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The arcicle was presented to Aceh Government regarding feasibility study review on development Aceh international fishing port, Lampulo Banda Aceh.


<p>FEASIBILITY STUDY REVIEW</p> <p>Aceh International Fishing PortLAMPULO - BANDA ACEH - REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA</p> <p>Government of AcehPrepared by:</p> <p>HE. President Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Jeddah, HE. Acting Governor of Aceh and President Al-Hilal Group in Banda Aceh</p> <p>HE. Director Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Asia-Facifik and President Al-Hilal Group in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia</p> <p>Officer of Directorate Jeneral Ministry of Marine and Fishery Jakarta and President Al-Hilal Group in Jakarta</p> <p>Presentation of Aceh International Fishing Port by Acting Aceh Governor to Minister of National Development in Jakarta</p> <p>Wali Nanggroe, Aceh Governor, Dr. Alwi Shihab with Team and President Al-Hilal in Jakarta</p> <p>Presentation of Aceh International Fishing Port by Al-Hilal Group to The Potential Developer United Engineering Malaysia Berhad-Kuala Lumpur</p> <p>Presentation of Aceh International Fishing Port Feasibility Study by Aceh Gov., Consultant, Alhilal Group to Director Jeneral Ministry of</p> <p>table of contentsChapter I Introduction 1.1. General 1.2. Background 1.3. Aims and Objectives 1.4. Conditions location Chapter II Description Location 2.1. Conditions Locations 2.1.1. Geography 2.1.2. Topography 2.1.3. Bathymetry 2.1.4. Tidal 2.1.5. Current 2.1.6. Wave 2.1.7. Sedimentation 2.1.8. Wind Data 2.1.9. Soil Mechanics</p> <p>2.2. Socio Economic Fishery 2.2.1. Profile PPS Lampulo a. Overview b. Conditions Lampulo Demographics c. Population</p> <p>Chapter III FACILITY PLANNING NEEDS3.1. Basic Planning 3.1.1. Operational Pattern PPS Lampulo 3.1.2. Operational Pattern 3.1.3. Pattern Fish Handling 3.2. Type Facilities 3.2.1. Principal Facility 3.2.2. Fungsional Facility 3.2.3. Support Facility 3.3. Spatial Concept Lay Out 3.3.1. General 3.3.2. Plan Zonase 3.3.3. Institutional 3.3.4. Access and Circulation 3.4. Facility Needs Analysis 3.4.1. Basic Assumptions 3.4.2. Program Space Needs 3.4.3. PREPLAN FIGURE 3.5. Master Plan Layout 3.5.1. Investment Cost Estimation 3.5.2. Implementation Schedule</p> <p>2.2.2. Socio-Economic Conditions a. Social Conditions 1. Employment 2. Quality Human Resource Devp. b. Economic Growth c. Indicators of Economic Growth d. Aceh Economic Growth e. Public Perception Of Relocation Lampulo f. Sharing System g. Institutional Lampulo2.3. Problems 2.3.1. Functional Constraints 2.3.2. Structural Problems</p> <p>2.4. Government Policies 2.4.1. Fisheries and Maritime Affairs Policy 2.4.2. Vision, Mission and Strategy for Fisheries Development</p> <p>CHAPTER IV Implementation and Project Justification 4.1. Port Management 4.1.1. Introduction 4.1.2. Responsible for activities 4.1.3. Organizational Structure of Fishery Port 4.1.4. ConclusionCHAPTER V ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL EVALUATION 5.1. Rationale 5.2. Order and Benefits Project 5.3. Economic Internal Rate of Return 5.4. Sensitivity Analysis 5.5. Benefits of Investment Development CHAPTER VI CONCLUSION</p> <p>INTRODUCTIONRealizing the extent of the sea so possessed the Aceh province has initiated the development of marine resources. Development and Fisheries Sector Development has a dimension that is very broad and strategic, especially in the provision of employment and improved living standards for people hit hard by the ongoing conflict and natural disasters, the development of the fisheries sector is expected to provide a greater contribution to local development, especially for the public welfare in the region Lampulo, mostly fishermen and farmers cultivating communities. Feasibility study report was made in order to plan the development of Coastal Fishery Port (PPP) to Ocean Fishing Port (PPS) to determine the value of the feasibility of the development plan.</p> <p>ObjectiveThe purpose of this work was to determine the feasibility of the development plan Aceh International Fishing Port - Lampulo at the planned location along with all targets being used as the basis for policy.</p> <p>Economic-politically, some reasons that justify theinternational fishing port development idea in Banda Aceh, are: Firstly, the Aceh water territory is the gateway of international maritime trade route that links the Indonesian waters with the countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Iran, the Middle East, Africa and others. Secondly, the Indonesian Ocean with its EEZ waters that is located within the Aceh territory has not experienced excessive exploitation, thus, if developed in the framework of area development in which Sabang is as its development center will be able to become a new economic power basis in the western region of Indonesia after Batam. Viewed from the international political stand point, development of Sabang will form a new economic buffer that is able to compete with Singapore and Malaysia so that implies to the enactment of AFTA and WTO. Thirdly, in national politic basis, development of this catch fishing is expected to be able to provide the political impact on the strengthening of national integrity.</p> <p>Development of catch fishing postearthquake and tsunami disasters in Aceh Province is expected to be a source of new growth (engine of growth) to the regional economy. The important thing that much supports the fishing activities is the availability of a fishing port that is adequate and able accommodate various integrated and environmentally friendly industry oriented maritime and fishing activities.</p> <p>Aceh: West Gate Indonesia</p> <p>from the past. Historically in the 17th century, Bandar Aceh Darussalam had ever enjoyed its golden era under the great leader Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636). According to studies by the historians (Denis Lombard), this policies effect of his preceding Sultan (Sultan Alaiddin Riayatsyah Sayyid al-Qahhar -1630 and Sultan Alaiddin Riayatsyah Sayyid al-Mukammil-1604) that have made Bandar Aceh as a Maritime Kingdom and able to maximize its maritime potency. This strategic policy has evidentially brought the Aceh Kingdom to reach its golden era and brought prosperity to its entire community.</p> <p>today.Aceh province has a land area of 57,365.57 km2, coastline of 1,660 km long, the sea water area of 295,370 km2, consisting of territorial waters and islands covering an area of 56,563 km2 and the Exclusive Economic Zone of 238,807 km2. This region consists of a cluster of large and small islands amounting to 180 islands. There are more than 3,000,000 ha virgin forest with 173 important rivers that make Aceh most potential areas in maritime</p> <p>and fishery sector.</p> <p>opportunity of fishery industryThe potency of territorial waters and islands of Aceh is estimated at 220,090 tons and the EEZ at 203,320 tons. The potential maximum sustainable yield (MSY) of the territorial waters and islands is 110,045 tons and the EEZ is 162,656 tons. The overall utilization rate reaches 130,271 tons or 47.77%. There is an opportunity for development of 52.23%. Therefore, based on this data, the potential fishery of Aceh is more than 250,000 tonsper year, or about</p> <p>USD 500</p> <p>million per year.</p> <p>Big Tuna</p> <p>Best Fish</p> <p>Best Semilang Fish</p> <p>GOAL: OUR DREAM........To promote PPB</p> <p>a World Class Integrated Fishing Port</p> <p>as</p> <p>- LAMPULO</p> <p>OBJECTIVES To provide a centre for world class fishing port.</p> <p> To promote a unity and synergy system for fishery industrial Park. To create a hub of maritime knowledge base on Islamic civilization.</p> <p> To ensure economic sustainability, dynamic, lively and vitality. To form an efficient accessibility toward facilities and services. To develop industry with thoughtfulness of nature and environmental.</p> <p> To ensure a good urban management. To build and promote safe industrial park with identity and character,</p> <p>conducive urban environment for quality &amp; healthy life-style.</p> <p>PROPOSED SITE</p> <p>Key Plan</p> <p>PROPOSED SITE</p> <p>Location Plan</p> <p>The Gate Sultan Alaiddin Riayatsyah Sayyid al-Mukammil International Fishing Port Bandar Aceh Maritime City</p> <p>Masjid Agung Syiah Kuala</p> <p>Office Building, Industrial Estate, Mall, Residence, Hospital, etc.</p> <p>Tuna Processing</p> <p>THE PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT OF KOTA INDRAPURI, NANGGROE ACEH DARUSALAM</p> <p>Business Center</p> <p>Maritime Education Center</p> <p>Integrated Fishing Mall Complex, Donated by IDB to Yatama-Masakin</p> <p>Aceh International Fishing PortTotal Cost: 200 Million USDPhase # 1: 2005 2012: 45 Million USD (20 %) Phase # 2: 2013-2017: Rp. 1.217.902.400.000 (125 Million USD) Phase # 3: 2017-2020: 30 Million USD</p> <p>Next Funding: Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Investors &amp; Partner : UEM Group Berhad (M) Middle East Group</p> <p>2013</p> <p>2014</p> <p>2015</p> <p>2016</p> <p>LOAN ARRANGEMENT</p> <p>12</p> <p>month</p> <p>AUCTION CONSULTANT PLANNER</p> <p>2</p> <p>month</p> <p>DETAIL DESIGN</p> <p>8</p> <p>month</p> <p>AUCTION CONSULTANT SUPERVISION</p> <p>2</p> <p>mont</p> <p>SUPERVISION</p> <p>26</p> <p>mont</p> <p>EXECUTIVE CONTRACTORS AUCTION</p> <p>2</p> <p>month</p> <p>CONSTRUCTION</p> <p>24</p> <p>month</p> <p>The Benefits Project. With the project is expected to increase annual fish landings of the production rate of 11,170 tonnes in 2011, to around 58 535 tonnes in 2020, with the project, fish landing is expected to increase by 88,665 tons per year. (Appendix 8) . Total annual net profit income Port will increase from Rp 3.507 million per year prior to the project being on average about Rp.7.300 million and total net annual profits of the local fishing cooperative (LFC / KUD) will be about an average of USD 3,500 million in 2020 , while the total annual economic benefit is around Rp 200,000 million. (See App.16.)</p> <p>. More than 8,000 people are currently involved either as fishermen or workers who are expected to get a direct benefit from this Lampulo fishing port project. Although there are changes in the structure of the fleet, the number of fishermen will remain at current levels. However, it should be mentioned that the number of ships int future fleet is expected to be at a progressive rate.</p> <p>Economic Internal Rate Of ReturnEconomic internal rate of return Lampulo port development estimated at below 50% of the economic life of the facilities with a 13.92% NPV (net present project) Rp. 193,988 million (20.207 mill USD). This estimate is based on detailed assumptions set out in Appendix 5 s / d 18. All estimated using a discount rate of 10%. EIRR calculation is net income (net economic benefit) Fishing harbor after the project than the cost of capital (debt + interest) project. EIRR = 12.715 % NPV = Rp. 516.357,94 million , (53.787,29 mill USD) BCR = 1.2773 Resulting EIRR indicates that Lampulo port infrastructure investment projects of interest, with the initial investment payback period of less than 20 years.</p> <p>(1) If the cost of capital increased by 10% EIRR = 11,779 % NPV = Rp. 359.998,81 million , (37.498,73 mill USD) BCR = 1.178 (2) If the project is delayed by 1 year EIRR = 11,960 % NPV = Rp. 387.394,70 million , (40.353,61 mill USD) BCR = 1.208</p> <p>(3) If the total benefits decreased 10% EIRR = 11,520 % NPV = Rp. 278.493,83 million , (29.009,77 mill USD) BCR = 1.149</p> <p>Next Step1. Finishing Feasibility Study (Economic Viability or Commerce Viability) 2. Aceh Government Policies on Lampulo Fishing Port- APBN or Investment - PPS &gt; PBB &gt; Pelabuhan Perikanan Ekspor ( International Fishing Port)</p> <p>3. If APBN = Submit Proposal and FS to Bappenas &gt; Blue Book &gt; IDB..4. If Investment = Invite potential developer investor to develop Lampulo as commercial business entity ( B to B ) &gt; ( BOT) (BOO) other .</p> <p>Thank You Very Much Syukran Jazila</p>