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Farm Hack Minneapolis Intro by Grant Schultz


<ul><li> 1. FarmHack: MinneapolisFriday, March 22, 13</li></ul> <p> 2. FarmHack: MinneapolisGrant SchultzVersaLand.comorganicgrant@gmail.comFriday, March 22, 13 3. What is Hacking? Using the least amount of force to achieve the greatest net benet. Oftentimes the least expensive option Typically considered unconventional by society as a whole.Friday, March 22, 13 4. What IS Farmhacking? Equipment Hacks Cutting Edge/Old School - Either Way Its Not Mainstream Never Pay Retail Innovation - Building What Doesnt Exist Production Hacks Systems - Leverage Appropriate &amp; Accessible Technology Data Hacks Get Land - The Unconventional Way Distribution - Pricing - WholesalingFriday, March 22, 13 5. Mission: TODAY Identify challenges...and brainstorm ways to overcome them Build a community of Farmhackers for long- term collaboration Well build out todays concepts over next few months - Event forum, toolsFriday, March 22, 13 6. farmhack.netFriday, March 22, 13 7. Hacking Urban Ag Hoorays Challenges Distance-to-Market Scale Technology Access Security Utility/Infrastructure Housing Access EquipmentUrban Lot Database accessibilityMediaFriday, March 22, 13 8. Hacking Sustainable Ag Adapting Old/New Equipment Pioneering Production Systems Reducing ownership/acquisition costs Re-learning what we forgotFriday, March 22, 13 9. Friday, March 22, 13 10. HOMECOOP STOREPICKUP HARVEST TRAVEL THE AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS FARMINGS MOST VERSATILE TOOL HTTP://MIDWESTTRANSIT.COMFriday, March 22, 13 11. Do-Anything BusLivestock TransportMobile Farmers MarketWeatherproof Mobile ShopMelon/Pumpkin HarvestPoultry CoopHeavy Hauler;v=JDuZyyjqjMIFriday, March 22, 13 12. Anatomy of a Farmhack Parts+ Fabrication = AutomationFriday, March 22, 13 13. Friday, March 22, 13 14. Anatomy of a Farmhack Code + Data = AccessibilityFriday, March 22, 13 15. Hacking is collaborative. Event ForumToolsFriday, March 22, 13 16. FarmHack: GO! Identify Objectives Create a Plan Execute. FOLLOW THROUGH Share! Do it AGAINFriday, March 22, 13 17. Lets Go Farmhackers!Friday, March 22, 13</p>