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<ul><li> 1. Evaluation of the Music Magazine This is my new evaluation after I improved my double page spread in my music magazine.By: Pedro Simoes</li></ul> <p> 2. In what ways does my magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?The ways in which my music magazine uses, develops andchallenges forms of conventions in real media products isby being completely different from any other musicmagazine out there. I have stuck to a theme which involvedthe colour green throughout, the mast-head always on theleft top side of each page, bolt letters to make my articlesstand out, polaroid frames for the photographs to makethem unique and finally I chose to write an article about aCassette which is not something that people usually dothese days since technology is much more advanced.In addition to all this I used a few techniques toattract more customers, this could can be seen inthe front page of the magazine and throughout ofthe contents page/editors note and double pagespread. The outer glow in the main article and theblack on white lines separating the different articlesshows a higher professional standard of themagazine. 3. In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions ofreal media products? (Part 2)Finally one last thing is that I addedan add-feature to the magazine to getthe readers more involved. This canbe seen in the contents page andeditors note. 4. How does my magazine represent a particular social group?The ways in which my music magazine represent a particular socialgroup is by being aimed at young people between the ages of 18 upto 24 years old. Moreover the music magazine has particularaspects in which shows the readers it belongs to that particularsocial group.For starters the use of a solo artist rather than a music banddemonstrates that the readers are not into bands plus the smallarticles at the bottom of the page backs this up as they also areabout solo artists.Furthermore in my double page spread I have used pull quotes toreinforce the representation of the artists in my magazine, thismakes the articles stand out and more interesting too. 5. What kind of music institution might distribute my magazine and why?The kind of music institution that could distribute mymagazine could be Issuu simply because it would be free touse, anyone who could be interested in reading my magazinecould just sign up for free and finally I would be able toNote:upload as many magazines or articles that I wanted for free.In addition to all this Issuu is extremely easy to use and Either one of thesenavigate from magazine to magazine therefore the readers two institutionswouldnt have a problem going back and forwards. would be fantastic, but I reckon IssuuOr the other institution could be IPC Media for the reason has its advantagesthat it is a major media institution in the UK, I would have a as it free and for alot of advertising options to promote my magazine it would start up personbe certainly be seen by a lot of readers.like me if I was to publish myIn terms of the distribution IPC Media would be a bit more magazine.expensive as I would distribute my magazine in retail storessuch as newsagents however visual copies online would alsobe an option. 6. Who would be the target audience for the music magazine?The target audience for my music magazinewould be females from the ages 17 to 18 as itwas the most popular in the questionnaire.The magazine music style that was mostpopular was mainstream which is what mostof teenagers/college students/young adultslisten to at the moment.These questionnaires that I asked people to fillout were to gather some information andresearch about what people like to listen so ifthe music magazine was to be actuallydistributed the success rate could possible bea bit higher. 7. Audience FeedbackThe audience feedback that I got from the researchthat I did was that the best aspect of the musicmagazine that people liked was the different rangesof photographs that I included and the layout of thepages.One feature that wasnt very popular on thequestionnaire was the font used in the articles,probably because it was too bold and sometimes itcan be a bit difficult to read.Moreover the characteristic that I found out fromthe audience feedbackwas thatpeople seemedto like was howeasy the musicmagazine wasto navigatebecause of theline separatingeach article. 8. Audience Feedback:(Part 2)Additionally the survey showed that about 80%would buy my music magazine because it waswell presented, the style, layout, articles,photographs and the genre of music weresuitable.It was given an average of just between verygood/good on the survey therefore I could saythat improving the aspects which are not up toa high standard would benefit the magazine if Iwas to go any further. 9. What have I learned about technologies?During the time that I spent researching and producing my musicmagazine I learned about new technologies and also about thecorrect target audience. Besides the research I did, a focus groupvideo was made to get even more further responses regarding mymusic magazine and I also posted the magazine surveys onFacebook, blogger and twitter as another method differentapproaches. Note:Finally what I can gather from using social networks to try and get Whilst working onresponses is that they are actually an excellent way to interact with the music magazineothers to communicate.I did learn a lot ofNote: I did not make another focus groupnew things such asvideo because I already had done one plus Ihow to change textreceived a great deal of feedback from theon Photoshopsurvey.however I did gointo more detailwhen I previouslydid my skillsdevelopment (thisis just a littleexample to show). 10. What have I learned in general since I started my music magazine project?1st try out2nd try out3rd tryout... 11. What have I learned in general since I started my music magazine project?(Part 2) 12. What have I learned in general since I started my music magazine project?(Part 3)Looking back now at all my covers specially a this new double page spread that I producedto try and improve my magazine as a whole is that I am very pleased with the outcome as awhole. Now I can honestly say that the music magazine match in terms of the layout, colourand genres of articles. I do understand that there is always something that I could improveeven more whether its photographs, text or layouts but the overall results is excellent forme at least.On the production skills I improved slowly but steady and the final layout of the double pagespread that I just did fits much better within the rest of the other pages.AS Level Media Studies has made me realise great things and take different views on what amagazine actually is but also taught me new skills, it was an enjoyable subject to do becauseI learned a lot.ig ns es a lDFin</p>