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About Irina

About IrinaUK based independent emerging artist living in Manchester since 2009. Creating a variety of affordable artwork from abstract art to figurative art, floral art to landscape, seascape, cityscape, animals and wildlife, and still life paintings mainly on canvas using an array of mixed media direct from the artists studio. Each experience is an inspiration to create something unique. Qualified professional artist with a masters equivalent in St Petersburg in both art and design. My work has been very well received and I am so humble for all the support. Thank you. Commissions welcome, made to order custom paintings, size, colour and style specific to the customers requirements. Limited Edition prints also can be made to order size specific to the customers requirements.Welcome to my online art gallery. Discover, share and buy affordable original artwork for your home or office, direct from the artist's studio. Original paintings, custom made to order commissions and hand made limited edition prints by an emerging artist.

Mix Media Painting For All DecorsMixed Media Painting is a broad term encompassing a vast array of styles, mediums and surfaces. The fun part is that it can be painted, glued, inked, built, stamped, embossed, layered, gessoed, sewn, embellished and inlaid by modern artists. Many of my paintings utilize acrylics and mix media with plenty of textures. Currently, mixed media is becoming extremely popular for home dcor. However, people also buy art for their offices, and galleries.

Landscape Paintings are Perfect for Your HomeThe history of landscape painting is elaborate yet inspiring. It is one of the oldest and most popular forms of painting. The early representations of landscape can be traced to the Minoan period. In several ancient cultures, landscape frescoes and seccoes worked as an extension of nature itself. Landscape artists have the charm to stunningly display the beauty captured on canvas with plenty of detail and vivid colors. Landscapes have a unique appeal that leaves a mark on our minds. Similarly, the same landscapes and seascapes, when painted on canvas, create the same intense emotion for its viewers.

Still Life Art So AppealingStill life art is among the oldest known art expressions. Right from Egyptian tombs to present day abstract paintings, this style is a natural and essential step in appreciating art of all kinds. Historically, the style of the still life has often been criticized for its simplicity. Yet, it doesnt fail to prove that simplicity is true elegance.If you are a person who appreciates the beauty in simple, everyday things, still life art will appeal you the most. To buy original art and interesting still life paintings for your home or office, contact here: http://artbyirina.co.uk/contact/

Paintings are a Perfect GiftWhenever we present a gift to someone, it usually tends to be a gadget, a piece of clothing, some accessories or the likes. While all these gift items are limited to individual tastes and preferences, the one gift that is loved by all is a beautiful painting. Nothing beats a gift that is innovative, vibrant, colorful and special!The factors that make paintings a perfect gift are:Paintings are timeless: A painting, unlike most other gifts, can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime. Recipients can enjoy the presence of the painting by adorning their home or office walls.For all occasions & events: Paintings prove to be an impeccable gift for persons of any age and for all occasions. Whether you are gifting to business associates, family, and friends, on festivals, weddings, housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or farewells, paintings are your best bet. Art evokes emotions: Every painting delivers a message. Thus, there is no better way to express your feelings other than gifting a painting by modern artists.Eco-friendly and easy to maintain: Paintings made on canvas are eco-friendly and very easy to maintain. All you would have to do is occasionally wipe dust off from the surface.Affordable: You can avail numerous art options based on your budget. Just have a look at all the paintings for sale here: www.artbyirina.co.uk and select the one that appeals to your senses.

Commission a Painting from Modern ArtistsA commissioned painting can commemorate and re-create the cherished locations or special events and occasions of your life. Commission wedding site or wedding day picture for treasuring the lovely memories and present it as an anniversary gift. For your office, you can commission a painting of your cabin or boardroom. This also serves well as a retirement gift. Other commission ideas include your favorite vacation scene, animal paintings, cow paintings, self-portraits, cityscapes, landscapes, etc. Or you could also get a commissioned still life art with objects ranging from flowers, bottles to prized possessions and family heirlooms.The bottom line is that commission paintings are totally premium and exclusive, irrespective of the context you pick. To buy art that is specifically painted for you, visit http://artbyirina.co.uk/contact/

Abstract Paintings are Trading in Art World!Abstract art encompasses a vast array of shapes, lines, form and colour. Instead of using traditional, recognizable subject, abstract artists use the color and form of the painting as the subject matter. Abstract paintings range from the geometric to the fluid; however both of these require great planning and execution. On completion, abstract artworks radiate vibrancy, and intrigue fellow art lovers. Most of these works of art offer you an alternative interpretation of the world through the eyes of abstract artists.

Add Original Artwork to Your Home DcorIrina Rumyantseva provides you with beautiful paintings that can be bought at fairly reasonable prices. They make available a variety of affordable artwork, ranging from floral art to abstract art, landscape art, cityscape, figurative art, buildings & architecture, animals & wildlife, seascape, as well as still life paintings. This is the perfect place where you can invest your money to buy original art too. Still life paintings are mostly made on canvas using a collection of mixed media directly at the artists studio. They specialize in making customized painting according to the preferences of the customer in size, colour, theme and other styles. So, dont wait and visit this website - www.artbyirina.co.uk. You can choose among a variety of paintings that suits your requirements.

Tips By Famous Animal Artists : IrinaIn the olden times, animals were not considered to be appropriate subjects of paintings for serious art. Eventually, with the growth of creativity and technicality in the artists, lovely paintings of animals were produced. Irina Rumyantseva is one of the best Animal Artists in UK. She considers animal art to be is uniquely beautiful and distinct from other types of paintings. Here are some useful tips by this famous artist that will help you to paint like her-1. Plan your Painting- Firstly; you need to establish the position of your subject and other features in your painting. Till the time you are not happy with how your painting looks, you can reposition your subject. Planning can be done on the tracing paper. Once you have planned your painting, you are half way through. 2. Develop colour mixes: You need to develop a range of reliable colour mixes that you can depend on to create a fascinating animal painting. Irina has used an assortment of lively and bright colours that make her painting a perfect home dcor piece. 3. Nature is more than Black and White: Animal art looks best with a combination of colours. It is recommended to push vibrant hues in your colour palette. Try painting in a bad light so that you can easily brighten your artwork by adding shades that bring life to it.

The Story behind Wildlife ArtThe culture of wildlife painting can be dated back to age's old prehistoric times when pre-historic man used to portray their art in the form of cave paintings. During prehistoric times, the first subject of paintings was wildlife, and, therefore, it gradually earned more and more recognition. Today, wildlife art has become the most popular art forms of human history. Not only these paintings improve the aesthetic look of the area, but it also generates a connection between human beings and nature. And in addition, it also promotes wildlife conservation and brings awareness among people worldwide. Irina Rumyantseva offers a wide variety of animals and wildlife paintings according to the customer's preferences at reasonable prices. If you are an animal lover, you can book your order at the website www. artbyirina.co.uk