27

    PitStop Modules & Guide 28

    Progressives Module 29

    Configurable Auto Trapping Module 30

    C O N T E N T S

    Halftone Simulation Module 31

  • imagePRESS Workflow Training

    imagePRESS Introduction

  • Introduction

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  • Introduction

    The information contained in this folder has been designed to provide you, and all users of the Canon imagePRESS portfolio, within your organisation, with all of the information needed to gain the most out of your investment.

    The User Guides and Modules will take you through, in detail, the steps you need to take to product high quality colour prints.

    Talk to Canon to Complete built-in user documentation can be found in the media pack. improve performance in your business.

  • imagePRESS Workflow Training

    imagePRESS Key Contacts

  • Key Contacts

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  • Key Contacts

    To Register Service Calls contact the national service number: 0870 122 6986

    For Consumables calls contact: 0870 122 6986

    For Helpdesk enquries contact the Software Support Centre 0870 606 1595

    Talk to Canon to improve performance in your business.

  • imagePRESS Workflow Training

    imagePRESS Print Driver User Guide

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    Print Driver User Guide

    Contents Information to Check before Printing 3

    Print Driver Training Notes 4

    Basic 5

    Job Info 6

    Media 9

    Layout 11

    Color 15

    Color Expert Settings 17

    Image 18

    Finishing 19

    VDP .. 22

    Stamping 23

    Printing Documents from your Mailbox 24

    General Information 25

    Conflicts 26

    Scanning To and From Fiery Mailboxes 27

    Having Problems? 29

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    Print Driver User Guide

    Information to Check before Printing

    In the application you are printing from i.e. Microsoft Word etc go to:- FILE PAGE SETUP, then PAPER SOURCE Make sure First and Other Pages are on DEFAULT TRAYS, if not this will show a conflict on the imagePRESS and the device will ask you to load paper before it will print your job. When you select FILE and PRINT, your printer dialogue box appears using the drop down arrow select the Canon Printer (see below)

    Please make sure the collate box is UNTICKED, otherwise this will cause a conflict and if you select stapling, all of your sets will be stapled as one document. To select options like double sided, stapling etc click on PROPERTIES

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    Print Driver User Guide

    Print Driver Training Notes

    When you open the Canon Printer Driver the screen above will appear. The tabs along the top contain all the settings you will be able to change: BASIC (no. of copies, 2 sided, collate/group, staple, paper source, booklet mode, layout) JOB INFO (send to print/mailbox/secure print and secure password, dept ID, add notes) MEDIA (paper size, mixed media, front/back cover settings, media type, transparency interleaving) LAYOUT (enlarge/reduce, document layout/orientation, 2 sided, booklet mode, creep correction) COLOR (colour/greyscale selection, expert settings, auto trapping) IMAGE (quality, resolution, smoothing, halftone, brightness, toner saving) FINISHING (collating, stapling, page order) VDP (variable data printing with Freeform mail merge type feature) STAMPING (watermarks) PRINTER (paper and toner information)

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    Print Driver User Guide


    The Basic tab is an area under the Fiery Printing tab that you can customize with the print options you use frequently (up to 16). It saves time because you do not have to open all of the other tabs if you only want to set the options in the Basic tab. Click the Basic tab and then click Customize. A dialog box appears that contains shortcuts for print

    options. The print options that currently appear in the Basic tab are listed under Current Shortcuts. To add an option to the Basic tab, select the desired option in the Available Shortcuts list and click

    Add. To remove an option from the Basic tab, select the desired option in the Current Shortcuts list and

    click Remove. Click OK to save your changes

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    Print Driver User Guide

    Job Info

    Job Info Tab features:- Copies - enter the number of copies you wish to produce. Schedule Printing This selection allows you to select the date and time you want to print your

    document. Destination select to send to a Mailbox or Secured Print. Select Mailbox select the number

    mailbox you wish to send your document to. Secured Password enter a PIN code to secure print your document.

    Print Queue Action - select to Print, Print and Hold or Process and Hold (to be used in conjunction with Command Workstation software).

    File Name enter a name for your document so you recognise which one it when printing it from the mailbox at the device.

    Notes anything written in this box will show up on the devices Job Log. For example, you may want to put a reference in for a specific print job, so you can identify it later on the Job Log.

    Dept ID/Password- if you have the Dept ID function enabled on your device, these fields should be filled out with your ID/Password before sending your print job.

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    Print Driver User Guide

    User Authentication If the print server is configured to require user authentication for printing, you must enter your user name and password when you print using Driver. The login can be your network domain/user name or a local user name. Check with your system administrator about the requirements for your system. This section is normally administered on the server by IT departments.

    Secured Password This allows you to select your own numerical password and send the document to the Secure Print area on the device, also allowing Notes and Instructions to be inserted. To retrieve your job at the device, press Print Job key then select the Secure Print Button (bottom right hand corner of screen), highlight the job you need to print then enter your Secure Password pin number.

    Control Bar For proofing purposes you can switch the Control Bar on for a standard set of colours,

    shades, tints, etc., this will print a bar down the left hand side of your document. This needs to be switched on in Command WorkStation, ColorWise Pro tools, Color Setup, click into Control Bar Tab, tick box. It will print every document with this Control Bar on it until you switch it off again.

    Postflight Postflight is the process of analyzing processed files PostScript, PDF, DCS2, and others for quality control in a digital prepress workflow. It is a perceptive utility letting operators troubleshoot previous problems with the colour of a printed job or they may choose to use it as a preventative measure. Either way, the original document may be printed (or RIPped and previewed) with all objects (graphics and text) colour-coded. The report gives explanation about what colour spaces are utilized in the job and what ppd options affect those spaces. The report also gives information about the printing environment such as calibration date & time and calibration method. A test page may also be printed in order to verify the printing environment.

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    Print Driver User Guide

    Progressives Progressives refers to printing variations of a multi-colour document, where pages are printed using one to all, the available colours in a printer: C, C+M, C+M+Y, and any combination. The ability to print the various states permits the user to inspect the result of each pass for a four colour document. The progressives function is designed to show the separations used by their job on an imagePRESS-driven device, helping operators to determine where a specific problem is occurring within the original file.

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    Print Driver User Guide


    Media Tab Features:- Paper Catalogue When you have created entries in the Paper Catalog in Command Workstation,

    you would then be able to select the specific media required for the print job. (For more information see the Paper Catalog module in the course folder)

    Document Size - make sure you


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