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  • Every pet deserves

    Everything you need to know

    Your Covered For Life Classic/Ultimate Pet Insurance Policy BookletPlease read in conjunction with your CertificatesofInsuranceandInsuranceProductInformationDocument(IPID)tounderstandthecoverforyourpet

    Effective from 23rd February 2018This booklet contains: Your Terms and Conditions DemandsandNeeds-whoisthisproductsuitablefor?


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    WelcomeThank you for insuring with Petplan, were delighted you and your pet are part of the family.

    As the UKs No.1 pet insurer, we know that owning a pet is full of highs and lows. Its a journey we like to call Pethood, and were going to be there to support you and your pet on this journey, with personalised advice and handy tips from pet experts and fellow pet owners.

    And, if the unexpected happens and you need to make a claim, rest assured we will make it quick and easy for you, so you can focus on your pets treatment and recovery.

    This booklet details the cover your policy provides. Remember, with your Covered For Life policy the Veterinary Fees are refreshed each year, so you can relax knowing youll have help with the cost of unexpected veterinary treatment year after year for as long as its needed, if you renew your policy without a break and continue paying your premiums.

    Wishing you and your pet a happy and healthy year ahead.

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    Please contact us if you require a copy of the Policy Booklet in large print or Braille

    Contents:Demands and Needs - Who is this product suitable for? 4

    Terms and Conditions 4

    Definitions 4

    Generalconditionsthatapplytoallsectionsofyourpolicy 6

    Veterinary Fees 8

    ComplementaryTreatment 8

    DeathfromInjury 13

    DeathfromIllness 13

    TheftorStraying 13

    Advertising and Reward 14

    ThirdPartyLiability(thissectiononlyappliesfordogs) 15

    Boarding Fees 16

    Holiday Cancellation 17

    EmergencyRepatriation 17

    QuarantineExpensesandLossofDocuments 17

    LawphoneLegalAdviceHelpline 18

    Generalexclusionsthatapplytoallsectionsofyourpolicy 19

    Fraud 19

    Claiming 19

    Makingacomplaint 21

    FinancialServicesCompensationScheme 21

    Fair Processing Notice How we use personal data 22

    How to contact us 24

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    Your Pet Insurance - Terms and Conditions

    Thedetailsofyour pets cover are shown in these Terms and Conditions. Yourpolicymaynotincludethe DeathfromInjuryand/orDeathfromIllnesssectionsofcover.Theseareonlyincludediftheyreshownon your Certificates of Insurance.Forcats,yourpolicydoesnotincludetheThirdPartyLiabilitysectionofcover. Itsimportantthatyou check your pets cover and contact usassoonaspossibleifitisnotasexpected.

    TheseTermsandConditionsarepartofyourinsurancecontract.Theotherpartsareyour Certificates of Insurance and yourapplication.Tounderstandexactlywhatyour insurance contract covers you must read your Certificates of InsuranceandInsuranceProductInformationDocument,togetherwiththesepolicyTermsandConditions.


    Certificates of Insurance: The documents weprovidewhicharetitledCertificateofInsurancePolicyDetailsand CertificateofInsuranceAnimalDetails.

    Clinical sign(s): Achange(s)inyour petsnormalhealthystate,bodilyfunctionsorbehaviour.

    EU countries: AllcountrieswhicharemembersoftheEuropeanUnion.ThisisAustria,Belgium, Bulgaria,Croatia,RepublicofCyprus,CzechRepublic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia,SpainandSweden.

    Family: Yourpartner,whoisyourhusband,wife,civilpartner,girlfriend,boyfriendorotherlife partner, Your, or yourpartners,childand/orstep-child,and Your, or yourpartners,parent,grandparent,grandson,granddaughter,brotherand/or sister(includinganystep-sibling).

    Home: TheplaceintheUK where you and your pet usually live.

    Hydrotherapy: Anytreatmentof injury and illness,with,orin,water,includingswimminginapooland theuseofawatertreadmill.

    Illness, illnesses: Anychange(s)toanormalhealthystate,sickness,disease,defectsandabnormalities, includingdefectsandabnormalitiesyour petwasbornwithorwerepassedonbyhis/her parents.

    Illness which starts in the Any illness that showed clinical signsinthefirst14daysofa)your petsfirstpolicy first 14 days of cover: year,orb)thesectionbeingaddedtoyour insurance.

    Any illness that has the same diagnosis or clinical signs, as an illness that showed clinical signs,inthefirst14daysofa)your pets firstpolicy year,orb)thesection being added to your insurance.

    Any illnessthatiscausedby,relatesto,orresultsfrom,aclinical sign that was noticedinthefirst14daysofa)your petsfirstpolicy year,orb)thesectionbeing added to your insurance.

    Any illnessthatiscausedby,relatesto,orresultsfroman illness that showed clinical signs,inthefirst14daysofa)your petsfirstpolicy year,orb)thesectionbeing added to your insurance.

    Thisappliesinallcasesregardlessofwhethertheclinical signspresentinthesameor differentpartsofyourpets body.

    Immediate family: Yourpartner,whoisyour husband,wife,civilpartner,girlfriend,boyfriendorotherlife partner,

    Your, or your partners,childandstep-child,and/or Your, or yourpartners,parent.

    Written in Plain English



    Demands and Needs who is this product suitable for?This product meets the demands and needs of a pet owner who wants cover for the ongoing costs of veterinary treatment, for illnesses and injuries, over the life of their pet.

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    Your Pet Insurance - Terms and Conditions

    Injury, injured, injuries: Physicaldamageortraumacausedimmediatelybyanaccident.Notanyphysical damageortraumathathappensoveraperiodoftime.

    Journey: Travel within the UK and the other EU countries.

    Market value: Thepricegenerallypaidforananimalofthesameage,breed,pedigree,sexand breeding ability at the time youtookownershipofyour pet.

    Maximum benefit: The most we willpayduringthepolicy year as shown on your Certificates of Insurance.

    Member of a veterinary Anypersonlegallyemployedbyaveterinarypracticeunderacontractofemployment.practice:

    Personal circumstances: Circumstances about you, your family or your pet which you have limited or no control over.Examplesofpersonalcircumstancesare(butnotlimitedto)alackoftransport, your petssizeorbehaviour, your home environment, your or your familys working hours, yourchild-carearrangements,your familys other commitments etc.

    Pet passport: Thepetpassportissuedforyour petunderthetermsofthePet Travel Scheme (PETS).

    Pet Travel Scheme (PETS): AgovernmentsystemwhichallowspeopleintheUK totaketheirpetstocertain countriesandbringthembackagainwithouttheneedforquarantine.

    Policy year: The time during which we providecoverasshownonyour Certificates of Insurance. Thisisnormally12monthsbutcanbelessifyour pet has been added to, or cancelled from,your insurance.

    Pre-existing condition: Any injury or illness thathappenedorfirstshowedclinical signsbeforea)your pets coverstartedorb)thesectionwasaddedtoyour insurance.

    Any injury or illness that has the same diagnosis as an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet hadbeforea)your petscoverstartedorb)thesectionwasaddedtoyour insurance.

    Any injury or illness that has the same clinical signs as an injury, illness or clinical sign your pethadbeforea)your petscoverstartedorb)thesectionwasaddedto your insurance. Any injury or illnessthatiscausedby,relatesto,orresultsfrom,aninjury, illness or clinical sign your pethadbeforea)your petscoverstarted,orb)thesectionwas added to your insurance. Thisappliesinallcasesregardlessofwhether: - The injury or illnesspresentsinthesame,ordifferentpartsofyour pets body. - Youknew,whenstartingcoverforyour pet, that youwouldneedtomakeaclaimfor the clinical sign/injury/illness.

    - Weplaceanexclusionfortheclinical sign/injury/illness.Select breeds: PleaserefertotheselectbreedsectiononyourCertificates of Insurancetofindoutif your pet is a select breed.

    Therapist: Anypersonwhoisamemberofoneoftheassociations/organisationslistedintheWho needs to carry out Veterinary Fees and Complementary Treatment?sectiononpage12.

    UK: TheUnitedKingdom,theIsleofManandtheChannelIslands.

    Vet: In the UK-aVeterinarySurgeonwhoisregisteredwiththeRCVS(RoyalCollegeof VeterinarySurgeons).IntheotherEU countriesafullyqualifiedVeterinarySurgeon registeredinthecountrywherehe/shepractices.

    Veterinary treatment: Thecostofthefollowingwhenrequiredtotreatinjury and illness:

    Anyexamination,consultation,advice,diagnosticprocedure,surgeryandnursing carried out by a vet, a veterinary nurse or another member of a veterinary practice underthesupervisionofavet, and

    Anymedicationlegallyprescribedbyavet.We, us, our: AllianzInsuranceplc.

    You, your: Thepersonnamedonyour Certificates of Insurance.

    Your dog(s): Thedog(s)namedonyour Certificates of Insurance.

    Your pet(s): Thedog(s)orcat(s)namedonyour Certificates of Insurance.

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    General conditions that apply to all sections of your policy

    1. Precautions Throughout the policy year you must take all

    reasonablestepsto: Maintain your pets health. Provideasecureandsafeenvironmentforyour pet

    topreventinjury, illness,theftorstraying. Control your pettopreventinjurytoapersonor

    another animal and damage or destruction to any property.