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FeedbackTM provides personalized,adaptive coaching through our FeedbackTM engine.


<ul><li> 1. 132 Days to LaunchFeedbacK Golf: Collect TMv.01-1 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM</li></ul> <p> 2. Professional Golf Coaching is: Expensive: $100 bucks/hr (high quality) Time and location restrictive High repetition with low ROI Avg 10% retention rate of instructionv.01-2 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 3. Feedback provides personalized, TMadaptive coaching through our Feedback engine.TM A lifetime of coaching for a fraction of the cost!v.01-3 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 4. Start Norfolk 3.0 Accomplishments Named FeedbacK Golf: Capture Validated Talked to Golfers at the Range Branded Prototype of Box Design Developed our Path-to-Market Updated our Website Talked with Golf Store Managersv.01-4 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 5. So Where Are We Today? 27 Days to start of MVP validation Get Users and Test Establish retention rates Weekly active users / Monthly active users Go sign-up: Miller, Zachv.01-5As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 6. Distribution Approach Traditional brick &amp; mortar and online stores Talking with a national sales manager 450+ Store Pursue purchase order in June Completion of MVP phaseRetail Storesv.01-6 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 7. In Stores This Summerv.01-7As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 8. Building a Team Shawn D. McDonald, Founder 20+ years of business experience in:Business Development / Business Finance / Cost AccountingInformation Technology / Enterprise ArchitectureLeadership / Operations ManagementEngineering (Mechanical, Controls, Data AcquisitionSystems) BS Mechanical Engineering and MS Engineering ManagementSanta Clara University, California Jamie Conners, Director of Instruction 24+ years as a PGA ProfessionalPGA Ambassador of GolfLead Instructor for ESPN Golf SchoolsLead Instructor for Golf Digest SchoolsHead Golf Professional at Private and Semi-Private Facilities BS EconomicsPark University, Missouriv.01-8As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 9. Building a Team Jeff Brandt, Chief Technology Officer 13+ years as a software developer and architect Shady Al-Zubi, Chief Engineer 13+ years as a controls engineer Jennifer D. Adriany, Marketing Strategist 20+ years in verbal, print, and electronic Marketing/Business Development communications Craig Murchison, Business Analyst 4+ years market researcher and entrepreneurv.01-9 As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 10. Yeah, But Will it Actually Work?v.01-10As of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM 11. of:3/26/2013 5:58 PM</p>