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These are slides for a workshop on aggregation (with an unrelated tribute to Roger Ebert).


  • 1.Ethical Aggregation Link, Attribute, Add Value Steve ButtryACES 2013April 5 #aces13

2. RIP, Roger Ebert 3. Read more about it @stevebuttry 4. Aggregation gets a bad rapI felt so aggregated. Bill Keller, New York Times 5. Aggregation gets a bad rapTheres often a thin line betweenaggregation and theft. Bill Keller again 6. Aggregation gets a bad rapPlagiarism is a perpetual danger inaggregated stories. Patrick Pexton, Washington Post 7. Who aggregates? The Bible Public libraries My Mom (yours, too?) 8. Who aggregates? Associated Press New York Times Digital First Media Just about every newsroom Sports notes columns Drudge, HuffPo & lots of onlineaggregators 9. What is aggregation? 10. What is aggregation? 11. A range of aggregation Algorithm (Google News, TrendMaps) Data scraping & organization (EveryBlock) Curation (HuffPo, Drudge, AP) Re-report (and hopefully advance)someone elses story Original reporting (still may aggregate forbackground, data) 12. NPRs Andy CarvinI think curation has always been apart of journalism; we just didnt call itthat. quoted in The Atlantic byPhoebe Connelly 13. What is curation?Museum curator:Journalism curator: Studies topic Studies topic Chooses relevant Chooses relevantcontent (other content (socialsources & museum media, blogs, staff)collection) Authenticates Authenticates Groups related items Groups related items Provides context Provides context Presents collected Presents exhibit content 14. Ethical aggregation Fair use (excerpt unless you havepermission to use in full) Attribute (by author & publication, notmedia reports or was reported) Link (even if you get more value, youdrive traffic to the original source) Add value (comment, context, content) 15. Ways to add value Summarize Organize Localize Original reporting Round up Background Crowdsource Verify, challenge Reaction (social) Commentary Reaction (media) Context 16. Aggregation, curation tools Storify Spundge Publish2 Document Cloud Google Twitter Advanced Twitter Search 17. Authenticate Ask: How do you (they) know that? Ask careful questions of crowd to helpyou vet & verify Check links, tweets & information onsources Attribute & say what you dont know 18. Read more about it @stevebuttry 19. RIP, Roger Ebert


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