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1. Backup & Recovery for ExadataFran NavarroPrincipal Sales Consultant Feb 2012 2. Agenda Backup & Recovery Fundamentals Oracle Backup Tools Backup Strategies for Exadata 3. Business Drivers Behind Backup What keeps our customers awake at night Data loss exposure - ESG estimates that 1 in 7 (14%) backups and 1 in 6 (17%) restores fail.* Meeting SLAs - Shrinking backup windows; slow recovery processes Reducing costs - Reducing both CAPEX & OPEX while improving staff efficiency Complexity - Complexity of BU&R process and the storage environment Data growth - Compounding year over year*Enterprise Strategy Group 2008 4. Fundamental Data Protection Rule of 3 3 Copies of the Data on 2 different medias with 1 offsite 1st Line of Defense (Applications, Systems) Typically data deletion, logical corruption or a virus Look at the RPO. The majority of critical application recovery is likely to come from the snapshot on the same tier of storage 2nd Line of Defense (Building, Site, Region) HW failure & Disaster Recovery - failover to a remote site Circumstances will dictate whether it should be disk and/or tape Remote disk mirroring provides a physical copy of the data, but does not provide logical data protection (it replicates corruption immediately!) Last Line of Defense TAPE! The last chance to avoid permanent data loss Data preservation much more important than recovery time 5. Fundamental Backup and Recovery Wks Days Hrs Mins Secs Secs Mins Hrs Days Wks Data Loss Downtime (Recovery Point Objective) (Recovery Time Objective) 6. Flashback Database Fast point-in-time recovery strategy Database Eliminate the need to restore a whole Instance database backup Continuous data protection for database Write Optimized, before-change block logging Restores just changed blocks New Old Replay log to restore DB to desired time Block Block Its fast - recover in minutes, not hours Version Version Its easy - single command restore Flashback Database to 2:05 PM`Data Files Flashback Log Rewind button for the Database 7. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) Oracle-integrated Backup & Recovery Engine Intimate knowledge of database file Oracle Enterprise Manager formats and recovery procedures Manages and automates the backup, restore, and recovery policies and process Oracle Catalog all backup and recovery RMAN Secure activities Backup Operates online and in parallel for fast processing Corrupt block detection during backup and restore with the ability Tape Drives to validate backups Fast Recovery Area Integrated with EnterpriseDatabase Manager, Oracle Secure Backup, and third party backup products 8. Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) Enterprise Tape Backup Management Oracle Protects Entire IT Enterprise Manager Environment Built-in Oracle IntegrationOracle Secure Backup 25 40% faster than Oracle Database File System Data leading competition RMAN Integration 4X less expensive than comparable productsTape Virtual Supports OracleLibrary Tape Library Database 11g through Oracle 9i 9. Centralized Tape Backup Management 10. Exadata BackupBackup Options for ExadataExadata Exadata ZFS Oracle SunDatabase Expansion Storage StorageTekMachine Appliance Tape Library (ZFS-SA) 11. Backup Options for ExadataCustomer choice depending upon objectives & budget Exadata Backup (Fastest) RTO: Immediate RPO: Lossless Fastest option using Inifiniband to another Exadata machine ZFS Storage Appliance Backup (Most Flexible) RTO: Next to Immediate RPO: Last transaction Multiple network connectivity & data service options Tape Backup (Most Economical) RTO: Hours RPO: Last Transaction Backup Best economics on cost/GB and offers removable offsite capability 12. Exa-Backup with Exadata Using additional Storage Cells - Highest Performance Oracle Exadata Oracle Exadata Database Machine Storage Cells Requirements for immediate data restore capabilities and reduced backup windows Primarily data protection against InfiniBand user/logical errors (Flashback) Network Allocate additional 2TB HDD Exadata Storage Servers for a dedicated Fast Recovery Area Quarter* Half* Full**Backup 8.5 18.5 27.0 Additional Exadata Storage Servers Rate TB/hr TB/hr TB/hr must be installed in another rackRestore 18.0 28.5 28.5 External backup still recommended Rate TB/hr TB/hr TB/hr FC * Full Exadata Rack to a Quarter, Half Storage Expansion Rack ** Estimated rate Full Exadata to Full Storage Expansion Rack 13. Exa-Backup and ZFS Storage Appliance Most Flexible Oracle Exadata Sun ZFS Storage Various Connectivity Options Database Machine Appliance - 1 GigE, 10 GigE, IB!! RMAN ZFS works with RMAN to secure against data corruption - RMAN ensures that backups are not corrupt, ZFS ensures they stay that way IB / 10Gig E Enables ZFS Snapshot and RMAN Network incremental backup strategy Leveraging ZFS Storage data services and capabilities Image Incremental - Thin provisioning Copies Backups* - Compression - Snapshot and cloningBackup Rate 6.5 TB/hr 42.0 TB/hr - ReplicationRestore Rate 6.2 TB/hr 7.0 TB/hr - Performance Analytics*Effective Rate = Rate * Change Rate Backup = 8.5 TB/hr * 20% Change = 42 TB/hr 14. Exa-Backup to Tape Most Economica


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