family participation handbook - sign the attendance record and submit it to chs. chs will

Download Family Participation Handbook - sign the attendance record and submit it to CHS. CHS will

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  • Family Participation Handbook


    Child Care Payment Program

    Our mission is to reach out

    to children and families at risk

    with a range of services to ensure

    every child the opportunity to

    develop within a safe, healthy,

    and secure environment.

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  • Child Care Payment Program - Family Participation Handbook Table of Contents

    Section Page Welcome to the Child Care Payment Program! _______________________________ 1

    Our Goals ____________________________________________________________ 1

    Child Care Payment Program Overview ____________________________________ 2 Local CHS Offices _____________________________________________________ 2

    CCPP Enrollment ______________________________________________________ 3

    Enrollment Priority _____________________________________________________ 3 Enrollment Process ___________________________________________________ 3-4 Notice of Action _______________________________________________________ 4

    Program Requirements: Eligibility and Need for Care ________________________ 5

    Residency Requirement __________________________________________________ 5 Income Eligibility _____________________________________________________ 5-6 Determining Family Size ________________________________________________ 6-7 Homelessness Eligibility _________________________________________________ 7 Child Protective Services Eligibility _________________________________________ 7 At Risk Referral Eligibility _______________________________________________ 8 CalWORKs Eligibility ___________________________________________________ 8 Need for Child Care Services _____________________________________________ 8

    Certified Child Care Services ___________________________________________ 9-10

    Recertification of Services ________________________________________________ 10 Reporting Changes in Family Status ________________________________________ 10 Child Care Changes _________________________________________________ 10-11

    Child Care Attendance Policies ___________________________________________ 12

    Documenting Attendance ________________________________________________ 12 Approved Provider _____________________________________________________ 13 Use of Child Care Services ____________________________________________ 13-14 Abandoned Child Care __________________________________________________ 14

    Limited Term Service Leave ______________________________________________ 15

    LTSL Timeline ________________________________________________________ 15 Vocational Education/Training LTSL ______________________________________ 15 Returning from LTSL ___________________________________________________ 15

  • Table of Contents (Continued) Section Page Child Care Program Fees for Parents ______________________________________ 16

    Family Fee ________________________________________________________ 16-17 Parent Co-Payment __________________________________________________ 17-18 Other Child Care Fees __________________________________________________ 18

    Parent Selection of Providers _____________________________________________ 19 Providers Participating in CCPP __________________________________________ 20

    Center-Based and Licensed Child Care ______________________________________ 20 License Exempt Child Care ___________________________________________ 20-21 In-Home Child Care _________________________________________________ 21-22 Provisional License Exempt Provider _______________________________________ 22

    Child Care Reimbursement ______________________________________________ 23 Provider Days of Non-Operation __________________________________________ 23 Multiple Providers __________________________________________________ 23-24 Child’s School Instructional/Academic Time _________________________________ 24

    Other Program Policies __________________________________________________ 25 Appealing a Notice of Action _____________________________________________ 25 Complaint Procedures for Parents – Licensed Providers _________________________ 25 Complaint Procedures for Parents – License Exempt Providers ___________________ 26 Complaint Procedures for Providers ________________________________________ 26 Conduct _____________________________________________________________ 26 Confidentiality of Service _____________________________________________ 26-27 Gifts ________________________________________________________________ 27 Ineligible Use of Child Care ______________________________________________ 27 Non-Discrimination Policy _______________________________________________ 27 Parent’s Rights to Unlimited Access ________________________________________ 28 Policy Against Harrassment ______________________________________________ 28 Termination of Child Care Services_________________________________________ 28 Uniform Complaint Procedures ___________________________________________ 29

    Participation Requirements At Risk ____________________________________________________ Attachment A Child Protective Services________________________________________ Attachment B Employment ________________________________________________ Attachment C Parental Incapacity ___________________________________________ Attachment D Seeking Employment _________________________________________ Attachment E Seeking Permanent Housing _____________________________________ Attachment F Vocational Training __________________________________________ Attachment G

  • 1

    Welcome to the Child Care Payment Program!

    Children’s Home Society of California (CHS) administers the Child Care Payment

    Program (CCPP), which is funded by the California Department of Education (CDE),

    Early Education and Support Division (EESD). The CCPP is a subsidized child care

    program. This program is a benefit to parents to help support your family towards

    self-sufficiency. Through this program, CHS will pay the child care provider that you

    select for your child’s care. In order to receive this benefit, parents must follow the

    requirements of the program. This handbook provides an overview of those

    requirements and is your resource as you continue your participation in the program.

    Create a place where you keep any documents that you receive from CHS and file this

    CCPP Family Participation Handbook there. Use it as a reference when you have

    questions. We look forward to assisting you with your child care needs!


    CHS Child Care Payment Program

    Our Goals:

     To promote parental choice, accommodate the diverse needs of each family, and provide

    information that can help families make informed choices about care for their children;

     To assist families in achieving self-sufficiency while parents work, seek work, go to

    school, or attend a job training program;

     To assist parents who are transitioning through the stages of CalWORKs child care,

    ultimately transitioning off of welfare and into work;

     To provide education and resources to parents based on their family’s health and social

    service needs;

     To provide continued support and education to all CHS staff so that they may effectively support the child care needs of the families in our communities.

    The mission of CHS is to reach out to children and families at risk

    with a range of services to ensure every child the opportunity

    to develop within a safe, healthy, and secure environment.

  • 2

    Child Care Payment Program Overview

    Children’s Home Society of California (CHS) operates the CCPP based on regulatory requirements

    established by federal regulations, California Education Code, California Code of Regulations Title

    5, program Funding Terms and Conditions, and direction provided by the CDE EESD. In order to

    be successfully enrolled in the CCPP and to continue enrollment, your family must be eligible, have a

    qualifying need for child care, and remain eligible and in compliance with program requirements. Parents can

    choose from a broad range of child care providers to meet the needs of the family, including center-

    based child care, family child care, in-home care, care provided by relatives, and sectarian child care

    services. Once all required documentation has been submitted and your enrollment is established,

    the CCPP will issue a certificate to you. The certificate will describe the services that CHS can

    reimburse to your selected child care provider. You will be notified of the maximum amount that

    CHS can pay to your provider and the approved schedule. If you select a child care provider with a

    higher rate, you will be responsible for any amount above the maximum that is indicated on the

    certificate. Your child care provider must submit an attendance record (or invoice) to CHS each

    month. It is your responsibility to sign and date the attendance record at the end of the month,

    attesting under penalty of perjury that the information provided is correct. Your provider will also

    sign the attendance record and submit it to CHS. CHS will make payments directly to the provider.

    Local CHS Offices

    Our local offices are staffed with knowledgeable Program Specialists who can assist you with


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