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  • 1. Reflection on ICT Units By: Shreyansh Kumar

2. 1 stunit: RSS

  • The first unit I learned was RSS. If I was a teacher:
  • I can save time by not going to my favorite channels and storing them in onewebsite. These are the 5 stepson how I can do this:
  • 1. Go to my favorite site
  • 2. Find an RSS icon on the right hand corner where there is a place for me to type the URL.
  • 3. I will click on the icon and then I have to copy the URL.
  • 4. Paste the URL in my RSS website.
  • 5. An RSS link is now addedto my RSS website
  • This formula will also save time when I am in a hurry to start my lessons.

3. The RSS icon 4. 2 ndUnit: Social Bookmarking with delicious

  • The next unit we did was Social Bookmarking. The site we used was delicious.
  • Bookmarking is going to make my learning easier because I just need to go to delicious.com to sign up for a new account then I can add all of my favorite sites on it. This makes it much easier then remembering the site's URL. This can help me do all of my homework faster.

5. 3 rdUnit: Wikis

  • The next unit was on the good person we did in RS. I did it on Lauryn Hill. I worked with Ben.
  • Wikiscan make my learning easier because it helps me toedit andsave the page anytime anywhere. For example I have been given anhistory groupdo a history project I can editmy wiki page and plan what I need todo in this project. When I am finished My other group members can edit and save the page. In the end we see what we have and start the project.

6. The Wiki icon 7. 4 thUnit: Macromedia Fireworks

  • Macromedia is one of the best picture editing software.
  • I have used macromedia fireworks to make a WIS advertisement, My Homepage image and a school banner.
  • I had to chose a project from each color thatMs. Patterson gave us to do online.

8. My Homepage image

  • I choose this projectbecause I think this is the most interesting project and the most creative one. This also makes my homepage creative and useful to use. People would want to view this regularly. It also captures some effects and interests of me which I really want to have.
  • I made a picture glow and black and white as well. In addition, I have made a LeBron James picture that can't be found on flickr or Google. I have made this image by cropping a part from 2 pictures and putting them together and I have wrote the text because I could not find the original signature.

9. School Banner

  • I have made a new school banner for the WIS website homepage. I have got the label West Island School fromwww.cooltext.com, a text editing software. The English flag represents that this is an English School. The Hong Kong flag represents that this is a school in Hong Kong. I have made these two flags shady to make it look fancy. The ESF logo represents that this is an ESF secondary school. The mottos are there to attract visitors to the school respectful policy. The WIS logo is there for visitors to see how the WIS logo is made. I have the school picture as the background to show visitors how the school looks like. The skills that I have used are Inner and Outer glow on most pictures.

10. WIS advertisement

  • My school advertisement is an animation. The reason why I made it an animation is because I did not have enough space and our task was also to do an animation. I have may elements of the school for example the school logo, two pictures of the school, the IB logo and the GCSE logo to tell the visitors about our curriculum. The background are grass and leaves. This is to show that WIS is an environmentally-friendly school.

11. 5 thUnit: Audacity

  • The last unit that we did was audacity. I used audacity to make a 30 second radio advertisement of an imaginary brand. Our chosen brand was a car protection device. My partner was Martin. We were told to make a script in Google docs before recording. After recording,our grades were marked.
  • Martin and me had some problems with submitting work and meeting deadlines. We just hope to improve that

12. End of presentation

  • This is the end of my presentation. I hope you have read everything I have done this year!