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<ul><li> 1. Exploring ICI In Your Service Area:Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Customers Prioritizing and Developing ICI Program Components Brent M. WhiteFS/AWWA Water Use Efficiency DivisionDecember 3, 2008Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World Orlando, FL</li></ul> <p> 2. ICI Program Background ICI Programs becoming more popularlocally and nationally. Natural interest in lowering expenses. ICI sector consumed 20% of the water in570 reporting utilities but comprisedonly 8% of the customer base.** According to the AWWA 1999 Financial and Revenue Survey5/17/2011 2 3. ICI Program Components Five major components to an ICIevaluation program: 1. Select facilities to receivean evaluation. 2. Inviting facilities to participate. 3. Conducting the On-Site evaluation. 4. Preparing/Presenting evaluation report. 5. Follow-up.5/17/2011 3 4. Selecting Facilities to Evaluate Sort non-residential billing data bywater use and business type. SIC, NAICS, DOR codes Refine the accounts by water useper measurement parameter. Compare the water-use rate to thebenchmark value for the type of facility. Mean use per business type. Reorder the list of facilities by potentialwater savings.5/17/20114 5. Sample BaselineSample Facility Water Use BaselineGAL / PARAMETER / DAY1.801.601.40Gal/Parameter/Day1.20 Least Efficient Users 1 - 1522%of class1.000.800.600.40M AL = .22567gal/parameter/day0.200.00 1 4 7 1013 1619 2225 28313437 4043 4649 5255 5861 6467 Facility 5/17/2011 5 6. Inviting Facilities to Participate Formally invite a select numberof facilities to participate. As important to the successof the project as the evaluation. Can optimize participation byoffering rebates and incentives. Make lists available to WASCOs.5/17/2011 6 7. Conducting the Evaluation Rate water use amount fromeach water using application. Special process and equipment Consistency is important. Measures include operation,maintenance, retrofitting andreplacement. 5/17/2011 7 8. Evaluation Report Contents Presented to the facility in person. Report consists of: Building characteristics Address Number of Employees Facility contact Percent Male/Female Title Full Time/Part Time Landscaped area Meter size and count Building size Billing Class Operating Hours/Days5/17/20118 9. Evaluation Report Contents Annual Water Consumption Breakdown Detail the water and sewer billing data forthe facility by: Average monthly usage and cost Peak monthly usage and cost Average daily usage and cost Total annual usage and cost Monthly use by meter type Displays seasonal influences of water use 5/17/20119 10. Sample Water Use Breakdown Sample Seasonal Water Use TrendsIrrigationDomesticTower BlowdownLinear (Tower Blowdown)Linear (Irrigation) Linear (Domestic)FallSpring900800700600Use (ccf)500400300200100 0Apr-04 May-04 Jun-04 Jul-04 Aug-04 Sep-04Oct-04 Nov-04 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05Month5/17/201110 11. Evaluation Report Contents List of water using equipmentand associated flow rates Heating/Cooling equipment Sanitary equipment Kitchen equipment Office equipment Miscellaneous equipment Irrigation equipment5/17/2011 11 12. Evaluation Report Contents Water Budget uses: Facility statistics Equipment water use ratings (Existing and proposed) Frequency of use Days per year of use Estimated/Adjusted use Per year Estimated savings Per year5/17/201112 13. Water Budget Example Estimated Adjusted Estimated Water UsageDays PerUse/YrUse/YrSavings/YrApplication BasisExistingProposedFrequencyYear (ccf) (ccf) (ccf)Heating/Cooling Cooling Towers 350 Tons 53.76 gal/ton/day 43.01 gal/ton/day1uses/day 365 days 9,181.607,345.631,835.98 9,181.607,345.631,835.98SanitationToilets 1,400 Customers1.6 gpf1.6gpf0.25 flush/person/day 312 days233.58 233.580.00Toilets20 Staff1.6 gpf1.6gpf 4 flush/person/day 312 days 53.3953.390.00Urinals 700 Male customers 1.5 gpf1gpf0.25 flush/person/day 312 days109.4972.99 36.50Urinals10 Staff1.5 gpf1gpf 2 flush/person/day 312 days 12.51 8.344.17 Faucets1,400 Customers2.2 gpf1.5gpf0.25 min/day312 days321.18 218.98102.19 Faucets 20 Staff2.2 gpm1.5gpm 1 min/day312 days 18.3512.515.84 Showerheads 21 Staff2.5 gpm2.5gpm 2 min/day313 days 43.9443.940.00Total Sanitary: 748.51 599.81148.70 Kitchen Hand sinks 3 Number 6 gpm 2.5 gpm3min/day312 days 22.52 9.39 13.14Prep sinks6 Number 6 gpm 4 gpm5min/day312 days 75.0850.05 25.03 Brewed tea sales 1 Number 360 gal/month360gal/month 12months 1 year5.78 5.780.00 Lemonade sales 1 Number 900 gal/month900gal/month 12months 1 year 14.4414.440.00Coffee sales1 Number 300 gal/month300gal/month 12months 1 year4.81 4.810.00 Pre-rinse sprayer2 Number 8 gpm 1.6 gpm 10min/day312 days 66.7413.35 53.39Ice-machine 1 Number0.28 gal / lb ice0.28gal / lb ice 600lbs. Ice 312 days 70.0770.070.00Steam table 1 Number 2 gpd 2 gpd312days 1 year0.83 0.830.00Bun warmer1 Number0.25 gpd 0.25gpd312days 1 year0.10 0.100.00 Steam cabinet1 Number 3 gpd 3 gpd312days 1 year1.25 1.250.00 Soda tower 2 Number10 fl. oz./soda 10 fl. oz./soda 725sodas312 day47.2547.250.00Total Kitchen:308.88 217.33 91.56 Misc.Hose bibb 1 Number 6 gal/use6 gal/use 3 uses/day312 days7.51 7.510 Spray sanitizers 1 Number 3 gpd3 gpd 1 uses/day312 days1.25 1.250Floor cleaning1 Number 3 gal/use3 gal/use18 uses/week 312 days 22.5222.520 Total Misc: 31.2831.280 Irrigation300 sq. ft.5 gal/sq. ft.5 gal/sq. ft. 2 uses / week52 weeks 208.56 208.560Total Water Use: 10,478.84 8,402.602,076.24 5/17/2011 13 14. Evaluation Report Contents Efficiency recommendations/paybackperiods related to annual savings Payback = $ to Implement Annual Savings Local contractors and vendors can supply costs Annual savings is based on water and sewer rates Increased savings when tiered rate structures are in place.5/17/2011 14 15. Evaluation Report Contents Recommended Water EfficiencyMeasures Each recommendation contains: Current equipment rating Suggested change Number of changes, equipment Cost Estimated (individual and total) Savings Estimated (include sewer and extensions) List reclaimed water if applicable. Annual Payback periods 5/17/2011 15 16. Sample RecommendationInstall low-volume pre-rinse sprayerYour pre-rinse sprayer(s) near your dish station use: 6gpm.We recommend replacing them with a model that uses:1.6 gpm.Note: Most major restaurant supply companies now sell modelsthat use a maximum of 1.6 gpm with no performance issues.Project Cost:Estimated cost: $75 per nozzles.Total project cost: $75Savings:Estimated savings:10.98 ccf per year.Cost to heat water:$ 0.50 per ccf.Water savings value: $57.32 (including sewer)Payback period:This recommendation may pay for itselfwith water and sewer savings in: 1.31 years. 5/17/201116 17. Evaluation Report Contents Secondary Conservation Items Unallocated Water Water use that is not allocated Special Comments Possible leaks/detection Booster pump effects Availability of reclaimed water Additional water saving tips Contact information5/17/2011 17 18. Evaluation Report Contents Summary of Measures Cumulative list of conservationmeasures. Total of all measuresRecommendedInitialSavingsExpensePayback Measures Costccf/yearAvoidedPeriod (yrs)Replace 3.5 gpf toilet $12524.18 $ 126.22 0.99 Install efficient pre-rinse sprayer1206.29 32.83 3.65Install prep sink aerator- 2.62 13.68 0.00Install handsink aerator - 1.05 5.480.00 Install spray nozzles on hose bibbs - 3.67 19.16 0.00Total: $24537.81 $ 197.37 1.245/17/2011 18 19. Follow-Up Three to Six Months followingdelivery of the report. Meet with customer. Review recommendations. Review implementations. Begin savings analysis. 5/17/201119 20. Satisfaction and Effectiveness One-year after the evaluation Follow up with customer once again Determine the implementation rate. Gauge the participants satisfaction using a questionnaire. Measure long term implementation Customers satisfaction with new equipment Satisfaction with utility personnel Perceived change in utility bill Include information about other programs. 5/17/201120 21. The Benchmark Buster5/17/201121 22. Thank You!For more info:Brent.White@swfwmd.state.fl.us 1-800-423-1476 ext. 4214</p>