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Question 4 – How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

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  • 1. Question 4 How did you use media technologies in theconstruction, research, planningand evaluation stages?

2. Blogger (blogspot.co.uk)One of the main resources we used for our media work was blogger, a bloggingwebsite where you are able to upload work and discuss ideas in order of time. Ihave placed all of the work I have done for this media project on blogger frommy initial research and planning, my progress, audience feedback and ideas tomy final products and evaluation work. We have used this website in eachstage of our work. 3. YouTube.comWe used the media website, YouTube, for a few reasons during the creation of our mediacoursework. Firstly, we used this website to view existing film trailers to help us decidewhat genre of trailer to create, then once I had decided to create a horror film trailer Iwatched the film trailers for The Woman in Black and Orphan to get ideas for my owntrailer. We also used YouTube to upload our videos of the target audience researchconversations and upload our own conversation videos that we created on photobooth.We also uploaded the rough cuts of our horror film trailer and the final version so wewere able to get audience feedback and people are able to view our work and commenton what we have done. We have used this in most of the stages of our work and it hasbeen a very useful and effective website. 4. Final Cut expressMy group and I created our film trailer using the programme Final cut express. We wereable to film our footage in our chosen locations and then upload our video footage toFinal Cut and edit it appropriately. Final Cut allowed us to edit the length of our shots andcut out sections that didnt work well. Also, we were able to include fades and slow downor speed up the shots. We added the sound to Final Cut that we had downloaded orcreated on Garageband. 5. GaragebandWe created our soundtrack on Garageband. We recorded some sound such as the jewellerymusic box sound and the scream. Also, we recorded the voiceover rhyme at the start of thetrailer on garageband. As well as the sounds and music we created on garageband, we gotsome of the sound from websites such as Freesound where we typed in a key word such asscream and a selection of sounds came up for us to test and use in our trailer. 6. PhotoboothTo video ourselves discussing our ideas to place in our blog as evidence ofdiscussion of ideas, we used a programme called Photobooth. Also, to get ouraudience feedback for our rough cut, we used this same programme and theaudience members sat in front of the webcam and shared their ideas to thecamera. After creating the videos we were able to upload them to YouTube andplace them into our blog. 7. Digital video camera with a tripodTo film our media work, we used a moving image camera that we borrowed fromcollege. To help our work be more professional and take still, realistic shots in ourchosen locations, we used a tripod. We took the camera and tripod along with ourprops to the locations we were filming in. We used this in the main stage of our projectto film. If we were to carry out this project again I would use a better quality, moreprofessional camera. We would be able to borrow one of these from college. I came tothis conclusion because I decided that the camera we used wasnt of a very goodquality meaning some of our shots werent as professional looking as they could havebeen if we had have used a better camera. 8. imacFor my media work, I used an imac. Using an imac instead of a normal PC made iteasier for me to create professional and effective work. In particular it was much easierand more effective creating my magazine front cover and poster on a mac because Iwas able to use resources such as Photoshop and the editing programmes. As collegeprovides us with imacs to use, we had access to them very easily. Using Photoshophelped me to edit my images and create a professional looking magazine front coverand film poster. 9. Still cameraWe used a still camera to do our test shots and our actual shots of our maincharacter to go on our magazine front cover and film poster. We also used a stillcamera to take pictures of me and my group members doing our work. We alsoused a camera to do our recce of locations.