Farming the Great Plains

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Farming the Great Plains. Homestead Act of 1862. Goal: Encourage settlement of the West Offer 160 acres of land per family Requirements Within five years must have House and farm If successful, land was theirs. Failing of the Homestead Act. Intended for poor families - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Farming the Great Plains

Farming the Great Plains

Homestead Act of 1862Goal: Encourage settlement of the WestOffer160 acres of land per familyRequirementsWithin five years must haveHouse and farmIf successful, land was theirs

Failing of the Homestead ActIntended for poor familiesCost of outfitting the move to expensiveLaw was ambiguousFraud and abuse prevalentBecame land grab for Land speculatorsCattlemenMinersRailroads

ExodusterAfrican Americans who moved from the post-Reconstruction South to Kansas25,000 Africans Americans migrated West

Living on the PlainsHousesNo lumber, used available resourcesDugouts-homes built into the side of hillsSoddy- freestanding homes made of blocks of prairie turf

Farming Implements Advance1837 steel plow, John Deere1847- Reaping machines, Cyrus McCormick1869- Spring tooth harrow1841- Grain Drill1874- Barbed Wire1878- Corn binder


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