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Expanding audiences. Using online/digital content. McLeans Manifesto for the (r)evolution of Museum Exhibitions. 1. Strive for mutations 2. Design for flexibility and change 3. Experiment 4. Think of your visitors as partners 5. Leave room for the imagination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Participatory Culture

Expanding audiencesUsing online/digital contentMcLeans Manifesto for the (r)evolution of Museum Exhibitions1. Strive for mutations2. Design for flexibility and change3. Experiment 4. Think of your visitors as partners5. Leave room for the imagination6. Pay more attention to the ideas7. Provide more amenities8. Advocate9. Create wiki exhibit

Uses science center model experiential learning. Visitors can engage actively in their own learning. And museum can learn along with its visitors. McLean museums may end up on evolutionary dead end if they dont keep pace with other institutions and become more participatory.

In evolution, mutations disappear if theyre not good; strong mutations accumulate and this leads to evolutionKeep things fresh youre not making a permanent productExperimentation in the ex development process e.g., changing hours youre open; visitors vote on favorite exhibit. Avoid phrase we dont do that hereCollaboration listenDont have to explain everything; leave room for imaginations to take hold; design in some blank spaces (metaphorically, conceptually, physically)Ideas matter, not the physical locationBuild coffee bars into exhibit, etc.State your ideas and opinions show visitors who did the work this will create a dialogue environment9. let visitors design their own exhibit210. Work smaller11. Do it quicker and cheaper12. Collaborate with others13. Mix things up14. Join the commons15. Design exhibits as if they were programs16. Acknowledge the world around you17. Strive for sustainability10. doesnt have to be big and exaggerated11. Quicker and cheaper so you can be flexible and experrimental13. Loosen the boundaries exhibit as a cocktail party; mix up art, history, science14. Join the commons learn from what others have done and invite and encourage criticism15. Exhibits as if they were programs dont design as if theyre going to last for generations; see as temporal and changing16. Acknowledge the world around you connect to other people, events, issues; bring real world and real time into exhibit17. Strive for sustainability18. Add your own3

Museums and cultural orgs offering an increasing menu of digital content and ways to interact with the institution as well as with its collections and programs. How does this fit with Simon, McLean? With ideas about good design and good participation?4

MUSE Awards CategoriesAudio Tours & PodcastsApplications & APIs -- Digital presentations, applications, and mashups that utilize existing data and online resources to transform content into new meaningful tools or experiences. Digital Communities -- Web sites that offer a virtual space for people to share a common experience, exhibit or interest, thereby creating and facilitating an online community. Education & Outreach ProjectsGames & Augmented RealityInteractive Kiosks and Interpretive Interactive InstallationsMobile ApplicationsMultimedia Installations -- Immersive installations that include text, audio, still images, video, and do not require interactivity. Online Presence --Web sites, online collections, image databases, and exhibitions that present and interpret museum collections and themes, providing a rich and meaningful virtual experience. Public Outreach -- including email newsletters, viral marketing campaigns, fundraising videosVideo, Film, & Computer Animation MUSE Award winners demonstrate outstanding achievement in the following areas:Content: including the quality of writing, script, narrative, editing and researchImage: the quality of video and/or still images with special attention to how objects are visualizedAudio: the quality and innovative application of sound in a multimedia projectInterface: the quality of the visitor or users experience with special attention to the ease of use and/or navigationDesign: the visual appeal of graphic elements and the overall look and feelAccessibility: the compliance with universal design guidelinesInnovative use of technology: the extent to which new directions are charted or old challenges are resolved by using technology in a new way.Appropriate use of technology: the extent to which the selected technology is effective, given its defined audience, purpose, and context.Overall appeal: including the success of connecting with a defined audience, and using narrative elements such as humor, drama, or mystery.

http://www.mediaandtechnology.org/muse-awards/criteria/7Types of engagementInteracting with collections online Adding content and/or researchPersonalizing curationConnecting physical exhibits with virtual activitiesExpanding audiences and/or engagement through online activitiesIncreasing skills and expertise

http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/sets/72157623212811048/9Library of Congress flickr streamData from first 9 months of use10.4 million views of the photos on Flickr. 79% of the 4,615 photos have been made a favorite (i.e., are incorporated into personal Flickr collections). More than 15,000 Flickr members have chosen to make the Library of Congress a contact, creating a photostream of Library images on their own accounts. 7,166 comments were left on 2,873 photos by 2,562 unique Flickr accounts. 67,176 tags were added by 2,518 unique Flickr accounts. 4,548 of the 4,615 photos have at least one community-provided tag. Less than 25 instances of user-generated content were removed as inappropriate. More than 500 Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC) records have been enhanced with new information provided by the Flickr Community.

Maine Historical Society Maine Memory Network. Online collections can create albums of your favorites; share the albums and they are displayed on the MMN website.11

Making collection available to public, allowing public to curate; also connecting institutions and growing the collection through sharing online. Supported with workshops, training, grants. Philosophy of 21st century skills encouraging individuals and organizations to expand their tech knowledge and capacity and to support engagement.12

cultureshockAdding contentEncouraging public storytelling seemingly curated (doesnt seem that people can create and then upload their own stories)13


Way to encourage creation and sharing of media among users15

Way to connect visits to the Center with online activities people come, get tokens, pass them on, then share stories on Facebook (not a lot of activity)17

Skirball Cultural Center in LA (Jewish art, culture, history)18

Reviewed in Exhibitfiles.org March 2012. With more info about how it works visitors can do interactive tour (in person) use their cell phone to text with Magrit, a survivor (stations around the exhibit with questions to answer via text). Encouraged to follow up at home by sending in photos of propaganda that will be posted on museums website.19

Name that Zoom (Museum of Life and Science)

Engage with the collection; connect to the notion of exploration/discovery that is inherent to work of science museums

21Month at the Museum

Museum of Bad Art

Also engaging with the collection the guest interpreters challenge23

Sharing in the creation of an exhibit

Link to page (Brooklyn Museum) and can participate.On blog page, discuss what theyre doing with these measures testing how peoples responses vary when different kinds of info are presented; do people keep participating or where do they bail out? How long do people look before responding and rating?See: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/community/blogosphere 3/15/201124

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