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  • 1. What is anExpressive Portrait?

2. Expressive Portraits more than just a picture of a person express the essence of a persons nature reveal the characteristics that would gounnoticed in an ordinary snapshot capture the subjects personality 3. Expressive Portraits Think about your subjects and chooseelements and tips from the following pages tohelp you create and capture expressiveportraits of them. 4. TEXTUREIf texture is a part ofyour subject, make itstand out and makeit obvious.Match up thetextures betweenyour subject andyour background. 5. OVEREXPOSEBlowing out the highlights creates a soft portraitwith a light airy feeling. Smaller details and defectsare blown away too, making image look smoother. 6. UNDEREXPOSEA dominantly dark orlow-key image willnaturally draw youreyes to the lighterparts.These tend to have agrittier and harderlook to them than thehigh-key images. 7. BACK-LIGHTHair lights upbeautifully when itsback-lit, so if youwant to emphasizehair place yoursubject betweenyou and a lightsource. 8. POSINGConsider a crazypose and position even if it looksuncomfortable, itcould make aninteresting photo.Also consider yourown position shoot from differentangles to achievedifferent impacts. 9. (UN)FOCUSOut-of-focus subjects can be more interesting than thein-focus subjects. It adds mystery to the imagebecause you cant quite make out who that person is. 10. MOVEMENTUse movement to show action, even if it blurs outthe subject entirely. Think of the person as a way ofcreating the subject rather than being the subject. 11. SHADOWSMake the shadow animportant part ofthe image.Sometimes theshadow can be evenmore prominentthan the actualsubject casting theshadow. 12. REFLECTIONSMake use ofdifferent surfaces toadd an extradimension windows, mirrors,and water are allvery good reflectivesurfaces that give adifferent result andtexture. 13. CAPTURE THEMOMENTCatch somebody doingsomething they love,even if its not staged.Street photography is aterrific genre because itcaptures life as ithappens unstagedand unposed. 14. COLORSUse vibrant and contrasting colors to draw attentionto parts of your subject makeup, clothing,accessories, etc. 15. GET SERIOUSNot all portraits need to have a smile, capturethe serious emotions too. Some strong portraitsare highly emotional. 16. PROPSUse the props andtools around you tomake the settingmore interesting.Find things to placeyour subject in, on,under, around, etc. 17. GET CLOSETheres no ruleagainst croppingout most of thesubjects face.This draws moreattention to theparts that are leftin the frame. 18. Assignment:40 Image Contact Sheet + 2 Best At least 2 subjects (one of themcan be you), no more than 5! Be able to reference at least 5 ofthe styles/tips discussed in thispresentationDUE:Wednesday, October 15th


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