FAS 321 Fall 2014 Snyder-Gallagher

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This slideshow will introduce students to the library resources available for their FAS 321 OL term project.


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2. Click on a title formore information.You can place ahold on a title thatinterests you. 3. Place a hold on abook to have it sentto your homecampus. You willneed the librarybarcode numberfrom the back ofyour student I.D. (visityour campus libraryif you dont haveone). Your PIN is thelast 4 digits of yourstudent I.D.Online students can have library booksmailed to them. If you dont have alibrary card number yet, you can signup here:http://berkeleycollege.libguides.com/onlinestudentlibrarycard 4. Click on the title to see the full text of thearticle and for more information.Click on Full text- PDF if available. 5. Enter keywords, designername, artist name etc.If yourelogged intoBlackboard,you will belogged intoWGSN 6. HTTP://BERKELEYCOLLEGE.LIBGUIDES.COM/WRITING 7. KELLY-BENNETT@BERKELEYCOLLEGE.EDU