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Expert Interviews

- Teachers

As part of our documentary, we needed to have expert interviews included. This makes the documentary more reliable for the audience, as professionals are easy to trust due to their expertise in the subject.

For our documentary, we decided to ask two health and social teachers at our college for their opinions on fast food. These are the questions that we asked them...

1) As a health and social teacher, what is your opinion of fast food?This is a good question to include in our documentary because it allows the audience to see the opinion of the interviewee. For this reason, the audience realise that the focus on fast food is negative because of the viewpoint expressed by the health and social teachers. This use of mediation and bias allows us to prove to the target audience that fast food is bad, just as the health and social teachers will tell them.

2) Do you think that it is an issue for young people?This question is more directly focused on the target audience, as it is relevant to them. The interviewee may list some of the reasons they believe this, which will contribute to our argument in order to persuade the audience.

3) Do you think that fast food impacts children's learning and academic performance?As the majority primary target audience will be older teenagers who are in full time education, this will be a 'hit home' question for them. The fact that their eating habits are most likely having a negative affect on their education is going to throw them off and further persuade them to our argument.

4) Do you think that students are aware of the long term health implications of the consumption of fast food?Here, the target audience will be made vunerable to the idea that the food they're eating now will implicate them in time to come. The interviewee may list some of the health problems, which will further persuade the audience of the negative affects.

5) What would you say are the main health implications of fast food?Again, this question links to the previous one. This means that the target audience are again opened to the negatives of fast food and how it can directly affect them.

6) Do you think that the canteen offers enough healthy options?Here, we could use our pan shots and other frames of the canteen area to support what the interviewee is saying. This footage will be used with a voice over of the subject in order to back up and reiterate what they are saying.

One of the health and social teachers that we are going to interview, called Maxine, works with groups of students to promote healthier lifestyles. We are planning to ask her more questions about this, because it will emphasise the importance of healthy eating.


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