Evaluation Task 4 : My Target Audience

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  1. 1. By Alex Harris
  2. 2. My thriller will be aimed at teenagers aged around 15 and above. This is because this is the age where children begin to mature and appreciate a more intense, mature film. Some films similar to mine are: Elephant 12+ Zero Day 18+ April Showers 15+ We Need To Talk About Kevin - 15+
  3. 3. Elephant - 12+ As you can see from the following chart the highest average rating was from 'male under 18'. This is very encouraging for our film because we set our film out originally to target under 18's. Even though their rating was a 12 meaning anyone over 12 can see it, it is clear they also wanted to target the teenage audience as most teenagers enjoy crime/ thriller genre type movies. You can see that from the age of 18 the ratings got poorer. I believe this is because thrillers are a lot more modern genre where as more mature aged people prefer adult humour or dramas such as 'The King's speech'. We Need To Talk About Kevin - 15+ From the chart about this film you can see that it is much more highly rated across the ages. This could be because it's a lot more current as Elephant was made 13 years ago. Nowadays, film has progressed so much and more people enjoy thrillers. However because the film was rated a 15 it means it could've been slightly more 'adult' like, with more adult action. This could've also attracted a wider audience. This on the whole is a good vote in confidence for my film.
  4. 4. My target audience is teenagers. In their spare time most teenagers like to go out with friends, whether its to parties or out for food or going to the cinema. Or they may just like staying at home watching TV. Most teenage boys like sports and video games. However, some enjoy playing or listening to music as well or even reading about the daily news. Most teenage girls like beauty related activites, i.e fake tanning and straightening their hair. Some also like sports and video games as well as music. All teenagers like different types of music, the most common genres are: pop, rock, hip-hop/rap and club/drum and bass. Most teenagers of this age will either be study GCSEs or A-Levels or college or may have left school and are working somewhere. It is likely that more of the audience will be still studying. However, this means that the free time out of revision etc. that they do get, they are more likely to spend there time at places such as cinemas.
  5. 5. This is an example of a person in my target audience. He is 20 years old which supports my idea that teenagers of this age like the idea of these films. Also you can see by some of the movies he likes that he will most likely enjoy a high school massacre film as he likes The Dark Knight Rises and Taken which are both crime-thrillers. In his status, you can see he is calling for someone to make a high school massacre thriller. This is good for us because we know people of his age will go to see it and be excited by the idea of it.