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my own IAT


  • 1. 20102104 Kim misongMake my own IATFAST FOOD AND SLOW FOOD

2. Purpose People know how junk food is bad influence their body, but they eat often. Also theyknow slow food is more healthful then fast food, but slow food is need long time to eat, and young person dosent prefer slow food. It means actual preference is not inaccordance with educational cognition. I want to know not only preference between fastfood and slow food but actual preference and educational cognition. I curious aboutwhich element is more influence. 3. Test procedure Fast food and Slow food condition. Good and Bad condition Fast food-Good and Slow food-Bad Do the 3 again. Slow food -Good and Fast food- Bad Do the 5 again. 4. Vocabulary Vocabulary Happy, nice, satisfied, pleased,Good like, positive, gald, joyful, love, smile Unhappy, upset, hate, negative, sad, Bad regretful, poor, miserable, accustaion, harmful Fast food French fries, hamburger, chicken , pizza, cokeSlow foodWine, cheese, salad, pasta, kimchi , doenjang, seolleongtang 5. Sample IAT 6. > 7. Fast food Slow food 8. Fast food Slow food 9. Fast food Slow food 10. Fast food Slow food 11. Fast food Slow food 12. Fast food Slow food 13. Fast food Slow food 14. Fast food Slow food 15. Fast food Slow food 16. Fast food Slow food 17. Fast food Slow food 18. Fast food Slow food 19. Good Bad 20. Good Bad Happy 21. Good Bad Happy 22. GoodBad Hate 23. GoodBad Joyful 24. After the test-We need to separate Korean slow food and westernfest food. 25. Q N A


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