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    The story The Kingdom of the moon.

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  • Introduction: (our Process)

  • Once upon a time in a little kingdom on the moon.The king and queen lived in the middle of moon.They didnt have a baby for a long, long time.They had been waiting for a baby.The queen wished upon a shooting star every night.

  • Time passed quickly for the little kingdom. In the spring, when the days grew longer and the sun warmer,she was expecting their baby.Everyone was happy.She sewed many clothes for the new baby.

  • In the winter when the nights were long and the days short,and the land was covered with snow, the baby was born.The long-expected baby was a boy.They named him Peter. Everybody called him Prince Peter.The queen took care of him.She was so happy with the little prince.

  • Prince Peter was spoiled, he was the king's only child, so they gave him a lot of attention.The prince was a spoiled boy when he grew up.He was ten years old.He never listened to his parents or teachers.Nobody could control him.He didnt have friends because he was selfish.His only friends were a stuffed Lion and Tiger.

  • One night, the queen was crying while she was looking at another moon.The king was worried about the queen.They were at a loss.What should we do to make him become a good boy?At that very moment a small fairy appeared in front of the queen.The fairys name was Tinkerbell.She said, I have a great idea for you.After she listened to her suggestion, the queens worried face relaxed into a smile.That was an incredible idea!!

  • On Sunday the king and queen werent there.

    Even when Peter looked for them, . he didnt see anyone, it was raining and the lighting was flashing Outside The prince was scared so he didnt take one step outside

  • Peter talked to the stuffed Lion who was his best friend.But of course the stuffed Lion whose name was Charlie didnt answer him.While peter was crying, he fell asleep.And then Tinkerbell appeared and said,because you are bad boy, your parents have moved to a different moon.

  • For the first time the prince realized how rotten he was.I promise, I never do bad things, please tell my dad and mom to come back he begged the fairy . Tinkerbell told him to write a letter to his parents, which she would give to them He wrote a letter wholeheartedly.

  • Then the door bell rang.The king & queen had come back.The prince threw the king & queen his arms around.The king and queen went to buy Peters Birthday cake.From that day Peter became a good boy.Occasionally, they would hear the fairys tittering somewhere.But they never saw her again.

  • Question :

    The light was flashing. WHY?

    Shooting star every night. What is the meaning of that ?

    What Tinkerbell doing when she appeared ?

    Why the King and the Queen buy a cake?

    What is the meaning of "Whole heartedly?"

    Who is Charlie?

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